Danish apology a hoax?
Ynet and Reuters
Published: 19.02.06, 16:59
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1. Danish paper apologizes
Jan Bjerregaard ,   Denmark   (02.19.06)
It is not correct that Jyllands Posten has brought an apology in these newspapers. Someone else has done it.
2. Danish apologies
Guido ,   Italy   (02.19.06)
The Saudi Newspaper that printed a presumed full page apology by the Danes about the Cartoons, should now apologize themselves for the fabrication in a full page (world standard, same page, same size). If the Danes have guts they should insist for such an apology - through International Courts if necessary - and maybe the whole affair will for once boomerang and somebody might finally understand that the game went too far.
3. No need to apologize
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (02.19.06)
Jihad is neither a CHristian nor a Jewish concept. Yes, all Moslems are far from being terrorists...Unfortunately most ofthe terrorists are Moslem who misdigested Coran and have been indoctrinated for years in a freedom deprived environment. Only the truth hurt. I have NEVER seen desmonstrations by Jews or Christians whose " God and prophets" have been mocked, tampered ith , etc.....By is it ? Simply because Jews and Christians have far more different approach to their own religion which is NOT Imposed upon us....Quite the opposite in terorist ISlamic states ! The Danes have NOTHING to apologize of.... The 9/11 , Madrid and London killings were performed in the name of Allah by Islamic terrorists...These were NOT political killings......but part of the " Global JIhad " that extremist want to achieve in an effort to push for a radical Islam. If radical Moslem refer to JIhad as a direct demand or request through their prophet , then de-facto that very prophet becomes for the non-moslem a reference to terrorism. hence the cartoons.....
4. Haters
Mr T ,   Seattle   (02.19.06)
Have you ever seen a bigger hating group then the Muslims...don't hate participate.
5. We don't aplogize: We support Denmark
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.19.06)
6. The Danes having nothing to apologize for
Michelle   (02.19.06)
Leave them alone!
7. Hiram #3 is right
Chaya ,   Eretz Yisrael   (02.19.06)
If the Quran has become the terrorist's 'handbook,' then it is no different than Mein Kampf and should be treated as such.
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