France sees anti-Semitic link in Jew's death
Published: 21.02.06, 19:30
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1. Barbarians
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (02.21.06)
My condolences to the Halimi family, may he rest in peace. As for the perpetrators, they are subhuman parasites and should be condemned. Against the backdrop of the recent riots, it is these actions that paint the image of the immigrants. Best to take a stand and weed out those elements.
2. justice
jf ,   nashville   (02.21.06)
this gang should stand trial in Israel.
3. Much more than anti-Semitism
Francois ,   Paris   (02.21.06)
Your report is not accurate. The French police found documents of a Muslim organization in charge of collecting funds for Hamas in France.
4. concerning that girl...
stephane ,   france   (02.21.06)
the women who has given herself up to the police is not the woman who went to ilan's shop.the woman that the bastards used in the case of ilan was a brunette origin from maghreb(arab);and she still hiding herself somewhere.the girl who is in custody now is a french blond bitch called audrey lorleach.and this girl was used by the gang of the bastards in their 5 precedents temptatives of my english.
5. 4
Jared ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.21.06)
You're English is better than my French! No worries! Everything's Sababa!
6. Thanks for true story about Ilan
Malcolm ,   London   (02.21.06)
Thank you to Stephane and Francois for the infomation about the circumstances of the late Ilan. The French police were ducking and diving about the real story... In England the Police do the same when Jews are attacked...They say it is just "delinquents". In the last week Jewish Chronicle newspaper there are stories of Arson in Kosher Buchery, Children attacked after schooland so on.... It makes me sick! I am suprised they didnt say Ilan was murdered because he attacked the 6 or 9 criminals first. Your English is first class. Please keep us informed.
7. The French Could Never Be Trusted!!!
Zoharah   (02.21.06)
Firstly, and undoubtedly, there is more to this story than the French authorities are admitting to. The lying two-timing French are treading lightly (although they damn well know that this was a blatant anti-Semitic act perpetrated by Muslim bastards.) The French are scared out of their little baguette derrieres because they don't want another national bonfire on their dirty little hands should they really crack down on and arrest those involved in this brutal murder. Seems they have succumbed completely to Dhimmitude (or make that dim-wit-tude.) They were lying sneaky cowards in WWII; seems nothing's changed. Secondly, the Jews need to get up and get out...and almost anywhere but France, ideally Israel. How many more acts of brutal anti-Semitism do they need before they get the idea that they are not safe in France? Thirdly, the French are making an attempt (albeit all for show) that they will hunt down and arrest these barbaric creatures who murdered Ilan, but nothing will come of it.
8. Jaques Chirac:
MARK ,   USA   (02.21.06)
He got upset at Ariel Sharon for asking French Jews to make aliyah. He would prefer that they get killed on the streets of Paris. It will solve France's Jewish problem. Hitler and Vichy France stopped because WWII ended in 1945. Otherwise there would have been a final solution to the Jews of France.
9. muslims
???   (02.21.06)
muslims cannot live peacefully in western society. they are intolerant and disrespectful to the host countries and should all be deported back from where they come from.
10. France helped Iran
MARK ,   USA   (02.21.06)
Iran is closer to developing a nuclear bomb thanks to France. They also helped Saddam in Iraq so he could bomb Israel by nuclear weapons. The French are saints!! They are such good Christians and loving people. French Catholics follow the words of Jesus every day.
11. stop bashing the French
jf ,   nashville   (02.21.06)
France has made a blunder or two and has suffered poor leadership but stop bashing the french people.
12. #11
B. E'met   (02.22.06)
JF of Nashville says, "a blunder or two." A blunder or two? You mean a blunder or two in the past two days, don't you? The French deserve all the bad mouthing they get; they earned it...from their pompous self-serving attitude that has been their trademark for hundreds of years; to their embracing terrorists; (remember Arafat was flown to France for treatment and his sow of a widow lives in Paris.) Going back in time a bit; the Dreyfus Affair; In WWII their alliance with Hitler; ad nauseum. Have you ever tried to speak broken French in Paris? The French are merciless in making you feel like an idiot; they won't speak English even when they do know how to speak it; nor will they answer you in French. They stink; period...after all, why do you think they invited perfume?
13. RE: #12
Nice Jewish Girl ,   USA   (02.22.06)
Uhh if I remember the Dreyfus Affair correctly (and I do), the French were blaming all Jews for the alleged act of one person who just so happened to be Jewish. Lets not be hypocritical and blame all of the French for the acts, as ludicrous as those acts may be, of just a few of their citizens. Kind of like how the Muslims are burning Danish flags (among other disturbing and retarded things) for the act of one Dane. Also, I've spoken broken French in Paris and they definately didn't try to make me or any other American friends of mine feel like idiots. #12: You are simply a person full of prejudice. That being said, I myself am not so much a fan of the French. They have made NUMEROUS mistakes but then again, we ALL have! And just like everyone else, the French are no exeption to the rule that what goes around, comes around. Hashem is watching out for the Jews and those who make themselves enemies of Am Yirsael will find that they are the enemy of the Almighty. The French and all of Europe is paying for the mistake of trading in 6 million Jews in the Holocaust for the current Muslim population of today's Europe. May Ilan Rest In Peace.
14. #11 Boycott France
MARK ,   USA   (02.22.06)
Why are they rude and arrogant snobs? They are not friendly people. I have not met any nice French Christians or French Muslims. They do not exist. That is why France must be boycotted.
15. Nazi France
Concerned Jew ,   Chicago IL   (02.22.06)
Leave France now. Don't repeat the mistake of the Jews in 1938
16. France should use iron-fist vs. Sub-human Racist Butchers
Sisto Maximo ,   Santa Monica, USA   (02.22.06)
The French tried damage control about the motive of Ilan Halimi's horiffic cold blooded murder. This was not just an kidnapp - extortion act. It was purely because of Ilans' race and religion. Sure they wanted money from his family. If the family paid the ransom the barbaric result would have been the same. They wanted to get paid for killing Iian that would have been the only differance. The French should get very tough (the French government can when it wants to) on these sub-human murders and set a presedent that these types of barbaric acts will not be tolerated in our society by punishing them with life in prison, with hard labor for the rest of their lives male or female. If the French do not I'm afraid this horiffic crime will happen again. These sub-human racists make Charles Manson look like tinkerbel and the French society better do something about it other than hand slapping .
17. Acts
Charles ,   USA   (02.22.06)
God rest Ilam Halimi. Condolences to his family. Apparently, Allah guided the hands of his tormentors and killers, and God was unable to intervene.
18. to jf who said "stop bashing the French"
Bridges ,   Pleasanton, CA, USA   (02.22.06)
why stop? they never stop bashing the US and our policies, never stand up for just causes (such as mass murders in their own continent in Bosnia), they supplied arms and engineering expertise to Saddam, they lined the pockets of the filthy Yassir "the Rat" Arafat, and the list goes on. JF, my friend, It is not just a "blunder or two". Study your history, dude. In WWII their coward-in-exile Charles de Gaulle insisted he lead the victory parade upon the liberation of Paris after 400,000 Americans died saving his country and only a miniscule number of French did the same. The US policies they criticize are the same policies that assured their freedom 62 years ago. France and French people have not done anything worthy or noble for the world for 150 years or more. They live on their laurels but no one remembers, thus they engender the admiration of no one.
19. I want to know what is the % of practicing Catholics
fuma ,   Berkeley, Ca, USA   (02.22.06)
I want to know what is the % of practicing catholics in France. My assessment is t hat France is in such desarray since they left Christianity. Where is the hard working Franch?, - they all want to be a nation of walfare, since the day they are born to the day they die. They adore perversion - in all its manifestations. Whit those three vices, what can you expect? Only a decadent society/
20. better to know how week and mediocre they are
fumas ,   berkeley, Ca usa   (02.22.06)
It is beter to know how week and mediocre the French are and do not fall in the pretense that the French will be some sort of ally. History has shown time and time again, how inept they are!. And now, we have the obligation of declare and unmask the attrocities commited under the watch of the French authorities.
21. #12 - they also stink for bad hygene
fumas ,   berkeley, ca, usa   (02.22.06)
#12, they stink not only for hypocrits and stupid, they literally stink because of bad hygene habits. Sombody invented the shower, but even here in America they refuse to wash and use deodorant. and control the yest infections. They do stink, I never seen anything like that!
22. stop bashing the french again
Laila ,   France   (02.22.06)
yeah stop bashing the French as a whole. We are French Jews, this country is ours too, and we like it. Jews have always been patriots in France. We have enough to cope with right now not to have to bear you insults. So of course we worry, of course we are extremely shocked but we are proud to be Jews, proud to be French and proud to still be able to be both.
23. Jewish riots?
gm ,   south africa   (02.22.06)
I just want the world to take note that we don't see French Jews rioting at this time, we don't see any vandalism, destruction or physical harm to other human beings. We wait for justice to take place and fight through legal channels. Am I discriminating against muslims by saying this? Is it, therefore, wrong to say that radical muslims are parasites that need to be removed from society? I think not. World wake up.
24. For darling Nice Jewish Girl and darling Laila
B. E'met   (02.22.06)
Nice Jewish Girl (and I'm sure you are) but very naive. The French were very much complicit in dragging my family off to the camps, and in fact, it was the French Gestapo who picked up my grandfather and shipped him to Drancy; and from there to his death in Auschwitz. Yes, I'm prejudice; I heard the horror stories first-hand from my family; have you? Laila; no one is lumping the French Jews in with the non-Jewish French citizens; and certainly not in with the Muslim population of France; so please calm down. After everything that is happening now; can't you realize that Jews are not safe in France? And, you too must be very naive (although it is noble) to believe that you can be both Jewish and French and be proud that you feel that you can maintain both identities equally. The German Jews felt the same way you do now even when Hitler was rising to power; (like nationalistic, assimilated and patriotic German citizens.) And so nu? Look what happened there...look at their reward for all their good German nationalistic pride. Don't be silly Laila; the French will not protect you; they will sell you out to save their own skin; you only think you can be French and Jewish; but the only place where you can be a Jew and know that you belong 100% is Israel. Have both of you young ladies visited Yad VaShem in Israel? If not, go and go soon; it will be a good reminder for you how most of the world really feels about us.
25. Islam in France
David Pariszer ,   Paris, France.   (02.22.06)
I am french, jewish and proud to be. BUT since 6/7 years now, it became very hard to conciliate. It started at my workplace when they get new "young & innocents" employees , all from parisian suburbs, arabs and blacks and all muslims... The morning after the 9-11-2001 they danced through the offices and told me loudly we we'll be the nexts! (jews & christian in France) ...« after the Twins-Towers --> the Tour Montparnasse! ». I told my boss what happened in his office but he doesn't want to believe me and started to be suspicious about me... Of course a few months after this i was forced to leave my job, tired to be "the lonely jew in the place"! I was very disappointed by the mediatic, institutional & political system who let me alone in front of the "nazislamism". Now, little by little the french people starts to realize what's really happen aroud them. The 2005-ramadan riots , the forbidden-cartoons, the burning embassies, and now the death of Ilan... In 2007 the'll be the presidential elections, and sure you 'll got A BIG SURPRISE !! Excuse me for my english (result of the french educational system,I'M NOT GUILTY!! ;-) David.
26. To David, Laila and other French Jews
Elle ,   NYC   (02.22.06)
Please, please pay attention, the writing is on the wall. Do not wait, until it is too late or you will be suffering like the Jews of Iran. Don't want to live in Israel? Ok, how about Montreal (they speak French) or how about the US? You shouldn't have a problem. Do you really want to live somewhere where you are scared to death to wear a Magen David in public? Where horrror stories like David's happen every day? Think about it.
27. Muslim Sickos
arturo ,   california, usa   (02.22.06)
I hope the French government gets some backbone. This is nothing new and it will mean the eventually destruction of their country and culture if they don't protect their people, inlcuding the jews.
28. Laila
Jane   (02.22.06)
Enjoy it while it lasts. The 1930's German Jews were proud to be German. Enough said.
29. Laila-- Jews are not part of French culture
MARK ,   USA   (02.22.06)
The French do not see Jews as French. The French are ultra-nationalistic. Only French Catholics are French. The French can be nice to Jews but always have a selfish motive. Look at the 1950's Sinai campaign.
30. Restitution= Redemption of France
MARK ,   USA   (02.22.06)
The French need to do the right thing and help all Jews living in France make aliyah as soon as possible. They give money to Arafat and PA. The least they could do is finance a massive aliyah and compensate the Jews. The Germans did. Vichy France never did. Now is the time for the French to redeem themselves.
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