Road rage ends in gunfire
Eli Senyor
Published: 25.02.06, 10:07
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1. Typical
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (02.25.06)
Israeli machism....Both the BMW and the behavior....!!!
2. global phenomenon.
3. Jew vs Jew violence - take them to yad vashem and flog them
Andrew ,   Miami, FL   (02.25.06)
4. terror
sameer ,   jerusalem   (02.25.06)
terrorests used to kill as easy as that
5. #3; Driving BMWs and using guns, sounds like Aabs to me
6. Its understandable
Ralphoosh ,   Israel   (02.25.06)
Well, thats one driver that won't be so snooty about road-hogging the left lane. I'm trying to be sympathetic, but it s having a hard time coming through.
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