Fake passports big hit with Iranians, Turks
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.02.06, 12:50
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1. Recall and change all passports
Yochanan ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (02.22.06)
The Government should recall and change all passports to make it impossable to forge or change photo. This should be done NOW without any delay. All Israelis outside of Israel should change them at Israeli embassies. Security of Israel is at risk here.
2. pathetic
kapara   (02.22.06)
how pathetic, our youths selling their passports overseas for a few bucks so they can continue their vacations....and potentially assist terror attacks against israel.
3. Nothing new
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.22.06)
And it's not just young people. I remember cases of this 30 years ago.
4. There were ...
Jul ,   Paris   (02.22.06)
... young people 30 years ago too ! :) sorry couldn't help it...
5. treason
jf ,   nashville   (02.22.06)
This should be considered as a case of treason and spying. International law should allow those caught to be brought to Israel for trial and execution.
6. Good report
I work at an European Embassy and Israelies don't need a visa to visit Europe. But if an Israeli lost or got his passport stolen twice, they can not renew it and will get a laisser passer and with this passport they do need a visa to enter Europe, I noticed that those people who got a laisser passer because they had lost their passports already twice were all young Israeli travelers to India...I have a feeling that they sold their passports...good article...
7. Kinda rich coming from the Iranians....
thats what all the anger is about, they just wanna be jewish and israeli...its ok guys. convert, make aliyah and solve the demographic question :-)
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