Foreign Ministry presents video blog
Published: 24.02.06, 12:11
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1. Creative PR
Joe ,   Israel the beautiful   (02.24.06)
For a change, something original and creative. Is there any way to keep this out of the hands of the politicos?
2. Propoganda time baby!! aaaaand ACTION!
Manny Gold ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.24.06)
"The beautiful face of Israel...beyond the conflict."
4. Putting lipstick on pig
Anoosh ,   USA   (02.24.06)
doen't make it beautiful. If the Israeli regime thinks it just has a PR problem, it should listen to the people in the world more closely. The fact is that the world KNOWS the "real Israel" and they don't like it - read the polls. I especially liked the "jeep treck" in the Golan Heights. What are you trying to show, how enjoy the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES?
5. the Middle East is Arab-occupied Greater Israel
Uzi ,   Zion   (02.25.06)
6. Peace
Laurence Burris ,   Seattle USA   (04.24.09)
Will there ever be peace in Israel? I am worried that Israel will be forever on the dole of the United States.
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