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Cartoon rage a wake-up call
Yigal Walt
Published: 15.02.06, 20:26
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1. Great article!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.15.06)
I have been using the term "Wake Up" all the time. It is almost as if half the world is asleep and dreaming and cannot see reality. It is right in our faces now and if we choose to ignore it, we will suffer the consequences.
2. Yigal Walt keep pushing. Truth must be told.
Mary ,   Wyoming   (02.15.06)
Having said that as an editor of YNET you can ask YNET to not bury important stories such as the one found here today. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3216534,00.html It is not the story but the proof of Palestinian child abuse which is a core; a key element missing in that story. It is exactly some of the comments contained in the comment section that gives the other half of an incomplete picture. Example: 24,27, 30 and 36. We have a duty to educate the world. Better still I suggest you do an article which includes examples given in 24,27, 30 and 36. The world must know. We are obligated to let them know. Thank you for a brilliant piece.
3. Great article and #1 you are correct
Elle ,   NYC   (02.15.06)
33% are asleep, 33% are cowards and it is up to the other 33% to act courageously and show the others how bowing down to ridiculous threats will mean a lot less rights for us in the long run.
4. right on!
david ,   miami usa   (02.15.06)
5. Great Responce
Great Responce ,   USA   (02.15.06)
The jewish people have been targeted all the time from racisim that you and me and everyone know inititated in European and western countries, since Israel become the last official racist country on earth, you forgot that, and you allinated yourself with europeans againest your neighbours and the people who protcted you all the time when they were strong, but since they are weak , the jewish show the real morals that they have.
6. so true!
Shelly ,   Tel Aviv   (02.15.06)
Right on! western civilization is asleep while the radical Muslims increasingly make gains. One day we will wake up and realize we lost our way of life and cannot turn back. Now is the time to stand up to the Muslim radicals, speak out, don't let them get away with murder! if we don't do it nobody will do it for us.
7. Nicely done
Andy   (02.15.06)
Only people whose actions deserve respect actually gain respect.
8. An 8 Star Article!
Steve ,   USA   (02.16.06)
B"H This touched on fundamental points, the contradition between Arab hate cartooning and the western resonse to it versus Danish hate cartooning and the Arab response to it. Why is it that London takes the Arab side only after the Arabs riot and ignores the Arab diatribe and propoganda which is much more bitter? Is fear more important than free speech and protecting ones own citizenry from a foreign onslaught?
9. Couldn't have put it better myself
Joe Example ,   USA   (02.16.06)
Dear Yigal, Keep up the good work - continually visit this, otherwise people will forget.
10. No longer about cartoons
Art ,   Sydney, Australia   (02.16.06)
Methinks this row has gone beyond cartoons, and now embraces a general assault on western institutions and western symbols in Muslim countries. Where it goes from here is anyone's guess, but presumaby, the Muslim rage will run out of puff eventually, since no-one is fighting back. Round 1 to Muslims, by default.
11. Cartoons were not offensive. Rioting is really funny.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.16.06)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.16.06)
Muslim mobs destroyed Gaza Jews' synagogues where G-D was honored and exalted. Hamas flags flew from synagogue roofs as synagogues burned. In October 2000, Muslims torched and destroyed the ancient synagogue in Jericho. Since 1996, Rachel's Tomb, near Bethlehem, has been attacked by Muslim snipers, bombs and Molotov cocktails. Joseph is the beloved Bible hero of Jews and Christians. Muslims murdered IDF soldiers at Joseph's Tomb. Muslim mobs burned Jewish prayer books that gave praise and glory to the One great G-D, and destroyed the Tomb. In the Islamic invasion and filthy desecration of Jesus Christ' birthplace, Church of Nativity, BIBLES were TORN UP for TOILET PAPER. Inscribed in the Bibles are the Laws G-D gave to Moses; the Laws our Western civilization is founded on: Exodus 20: "You shall not murder" "You shall not commit adultery" "You shall not steal" "You shall not bear false witness" "You shall not covet" Exodus 21:16 "He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death" Global Islamofascists seek the total destruction of Western civilization. JERUSALEM is MENTIONED OVER 800 TIMES in the BIBLE, not once in the Koran. G-D designated the Temple Mount to the Jews for His worship and prayer only. Muslims on the Temple Mount repeatedly engage in massive rock throwing at Jews, turning the HOLIEST place on earth into a common place of violence! Muslims have perpetrated massive desecration and destruction at Judaism's HOLIEST site, the Temple Mount. The OFFENSE to G-D is ENORMOUS! The Temple Mount must be returned to its Jewish owners immediately!
13. wake up?
Adam ,   Falasteen   (02.16.06)
What do want to happen when the wolrd wakes up? Kill all muslims? You and ynet that put this article are so ignorants and full of hate. Keep think that way and you will loose.
14. Yigal Wait, great article.
AK   (02.16.06)
15. to#13 when the world wakes up
Helena ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (02.16.06)
We won´t loose, the biggest loosers ever are and will be millions of Muslims who cannot read and write and remain completely ignorant of the world as they believe everything their jerks-mullahs are telling them. You ask what happens when the world wakes up? Certainly there is no reason to kill all Muslims. To begin with it will be enough to stop all the donour payments to Muslim countries, they should start to use their oil revenues for the benefit of their "Muslim brothers" and not for Swiss casinos, whoring around and terror funding. Next step will be cutting West´s dependance on Arab Oil. Simultaneously therewith Islamists will be found, detained and tried. In some particularly difficult cases they will be pinpointedly eliminated. And the world will become a much better place to live...
16. Respect for Islam
Emily ,   Australia   (02.16.06)
Respect can only be obtained when it is deserved. Islam will get no respect from rational peace loving people if it continues to promote violence.
17. Palestinian lies #13
Isac ,   Florida   (02.16.06)
There will never be REAL peace between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Because the cultures are so different. You guys are living with an iliterate Mohammed in the 8th century, while the western world tries to live by standards of tolerance and respect. The western world does not have to kill all Muslims, but it should seperate itself from them. Let them live in misery, because they choose to do so. The western world does not need people to live with who follow ideologies of sacred suicide bombings, honor killings and throat killings. If everybody ib the western workd would take seriously the consequences of the situation described in this article, we already would be much better off. That's why: WAKE UP!!!!
18. Mar Walt:
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.16.06)
My kipah goes off to you. An excellent article and one I will widely quote from and circulate. Congratulations. #10: True: this is not about the cartoons and never was.
19. Europe better find its balls before it's too late!
Daisy ,   USA   (02.16.06)
The Muslims have declared war on the West and we should fight back by deporting all sympathizers of Islamic terror groups. This includes the protestors who carried signs advocating terrorist attacks against Europe. Europeans are such limp-wristed wimps that the Muslims don't even have to fire a single shot to take them over. If it wasn't for America the West would be doomed!
20. Yigal Walt's acticle, etc.
Eliyahu Yaffe ,   Safed, Israel   (02.16.06)
I approvingly add my voice & writing to all of those who say his acticle is "right on" & the truth of this 'sleepy' world needs to be told! Sincerly, Eliyahu Yaffe
21. Again I am censored!
this is the third time this week that my talk back is censored. I really do not see any reason for that. i do not swear, do not point fingers, and use reason to discuss things. Why my talk backs are filtered ???? Freedom of Speech!!
RF ,   ISRAEL   (02.16.06)
If the Islamic societies are so great, then why are do so many Muslims leave their home countries to live someplace else? (Then they refuse to assimilate and attack their adopted homes when the cultures clash? see France...)
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (02.16.06)
Mr. Walt, you should be a regular columnist at Ynet -- if not at Haaretz! Your ideas are refreshingly insightful and original. I have searched the internet far and wide, and no one has the guts to say what you said. Bravo!
24. Michael Steiner u coulda fooled me
Keep your kippa on. It doubles up a s a thinking cap.
25. to no 22
When Iraq is occupied, Afghanistan , and Palestine are too. American and other western armies are all over Muslim countries, Muslims try to find a life somewhere else. What do you mean by assimiate? convert into Christianity? or Judaism? or Budhism? that is not really necessary. Muslims lived and continue to live in China for ages, no problems what so ever. Similarly is the case in South America, Africa, and many other places. Just like Jews live their religion and way of life in everywhere! what is the problem. Muslim militant groups, while in few cases are overly violent, never attacked a country that did not occupy directly their lands. For example, they never attacked Venzuela? Sweden? Greece? China?. The list is too long to exhaust!. USA, Israel, UK, Australia, Spain, etc all have actively sought attacking Muslim countries, so Muslim groups attacked them! while i do not agree on attacking civilians, both do it. You have to just watch the torture and murdering of thousands of Muslims on TV to know that! Obviously, these muslims are not random in their attacks, and they do, in the wrong way, pay back these oppressors, aggressors, occupiers! I cannot see much difference between armies who attack other countries, and terrorists who do not have enough resources to build armies. Both kill civilians in the same horrific manner!
26. TO #25
RF ,   ISRAEL   (02.16.06)
Your email is too long and stupid to dispute point by point. But: By your logic, the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in the US came only AFTER the US went there to clean up, right? The thousands of Saudis/Kuwaitis petro-partying all over Europe are escaping occupation, right? Assimilate is to blend in. We see how well Muslims do that. Such tolerant religion.
27. #17
Adam ,   Falasteen   (02.16.06)
And how is isolation is done again? What if some one lived in west for generations? The whole idea is dump. It is nice to hear you talk about tolerance and respect and Israel is the only entity in the world that is based on discrimination and oppression. This very article and the discussion about it is a proof. I think the world should wake to people like you and the person who wrote this article.
28. #13
Jane   (02.16.06)
Actually, hate is a Palestinian - or more generally, Muslim - specialty. And you have already lost.
29. #27
Jane   (02.16.06)
Discrimination and oppression are just synonyms for Islam.
30. to RF.
Your email (talk back) is too superfacial and blank to dispute or even comment! won't even bother with you, i will let readers laugh at you!
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