Officials: Al-Qaeda to strike this year
Alex Fishman
Published: 23.02.06, 08:44
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1. what is the counter punch
alan ,   san francisco   (02.23.06)
Al Qaeda should know what the reaction to such an attack would be. Swift and sure, high and low, 100:1. These could be the parameters.
2. Nakba part 3
Ariel ,   Judean Hills   (02.23.06)
This will be the clarion call--more so that the Pesach attack at the Park Hotel--that will wake Am Yisrael so they can correct the mistakes of '67.
3. awful
when will this stop? I ighly doubt by the attacks back- it just inspires more- a truce and understanding has to be aquired- the root of the anger and problem.- someone has to take the high road or this will never end. if israel strikes back- it will just make the terroists strike back. same with the rest of the world. WE must meditate on the reasons for hate-
4. I am sure that Israel's pre-electoral period has nothing to
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (02.23.06)
do with the releas of such information correct ?????
5. To Arial...Nakba?!
John A. ,   Oxford, UK   (02.23.06)
Israel is coming to an end SOON mate...(We can wait for 100 problema)..Its all a matter of patience ( just like fishing :P ) Till you are kicked out of Historical Palestine.. Ta ta
6. How about a nuke on that haj rock when they strike??????????
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.23.06)
7. From now, we have nothing to do with it :D
Palestinian ,   Ramallah   (02.23.06)
Just don't plam the palestinians or HAMAS for this. Make your army catch these fuckers and kill them .we don't care.
8. #3
Trey ,   NYC   (02.23.06)
Oh, so Al-Qaeda detonates a nuclear device in Tel-Aviv, killing, say, 100,000 people (which proportionally, is a HECK of a lot, that's about 30%| of the city and the equivalent of killing about 4.6 million people in the United States) and Israel is supposed to be NICE and TALK to teh people and try to UNDERSTAND them?!?!? FUCK THAT!!!! NOTHING Israel has ever done to the Palestinians warrants things like nuiclear devices. These Al-Qaeda people, along with the Iranians and their ilk are simply hateful, GENOCIDAL animals. When (G-d forbid) the finish killing the 5 or 6 millions Jews of Israel the world will finally be convinced that Arabs as a people really are bloodthirsty animals - just ask the Germans what it's like. The shame will be an albatross for centuries after, especially since Arabs do not have the advantage of white skin, so that it will be easy for the world to write Arabs off as animals, especially Europeans, who think non-whites are not as human white people are, anyway.
9. I dare you.
I dare you touch the Ka'aba. Period.
10. Savages
David K. ,   Cincinnati, U.S.A.   (02.23.06)
All the more reason to elect Bibi!
11. A Diabolical Idea
Malaika M. ,   NYC/Tel-Aviv   (02.23.06)
You know, if Al-Qaeda staged a mega-attack in Israel to dwarf September 11th (i.e., killing, say 5000 Israelis, which would be the equivalent of killing 7 million people in the US. New York City has 8 million people, so it's like killing almost everyone in NYC), that would be the PERFECT excuse to throw all the Arabs out of the country a la Benny Morris' article from a couple years ago where he said transfer of all Arabs, including Israeli Arabs, might happen in the event of a MAJOR crisis. A mega-attack like this qualifies as a major crisis. Look out. Should this actually happen the Palestinian people can thank their Arab and Muslim brethren for attempting to "save" them - again.
12. #5:
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (02.23.06)
Hey "mate," Israel and the Jewish people have been in continued existence for almost 6,000 years. Cf. Muslims (1,300 years) or Palestinians (30 years). We've faced ,uch bigger and stronger adversaries than your teabags or crazy Palestinian terrorists. You can wait for 100 years? You'll be dead by then. And if there's an afterlife, do you think it'll matter who's in control of "Historical Palestine"?? Get a life.
13. Reply to #5
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.23.06)
The enemies of the Jewish people have talked about the end for the past 3000 years and while the Jewish people is still around, the Jew-haters have ended up on the garbage bin of history. Al Qaida and islamist nazi terrorirst will soon be united with Hitler in hell. The only REAL "historic Palestine" that ever existed was, is and will always remain ISRAEL. People in Britain should rather be concerned about the future of Britain who continues to give in to global terror.
14. #7
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.23.06)
When was the last time that you ever cared about non-Arabs and non-Muslims?
15. #2
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.23.06)
Which mistakes are you referring to? There were a number of them.
16. #6
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.23.06)
Your kid gonna fly the bomber, Bun?
17. You summed it up nicely Michael
when you told him to "get a life". Problem is, his interpretation is: Take a life.......... or two......., or preferably more.
18. One islamic terrorist strike could destroy islam.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.23.06)
I've been informed that the haj rock is called the ka'aba, the meteorite that muhammad was said to have promised would never be destroyed. If the islamic terrorists strike and the US or Israel drops a nuke on the ka'aba and vaporizes it into dust drifting away, there would be no promise, no more haj, no more islam. Someone should get the message to the terrorists that they should forget the terror strike. Who knows where all those nukes are aimed, or coul be aimed?
19. WHO ARE... "WE"?
alan ,   south africa   (02.23.06)
The Palestinians must be already practicing their dance routine on the roofs -like they did on9/11.(and baking candy bars to hand out
20. Will the muslims ever learn?
Robert Renders ,   Mechelen, Belgium   (02.23.06)
It seams the muslims will never learn. Slap after slap, defeat after defeat and they still show there big mouth. How stupid can one get?
21. 10, yeah right!!
Sleazy Bibi is a soothsayer, right? He'd know better than Ulmert when and where Qaida will strike? Give me a break. Bibi is a lying extremist who made thousands of Israelis poor. Kadima already!
22. #21
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.23.06)
Yes, but those are the people who vote for him, blaming the long gone Mapai for all their troubles.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.23.06)
Israel suffers continual terror attacks from global jihad. Under U.S. pressure, Israel ACCEPTS continual war, rewarding her enemies! 10,000 Jews were punished for not being Muslim. Jewish land and thousands of greenhouses and hundreds of farms of the hated infidel Jews were confiscated and given to Muslims. Muslim mobs destroyed Jewish synagogues where G-D was honored and exalted. Jobless and homeless Jewish refugees are forced to pay mortgages on their destroyed homes! Israel's surrender of Gaza brought terrorists closer to major Israeli population centers. Arab missiles now fire on Ashkelon, previously not within range. Sderot's mayor charges Israel has abandoned Sderot. Which cities inside the green line will be abandoned next? Happy terrorists fire rockets on Sderot, just as terrorists were allowed to fire thousands of rockets and mortars on Gaza's Jews. Terrorists and massive amounts of weapons pass freely through the Gaza-Egypt border. Rockets are fired from Jewish Gaza, which has been transformed into terrorist training camps and a GLOBAL BASE FOR TERROR. The response of terrorist enablers, U.S. EU, and UN, is for terrorists to duplicate this success in Judea and Samaria. Another wicked crime against humanity is demanded. The cruel ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Jews punished for not being Muslim, rendered jobless and homeless; their land confiscated and given to Muslims. Giving Islamists military advantage over a tiny, weakened Israel reduced to an INDEFENSIBLE 6-10 miles wide at her middle ENABLING CONQUEST OF ALL ISRAEL. Will Israel fight back when it is too late, when Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all Israel is under total attack from Islamists, with reinforcements from throughout the Muslim Middle East and beyond?
24. Linda dear, please make your point within 3 sentences
My eyes are getting tired - thanks.
25. Officials: Al-Qaeda to strike this year
Don Saliman ,   Kibbutz Nahal Oz Is   (02.23.06)
If this happens,and I hope it doesn't as my family and friends live in Israel, then maybe it would be the time to do what they always accuse of us doing.
26. A Failure To Protect
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (02.23.06)
While the security officials rightfully set off alarm bells, the question must be asked - who is really responsible for allowing AlQadea to get a foothold in Gaza to begin with? Who is responsible for allowing the buildup of terror on Israel's northern border? The answers to these questions should lead straight to Israel's failed "leaders". All of a sudden they "see" the dangers. Disgraceful.
27. reference that nuke idea...
ben ,   florida   (02.23.06)
maybe that nuke threat would finally make them see their limits. word of advice: don't go there if you want to continue your pilgrim trips!
28. Thank you George W. Bush
Mark ,   New York   (02.23.06)
29. Nuclear Hamas
Mauricio ,   Brazil   (02.23.06)
It seems that Hams and Al Quaida are planning a nuclear terrorism on Isreal. A Truck with nuclear device will come from Iran through Jordan and then into Isreal...
30. To John A from Oxford
Joshua ,   New York   (02.23.06)
John A writes: "Israel is coming to an end SOON mate.." A nuclear strike on London by an Al-Qaeda affiliated group is far more likely.
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