Hamas sworn in – Israel to cut off funds
Ronny Sofer
Published: 15.02.06, 23:46
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1. as if it was your money
lil jon ,   us   (02.16.06)
This money should be dilevered to the PA according to Oslo peace accord that you've signed. don't use the Hamas as an excuse to steal the money
2. OSLO recognized Israel, not Hamas
Steve ,   USA   (02.16.06)
B"H Hamas does not regognize Israel or the OSLO process. Do not blame Israel for Hamas's nonregognition of the agreement or expect Israel to transfer funds to a different entity than it signed the agreement with. That is bait and switch, where Arabs signed in exchange for recognition of Israel and other terms, but then Hamas is established by the Arab VIOLATION OF OSLO to lead a parliament that does not recognize Israel. For an agreement, both parties need to recognize each other. And breach of one portion of an agreement can breach the entire agreeement as well as obligations of both parties. For example, if you pay for a television by credit card, and it is not delivered, you contact the credit card company for a refund because the contract has been breached. There is no active agreement or obligation here with Hamas. In short, this money is not Hamas's and never was. The taxes need to be dirverted to security or charity that is outside of the Hamas framework, because Hamas never signed onto the agreement in the first place. This money needs to go towards those who believe firmly in peace, not those who believe firmly in war!
3. this is the wrong decision
john   (02.16.06)
Israel would be better off respecting the democratic proces. It should be for the palestinians to choose who represent them. People at the end dont starve...israel would be better off promoting assistance and friendship to the palestinian people, otherwise all paletinians will be united behind HAMAS, which would be regretable..but may be the beginign of the end of any peaceful prospect..Israel will lose more than Palestinians..short sighted policy ion my opinion
4. reply to #3 (John)
sk ,   USA   (02.16.06)
John, I'm sorry but your response is just confused. First you claim that Israel should "respect the democratic process," meaning the vast majority of the vote that Hamas obtained. But then you say that if Israel doesn't support Hamas, the Pals, who have just "democratically" voted Hamas in would ... unite behind Hamas, which they have just done in their "democratic process." How can this make any sense at all? (I leave aside whether a single election makes a democracy, or whether one democracy must support another that also happens to be hostile.)
5. Use the money to pay judgement to victims of terrorism.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.16.06)
6. This doesn't make sense.
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.16.06)
This is just politicking. If the Hamas-led PA has any money, it might as well come from the taxes that Israel collects for it. Kadima just doesn't want to be seen as funding Hamas itself. I think that the solution is a unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank to the security fence, and to not allow the Palestinians to get anymore territory until Hamas disarms, renounces terror, and recognizes Israel. Israel should use air raids to prevent Hamas or any other terror organizations from gaining strength during this time.
7. To Hell Israel and this money they talk about.
Honest ,   Occupied Palestine   (02.16.06)
We are not your slaves. Money is a tool and not an objective. We will not worship Israel for some money. You owe us so many things. You owe us the lands you have stolen from us to live here. A day will come sooner than you think and then every body will get his right.
8. money for PA
Zoli ,   Hungary   (02.16.06)
Palestinians owe huge sums of money to the Israel Electric Company. The withheld money should pay for this. This is a veritable drole de guerre: one side sends missiles over the border daily, while the attacked provides free electricity to the agressor.
9. Hmmm,
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.16.06)
Since in the eyes of Khamas Israel doesn't exist, then surely this money doesn't exist either...
10. Hamas sworn in – Israel to cut off funds
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.16.06)
Israel must cut off funds. Israel must close the borders and not let arab workers in. Israel must collect all arab debts including the Electricity bill for Gaza and withhold money from foreign source to pay to all the terror victims. Even terror victim must sue Hamas and any money earmarked for Hamas must be used to compensate the terror victims. For each quassam that falls in Israeli soil, the amount from foreign countries for the arabs must be used by Israel to repair quassam damage. All families of terrorists within Israel must be expelled to Gaza
11. Arabs it is your turn now
Hussam Majed ,   Alexandria- Egypt   (02.16.06)
For Hamas to win the election is a test for Arabs rather than westerns. Those people are our enemies, so it will be natural that they will support the Israeli occupation whom they brought to our region. The good question for Arabs is are you ready to help Palestinians and compensate for the damage which we will be caused if westerns cut their aids. The practical answer to this is yes, if we come to know that millions of dollars are spent monthly in nonsense. ( I mean the sms messages to the different tv channels which they contain low speeches as ( I am a handsome guy from Kuwait, I want to be a friend to a beautiful girl from Algeria) and that kind of nonsense which fills our channels everyday day and night. This is a simple example for how do we waste our money in the Arab world and the cost of these messages come to be not less than 30 million dollar monthly, So are you ready to pay this money for HAMAS or you just prefer to support Hamas by lip-services. You must know if Palestinians suffer it wont be the israel's fault it will be our fault because we are enjoying watching the movie ( the zinonist holocaust ) against Palestinians. And we must not blame anybody but ourselves.
12. Steiner: Do not say Khammas cause this disgust me!
Palestinian ,   Palestine   (02.16.06)
It is HA M AS, It means: HA: Harakat, or movement. M: Mukawamah, or resistance. As: Aslamiyyah, or Islamic.
13. Placing Hammas in power was a Zionist plot
logical ,   pal   (02.16.06)
in order to stop the funding to Palestinians.
14. Khammas dizgawst yu? or u r dizgawsting?
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.16.06)
15. Hamas doesn't care about your money!
Seriously, Palestinians do not care about money. They lost everything. The money you give them, stick it up your ....... Don't try to blackmail these people, grow up. Anyway, they really do not care. They are winning anyway. There is noway to escape this reality. Occupation never lasts! The other solution is: eradicate them. Kill'em all. I am sure you can!
16. #12 - the best spelling of Hamas
Helena ,   Stockholm   (02.16.06)
17. Abdul Steiner Hmmm: it's Hamas mate not Khamas
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.16.06)
18. 12 Fake Palestinian Arab: Esp. the AS
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.16.06)
part of spelling the only thing: you left the second S out
19. Smoke and mirrors.
Gabriellle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.16.06)
We don't want the poor Palestinians who turned out in mass to vote for Hamas to suffer. There is no reason on the planet to continue giving them aid. Especially in light of how they ruined the greenhouses in Gaza, and ruined anything that was ever offered to them, They were offered A State for the past over 58 years. They consistant to each chance to miss a chance. They never wanted a State. They wanted ONLY to distroy Israel. They are like spoiled teenagers whose parents never laid down the law to them. However most spoiled teenagers don't have the intention of destroying the human race. The Palestinians are a combination of narcissistic and a-moral humans with no conscience.
20. Gabrielle has no idea
Kim ,   Melbourne, Australia   (02.20.06)
Gabrielle Goldwater, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I have lived in the Occupied Territories, not in a illegal settlement but in an ordinary Palestinian village. I have seen the brutality of the Israeli occupation first hand, I have witnessed the way Israeli soldiers humilate innocent Palestinians and make their lives a living hell. I have seen how the "most moral army in the world" treats non-violent protests and protestors. And as I witnessed these things, my disgust at Israel grew every day. Israel has never given the Palestinians anything or ever offered them anything. All it has ever done is taken the land and imposed a brutal occupation. Like all occupiers and oppressors, it uses humilitation, brute strength, oppression and its power to victimise an already powerless people. What the Palestinians want is freedom - freedom from Israeli occupation, freedom from Israeli repression, freedom from Israeli brutality, freedom from humiliation and hardship. Israel is the teenager, the narcissist. It refuses to take responsibility for what it has done and continues to do and it throws a tantrum everytime they are asked to be responsible or to acknowledge their wrong doing - instead pointing their finger at the "other kid" and "blaming them'. The occupation of Palestine is illegal and it is a beligerent (something even the Israeli courts recognise). End the brutal occupation, give back the Territories, withdraw to 67 lines and leave the Palestinians to live in peace and then Israel too will have peace.
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