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Demographic threat is racist lie
Idan Lando
Published: 14.02.06, 12:54
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1. Idan Lando, you are a naive and stupid child
2. How?
michael ,   DC   (02.14.06)
How was this unintelligible piece even posted? "Innies and outies"? There had to be something more worthy of publishing than this was.
3. the most stupid article since years...
Ezra ,   Montreal   (02.14.06)
4. emotional screed
bob ,   potomac md usa   (02.14.06)
Lando would be more constructive if he would offer something contructive rather than issuing an explosive screed that is really saying "see guys how naive I am!"
5. One of the worst pieces of
Elle ,   NYC   (02.14.06)
supposed "journalism" I have ever come across.
6. How are jews rights in arab states? oh she forgot...
the arabs killed/expelled them all!!!
7. He has a point. Jew or Arab, you be the judge.
Palestinian   (02.14.06)
Who is a Jew? This question happens to be the most divisive question in many Jewish Community around the world. Does being a Jew imply belonging to a race? Like the Indian, Arab, Turkish, ... etc. races. Can any person become a Jew? Are you aware that converting to Judaism is not as straight forward as converting to Islam, Christianity, or even Buddhism? The process of becoming Jewish is a bureaucratic process that requires extensive rabbinical supervision. If a billion people convert to Judaism, does the Right of Return law (the Israeli law that automatically grants Israeli citizenship solely based on someone's faith) apply to these new converts? Let's ask the above question the other way around, what if all Jews convert to other religions, are they still considered "Jews"? After all, if Hans Herzl, Theodor Herzl's son, was able to convert to Christianity, it's also possible for other Jews to follow his footsteps as well. (One Palestine Complete, p. 302) Since "God's Promise" was made to Abarahm's decedents, does this "Promise" trickle down to the Semitic Jews who already converted to other religions?, Does their conversion to Islam or Christianity forfeit the fact that they are descendents from Abraham? It should be noted that many famous Jewish tribes in Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, and Iraq had converted to Christianity and Islam. Based on their genetic make (D.N.A.), could they become Israeli citizens despite of their conversion? For the moment, let's assume that the Palestinian people undergo a mass conversion to Judaism, do you think that would put an end to the conflict? or Do you think the Israeli government would be forced to revise its definition of "WHO IS A JEW"? According to a Ha'aretz newspaper (a major Israeli newspaper) reported in March 2001 that half of the Russian Jews who immigrated to Israel in the 1990s belong to mothers who recently converted to Judaism, Do you still believe that these people are connected to "Eretz Yisrael" via the Biblical prophecy? Does the Israeli Right of Return law apply to the atheist Jews who inherited Judaism from their mothers? If your answer is yes, then Why the Right of Return law does not apply to Jews who converted to other religions? Are you aware that Jews who convert to other religions would not be able to gain automatic Israeli citizenship based on the Israeli Right of Return Law? Finally, the exact borders of the "Promised Land" have not been geographically defined. The Biblical "Promise", which "God had granted to Abraham's descendants", covered the areas between the Nile River in Egypt and the Euphrates River in Iraq, Does that imply that Israel's future borders eventually will span the borders of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Southern Turkey? Could that explain why Israel has neither a constitution nor a properly defined borders?
8. Answer to #7
Israeli   (02.14.06)
Jews who are not connected to their Judaism do not come to Israel, and Israelis who are not connected to Judaism often leave Israel (see Olmert's kids), this is not a technocratical issue, your thesis is interesting but if you apply it to real life you would see there are major gaps. Judaism is a religion and a nationality, the bible says many times that an Israeli who does not believe in his religion is cut off from the nation of Israel, and this is what often happens in reality, even 3500 years after it was first said the laws seem to be valid, despite having none to enforce them people seem to enforce them on themselves, and like I first said Israelis who do not believe in Judaism often leave Israel cutting themselves emotionally and practicly from the nation of Israel.
9. To #7
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.14.06)
A Jew is anyone born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism according to Halacha (Jewish law). Yes if masses of Palestinians made a genuine conversion to Judaism they would be welcome with open arms because a convert is every bit a true Jew. Abraham was the first Jew. The wife of Moses was a convert. The grandmother of King David was a convert. Her name was Ruth. A Jew who is an atheist is still regarded as a Jew albeit not a good one.
10. Lando, Welcome to Arab State of Palestine
Jew ,   Eretz Israel   (02.14.06)
Now is Mr. Lando telling us that he'll be just fine living in the Arab state of Palestine? If so - he is either a liar or he may indeed be fine with it and in that case I suggest he move to Syria so he doesn't have to wait till 2020. Every leftist fool I've talked to has admitted that they would not live in the Arab state of Palestine. So who is the hypocrite here? We want to survive in a Jewish state? You hear? JEWISH. Don't like it? Move to democratic and soon Muslim France.
11. Too much navel gazing
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.14.06)
Some people have way too much time on their hands.
12. There already is an Arab Palestinian state, no need for 2.
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (02.15.06)
Oh and by the way, NO Jews are allowed citizenship in it. Oh, by the way, Arab Israelis do better than Arabs from almost any other Arab country on a whole in terms of GDP, education, health. Arabs have done quite well in a Jewish democratic country. As for the peace fence, it will finish the process of not creating a second Palestinian state where it doesnt belong. Arabs on the west side of the fence will either have to move east or declare loyalty to Israel. Arabs on the East will be part of Jordanian Palestine. Afterall, its 70% Palestinian Arab and about 80% of historic Palestine. So Idan, you dont have to think about demographics at all, just when the next missles will be sent from Jordanian Palestine and the consequences to the Arabs.
13. Wow, classic denial syndrome
Saus ,   Montreal   (02.15.06)
Where did this come from? Why are some Israelis living their lives as one big apology.. Here's a few apologies in advance :) - I'm sorry, but we're going to have to keep all of Jerusalem - I'm sorry but we're taking Ariel too - I'm sorry but we're also grabbing maaleh adumim - I'm sorry, I negelected to mention we'll also be needing the jordan valley Did I mention how sorry I am that we're going to have to keep the Golan too? Sorry if i forgot too mention it.
14. it is not majority and minority
suha ,   jerusalem   (02.15.06)
one result who has the might and demography is nothing without might i know this as the israili know this also but might will change with or without the majority it dose not related to a rate of people it is relate to money weopon decide and more efects so i think the fear is from the change of might which will affect the right this change is the fear in israili heart and it is the hope in palastinian heart ..i think this is the conflect but sure i can not see a perfect solution even the fine democracy which we not obliged to hear but to swallow salam to your democracy
15. I often say, and this proves it,
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.15.06)
that the capacity of humans beings for self-delusion is exceeded only by our capability to be incredibly stupid. For those who think the demographic problem is a lie or not important: which world are you living in??? Do you SERIOUSLY believe that Israel will manage to do what dozens of occupying forces have not succeeded in doing in the past several centuries?! Someone please tell me: which occupying power manage to subdue those it occupied without (1) a wholesale genocide (e.g. the Aborigines or Native Americans) and/or (2) granting them or those that remained after (1) the citizenship and equal rights??? I very anxiously await responses to these questions... - even though I'll only get jeers of Abu Steinerovich and whatnot, as usually.
16. Idan is a blind, leftist, self-hating Israeli.
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (02.15.06)
17. keep to the facts
jana   (02.15.06)
so why do still more than 25.000 Jews live safe and sound in Iran....
18. Another article shows Arabs disloyality
Phil ,   US   (02.15.06)
Discrimination is wrong-period. However, I'm not sure if the writer of this article understands human nature. In the U.S. African Americans were brutally enslaved and then victims of official discrimination---even though they were loyal Americans. The craziness of discrimination kept many talented Aftrican Americans from attending college, entering the professions, and becoming professional athletes. The bigots even prevented African Am,ericans from serving in combat during WWII; thus causing more white Americans to die. The situation in Israel is much more complex because unlike loyal African Americans, Israeli Arabs have elected leaders that are traitors. Just today, another radical Arab-Israeli leader expressed his disloyalty to the State. Human nature being what is is makes people resisst doing good things for people who hate them.
19. Arab Majority in Palistine
Cheryl   (02.16.06)
Why is Idan Lando so obvious to the obvious? Just explore what Arab,(Islamic) majorities have voted for, democratically no less, in other nations. The Taliban in Afganistan was a demoncratically elected totalitarian state that destroyed Buddist statutes, murdered non-muslims, made women non-citizens and virtual slaves in their own nation, and felt obliged to export terrorism to promote a single world religion of Islam. These people were Islamic extremists, but Arab people have shown a penchant for electing extremists when they have they ability. Just look at your neighbors next door. The reason to fear an Arab majority in Isreal is very clear. The last "arab Majority" (the Ottoman empire"in Isreal banned the practice of Judisim, and expelled Jews from the Holy Land completely. Arabs have not changed much since that empire, as they have proven in the nations they hold any political power in, so it is not impossible to forsee a repeat of history in Isreal today.
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