Opinion  Renana Marmelstein
Life after eviction
Renana Marmelstein
Published: 16.02.06, 13:23
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1. if you have the right to say it..Then why not me??
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (02.16.06)
It has been 58 years since my grand father was expulsed from his house in jerusalem, And 58 years later...he is still in pain ! ...That's all i wanted to say...
2. Ramzi its been 58 years
Since my family was expelled from Marroco, their property confiscated. 58 years later we've rebuilt our home and our country here. Build the future, dont cry about the past.
3. we love you!!!
netta ,   jerusalem   (02.16.06)
4. best wishes, much strength and mazal
mordy   (02.16.06)
Dear Renana- thank you for such an important article. I have been following your articles before, and even though I disagree with you politically, your passion and concern for your fellow Jews and the Land and State of Israel is very inspiring. I know you are in a lot of pain, pain caused to you by unwise political decisions which you have full rights to resent. It seems to be very popular nowadays to dislike you and your friends, to call you settlers, etc. I do not like the word settlement. I like the word Jewish community. Even though I do believe that building settlements in Gaza was a mistake, and in the end it was a right thing to pull out (maybe not now, but eventually we'd have to do it anyway), I very much feel your pain and understand your anger. I really do believe that in the end people like you who are passionate about both being Jewish and building a Jewish country will turn Israel to what it is meant to be Or haGoyim.
5. mabee you should start thinking about
aa ,   london   (02.16.06)
all the palestinians that where kicked out of there home and now living in refugee camps accross the world .
6. To Ramzi
Pastaneta   (02.16.06)
Well, it has been 58 years since a lot of people lost their homes... Let's talk of the 800 000 expelled from Arab countries? So your grandfather has better adjust... And not dream of killing Jews to get back his house... if it ever was his... As most of the so-called refuigees are lying through their teeth about what they had...
7. To the London dude..
Pastaneta   (02.16.06)
Or maybe you should think of all the pêople that lost their wealth and houses because of the Arabs and Muslims... The Arabs mistakenly called Paletinians were in majority recent arrivals from Egypt like the terrorist arafraud and Syria... They can go back there...
8. A Very Articulate & Courageous Young Woman
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (02.16.06)
You have absolutely no reason to justify why you are so sad. The people who destroyed your home/community, and their enablers need to beg your forgiveness (and that of thousands of others) for the rest of their natural lives. How you have the fortitude to perform national service right now is unbelievable. If you are doing a job that is helping other suffering individuals (like in a hospital, school etc) then your service is valuable. However, if you are doing any national service (however inadvertent) that enables this evil regime to continue (by working in a gov't office) I would be very surprised. I suspect that is not the case. Whatever you do, do NOT apologize for being angry or sad. Rather, use that fire in your heart to make sure that the regime never has the chance to destroy another Jewish home. Stay strong!
9. Thank you Renana
Steve ,   USA   (02.16.06)
B"H Renana, first, thank you for your writing. Second, your pain is never "going away" anymore than the pain of excile has ever left the Jewish people collectively. The good news is that you are still within Israel, that you have one pain and not two at this point. A single blow is very difficult. A double blow is even more difficult. Re #1, your "right" to express your pain is in Israel and not the Arab world or with the violence of Hamas. Support YNET and Israel to be able to still peacefully say such things are painful. I think that something that is so badly needed is to get people employed again. Indeed, it is a commandment to work six days and rest on the seventh so that one is not empty-handed in presenting the regular sacrafices. The entire life-outlook can become depressed without a regular employment routine. I have struggled with this assistance, and I think those involved in it need help with that effort. I am not seeing the programs from the Government of Israel: instead the help might have to come from other places, as Mordechi said. Please keep on writing your articles. You are one of the major authors on the topic, and YNET and other news outlets need to hear your updates and your viewpoint. The world needs the reality check that you put forward. Perhaps you could write an article on the employment situation with some ideas on how people can assist. Shalom, Steve
10. Renana, I wish you strength, for you are the future and ...
AK   (02.16.06)
pride of Israel. Good luck.
12. emotionally draining
Sean ,   Tlv   (02.19.06)
yeesh. She can kvetch. My fiance's family had their homes confiscated in Iraq; they aren't getting anything back - but they have built a future here. I suggest you and Ramzi do the same.
13. To Renana Marmelstein
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (02.19.06)
I truly share your pain, and the pain of the ten thousand other victims of the Gush Katif eviction. What happened to you, and to your family, has happened to thousands, perhaps millions, of our Jewish ancestors throughout the centuries. That is what we expected in the "golous" (exile for Jews.) We did not expect this to happen in our own Eretz Israel. Now that it has happened, and turning back the clock is very unlikely to occur, you should go on with your life, look forward to a job or a profession, and, yes, even a husband . Your future is ahead of you, you are intelligent, young, and you have the ability to succeed. Best of luck!
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