Sharon investigation set to continue
Tal Rosner
Published: 15.02.06, 21:27
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1. Mazuz -Investigation to be complete by 2025
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.15.06)
The decadent and corrupt west and their phony democracies lull the masses to sleep by putting on shows of investigating corruption and incompetence by elected officials. It's all a scam and a show. The little pawns go down but never the big fish. Bill and Hillary Clinton are good examples on how the criminal government enterprise cover for their own. Olmert, Mazuz will make sure that they are not implicated by any of this taint from their old boss as the corrupt power business continues as normal. The dumbed down citizens bow to the corrupters as the end rule of law while totally ignoring the eternal law of G-d.
2. & dont forget Dov Weissglass - if ever
Yisraeli   (02.16.06)
3. Investigating Prime Minister SHaron
mdhalevy ,   Eilat/LA, Israel/USA   (02.16.06)
It is wrong to try a person who is not able to defend himself. It is also wrong to investigate someone who cannot defend his good name, even if it never comes to trial. It is also a waste of the money of the citizens of Yisrael.
4. Hashem's movie
hanina ,   usa   (02.16.06)
Ok and when sharon dies, we can continue this discussion in shamayim. Ok Hashem, provide the transportation and give us good seats. We know the popcorn will be kosher. Eat before it melts by sundown. Don't complain about the food now, we did that one already. Bad boy, bring in the clowns, or was it the quails? Ouch, dicky say stop teasing.
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