Russia, Iran agree to enrichment venture
Associated Press
Published: 26.02.06, 15:05
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1. Atomic Iran
Mauricio ,   Brazil   (02.26.06)
It seems a diabolic plan to avoid Iran bombing or sanctions. Giving them nuclear weapons within a well orchastred Russian - Iranian Plan. Within 2- 4 years Iran will get any amount of weapon grade enriched URANIUM for its nukes from Russia. They are experts in cheatring and deviating fissule material...
2. Iran has bowed to international pressure
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (02.26.06)
Iran and its " president " , the national-socialist Ahmadinejad, have finally bowed to the international pressure.
3. Hiran #2 (wrong)
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (02.26.06)
Iran has successfully deceived the West. Their nuke enrichment activities using cetrifuges, in underground facilities, will continue unabated. Bush and West caved in and are not willing to do what must be done. Iran will have nukes within several years. Tel Aviv and New York City will be in jeopardy.
4. Good news
Persian Cat ,   USA   (02.26.06)
This shows that despite Ahmadinejad's extremist remarks, there are rational people in Tehran who are interested in avoiding conflict. There are always nay sayer in Tehran, DC and Tel Aviv who will not be satisfied because they thrive on tension and even war. For the time being it seems those elements are put on leash. Let's see what new "evidence" the Isreali/US Zionists will cook up to create yet another crisis.
5. enrichment
ERic ,   LI NY USA   (02.27.06)
It sbeen pretty well understood that Iran would use negotiations to enrich in Russia as a stalling tactic. I feel theyll continue ot enrich in secret too
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