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On French anti-Semitism
Sefi Hendler
Published: 22.02.06, 14:02
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1. Leave France immediately
Avzam ,   Mt Scopus, Jerusalem   (02.22.06)
Move to Israel, move to America. Just get out of there already.
2. It's only half the story
Jul ,   Paris   (02.22.06)
I agree that Ilan was kidnapped initially because the kidnappers thought "jews are rich" but this rationale is no longer working when it comes to why he's been eventually tortured and killed. Why would you want to separate old antisemitism from the new one ? Both are linked in the myths of antisemites : jews had (and have) enough influence to get the UN to unfairly create a new country on arab lands. Be realistic, muslims are unsuccessful precisely because of their beliefs that keep their head in the sand (too much religious constraints, women's treatment...) and can't face the fact they were wrong all this time. Realizing now would require that they throw away what they are and they just can't make up their minds to it. It's not a matter of political violence or social ostracization, they just don't have the cultural background required to be successful in a western society. As a consequence, they blame all they can, Israel and jews first because it resonates in the mind of used-to-be-antisemites-westerners and knee-jerk leftists-human-rightists. What's so complicated to understand ?
3. a french view of french muslim antisemitism
cordier ,   paris france   (02.22.06)
I was a teacher in a very difficult ZEP ( zone d'education prioritaire) in the poorest suburbs of Paris at the time of the oslo euphoria. 90% of my students were muslims. A jewish private school was nearby. Everyday my students attacked the young jews. When i taught them shoah, a lot of them told me " it would be better that Hitler had killed all jews". When i spoke to them they explained to me that it is because the jews were well dressed and richs. be sure that if israel didn't exist arab antisemitism would be nonethelesse here. the french communist parti (Bagneux the town where ilan was murdered is ruled by communist) play a great role. The communists (some of them are jewish and "post"sionist) are telling muslims they are victims by nature and israel is a demoniac and colonial country....
4. Some precisions!
Sam ,   France   (02.22.06)
I agree with Jul and Cordier, on their explanation of muslim-antisemitism. I will add one thing: the problem is deeper. The problem comes from what we call here now "anti-racism", the idea we have to fight racism, and in the name of that fight we should accept sometimes the innacceptable espacially for womens (all moslims womens living in france are not protected by the law as the algerian womens who despite the fact they live here will see the abusiv algerian law on women applied to them that is to say they are eternal minor!!))! Many things in france are becoming so bad! Im afraid for my country . Sarkozy didnt made only good things : he created in institution for moslim's representation with a strong representation of moslim brotherood. Im shamed! Im also shamed by the fact that people are killed all over world in the name of islam, my religion. Why Islam gave birth to this new fascism???????????????? Thats the biggest question. Dont tell me palestinians are suffering, Irakis are under occupation and bla bla bla! Nothing, absolutly nothing justify this new nazism! Muslims demostrated with hard violence for cartoons, but no demostration to comdemn Ilan's assassination, they demostrate for a palestinian kids but not for others especially never for irakis children killed by muslim terrorists (and not by american soldiers!!!!!!) while those moslim-fascist are loathing on islam and its values of humanity (ya i know now its hard to belive but its true!!!). Muslims are sick but i hope once they will recover, inshallah, the planet will not have a monotonous green color, if you understand what i mean!!!! Pour tous les Toulousains, rassemblement le Vendredi 24 à 11h30 devant la préfécture, place St Etienne! Venez nombreux, pour Ilan, sa famille, la communauté juive et la communauté nationale! Sam, une française indignée!!
5. Vichy Helped Slaughter Their Wonderful Jews...
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (02.23.06)
...and replaced them with medieval Muslims incapable of living in a tolerant, multi-ethnic society. We have relatives in Paris and expect they will be in Israel within a few years along with many other French Jews. I'm tempted to state that France is earning her just rewards but I wouldn't wish this plague on my worst enemy.
6. Youll be glad to know i have an IDF sticker on my car
james ,   USA   (02.23.06)
and i'll shoot anyone trying to stone me over it!
7. B**t.
Oh my god, this forum is full of B**t. regards
8. What's wrong #7
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.23.06)
Does the truth hurt a little??? Facts are facts...the only BS here is people like you...
9. France: You reap what you sow
MARK ,   USA   (02.23.06)
What You Do Comes Back To You Vichy France has to be punished. Justice must be served. HaShem said I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you. Remember that when you say untrue hateful things about the Jews and Israel. It has a heavy price. Ha-Shem will never abandon the Jews. He abandons those that practice evil.
10. Sefi Hendler is wrong
Francois ,   Paris   (02.24.06)
Most French Jews don't trust French authorities and most French have the same opinion. A friend of mine created this petition: To: US Congress American asylum for French jews After the barbaric torture and assassination of a young Jew from Paris, because he was Jewish, in a context of Islamic anti-Semitism rising in this country, more and more members of the French Jewish community are no longer feeling safe. The number of Anti-Semitic acts in France has reached a level not seen since World War II. We think that America, faithful to its tradition of offering asylum to people facing danger in their own country should open its doors to them. We ask the Congress to pass a legislation that would give the status of refugee to French Jews. http://www.petitiononline.com/ID22206/petition.html
11. Ilan's kidnappers made torture a coomunity event?
bob ,   potomac md usa   (02.24.06)
I just heard on one of the US radio talk shows that during Ilan's brutal kidnapping, the neighbors of the kidnappers were well aware of what was happening and they even came by the apartment to join in on the torture. Pleae --any of you in France--can you verify this for me? Or is it just rumor? It makes the crime sound all the more horrible, if it could be made any more horrible than it already is.
12. To Francois of Paris
Zoharah   (02.24.06)
Francois...what is with this ridiculous petition? You think the US Congress cares about French Jews? You think they will recognize French Jews as refugees? Please. be realistic. To make Aliyah to Israel the French Jews (or any Jew) doesn't need a farckackte petition. All they have to do is show up at Ben Gurion and say, "We are home." There are plenty of French Jews in Netanya where they won't feel lonely. If you need to petition a country to allow you to immigrate then it is not the country you should immigrating to.
13. to Bob
Sam ,   France   (02.24.06)
Dear Bob; there is something clear, people living in the building where Ilan was tortured didint participated. But the problem is that they maybe heard something and told nothing. Maybe have been interviewed by journalist, and what terrify me is that they look like me and you, its not a poor parisian suburb full of youngsters, you have all kind of respectfull people. The french Rabbi Josef Sitruk explained also clearly : Individualism is the accomplice of this terrible drama!! see you
14. Re: #10 To Francois
Ezra ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.24.06)
You bring up a very good point, and that is it's not only the French Jews whor are facing problems of existential proportions, but also the French Catholics, i.e. the ethnic French themselves. I have met several French expats here in the States, and they've told me that the Arabs in France hate the ethnic French as much as they hate the Jews. The problem, obviously, is that an illegitimate pro-Arab regime is currently ruling France. I hope one day the French will regain their freedom.
15. to ezra
Sam ,   France   (02.24.06)
dear ezra, first there is not ethnic french in france! we all have a someone who came from outside! And you know the catholics are often here, at least those who practice, from spain, portugal, poland. And second Arabs hate french? its not my case and those of hundreds of french like me from arabic parents. Third i agree with you when u talk about french pro-regime, thats clear, but dont forget all those who supports arabs are supporting only the dictatorian regime, the people they dont care. See you A proud french girl!
16. To #14
Jacques ,   Brussels   (02.24.06)
Funny that an American call the democratically elected French "regime" illegitimate, he who is living in a country where the president cheated for is first election! Is there any limit to stupidity?
17. To #12
Francois ,   Paris   (02.24.06)
Ten li avoda.
18. To #15
Francois ,   Paris   (02.24.06)
Many Arabs are hating France and the French, you know it and most Frenchmen are sharing my views. During my military service, I had the opportunity to meet some "French" Arabs from the suburbs and I was amazed by their hatred toward France. This hatred is responsible for the riots.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.25.06)
#11 The evil involvement of neighbors was confirmed. Jerusalem Post, Column One: llan Halimi and Israel by Caroline Glick - mentioned this was in Thursday's Wall Street Journal. The suffering llan underwent was horrific. Column One and other news sites stated that the gang made phone calls and sent e-mails to llan's family. Anti-semitic curses were made, and Koran verses were recited. WHY DID THE POLICE NOT TRACE THE PHONE CALLS AND THE E-MAILS???
20. Re. France Reap what you sow
HaShem ,   Babylon   (02.25.06)
Who takes my name in vain?
21. to François
sam   (02.24.06)
I agree with u many arabs hate france and french people, but not all. Im the exemple dear françois. and you have many others, who doenst make any noise, who are not invited to talk on tv to say that something is going wrong with french-arabs, coz noone wanna see it. "Politique d'apaisement" !!!! see u
22. French Flics Suck
yoel ariel ,   movin'about   (02.25.06)
I am sad to say from a professional position the old adage is correct. "Never attribute to conspiracy and malice that which may be simply shown to be the results of laziness, incompetence and stupidity". It is possible the French Police were showing anti-semitism. They are rife with it and always have been. It does not affect their ability to perform.(My two encounters with FrogCops were both negative) But I have always found them to be classic underperformers and sort of dull; not overly bright or focused on the job, and lacking in most of the skills that are the hallmark of law enforcement-investigative professionalism. They buggered up the case not because they are anti-semites. They buggered up the case because they are anti-semites who are NOT GOOD at police work.
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