Paris honors murdered Jew
Published: 26.02.06, 21:39
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1. Why racism?
Tom ,   Canada   (02.26.06)
So , because a jewish person got killed it becomes anti-semitism ? or racism ?? its obviously just a gang .. the article says that they threatned businessmen before ! so its only against this guy becuz hes jewish ! Stop calling everyone racist and anti-semit ! the phrase really became meaningless !!!
2. Murdered Jew Ilan Halimi
Jane   (02.26.06)
May Hashem grant his soul peace. But where were the marches for all the other Jews slaughtered from 2001 through 2005?
3. #1
Jane   (02.26.06)
Your talk back is meaningless. Various documents were found in the home(s) of the murders which make this very likely at least in part motivated by anti-Semitism. Read all the reports before negating the possibility.
4. #1
Ilan was kidnapped because "Jews are rich", the gang members attempted to kidnap 5 other Jews, the gang leader said he does not regret "Killing the decendent of the pigs and monkeys (phrase used to describe Jews in the Quran)", Ilan's body was discovered with burns and cuts that wouldnt shame medival torturers, stop being a disgusting noble souled hypocrite, call the child in its name, Anti-Semitism, it is alive and kicking, this is not some "Old scar that many european countries bear" but an open wound, only worsened by the masses of brainwashed Arab immegrints imported to Europe.
5. Tom
Michelle   (02.26.06)
Go here: Needing to wake up, West just closes its eyes. Time for you to wake up as well Tom. These muslims are not playing games.
6. Don't hold your breath Jane
Michelle   (02.26.06)
There will be no marches for the other slaughtered Jews because Fwance refuses to accept that they have an anti-Semitic epidemic. Time for the West to start throwing these muslims out and returning them to the hell holes they come from!!!!!!!!!
7.  #4 you are garbage
Find me in the Quran where it calls Jews decendants of pigs and monkeys. I'll find you the numerous phrases where they are called "People of the book" just like Muslims and Christians. Islam is an Abrahamic religion which follows Judaism in its origin so how can it call Abraham a decendent of a pig or monkey???
8. #7 Don't Pretend to Be Naive
Joe ,   USA   (02.26.06)
Your religious leaders say all the time that Jews are written in the Koran as being descended from pigs and monkeys and are also the eternal enemy of Islam.
9. #1 Singled out for being Jewish
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.26.06)
Next time read the article and get your information straight. I'm also sick of anti-semitism and the scum that spread it. May Ilan rest in peace while those who harmed him beg for mercy.
10. #6 - If only...
Jane   (02.26.06)
11. #7
Jane   (02.26.06)
If you understand and believe that Islam is an Abrahamic religion that follows Judaism in its origin, why do you hate us so? Why do you consider us dhimmi? Perhaps the pigs and monkeys phrase comes from Imams and not the Koran, but if that is the case, why do you not speak out against the imams?
12. This is the honor and dignity of France.
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (02.26.06)
It’s impressive and admirable. But racism on all its form is both global and national. It’s about time the stand against it will not scattered and eclectic. I commend the France, their society and leadership for this collective show of force and commitment against that brutality, and apologize for some of the hate mongers in this talkback, who tried to capitalize on this tragedy. There is a lot of work to be done, in every square centimeter of the Earth.
13. Pigs and Monkeys" IS a frequently used phrase
Mickey Macaque ,   Monkeyworld   (02.26.06)
notwithstanding whatever the Quran does or doesnt say! Ive heard it used by Muslims many times when speaking of the "Children of the Book".
14. To #7
Francois ,   Paris   (02.26.06)
Find me in the Quran where it calls Jews decendants of pigs and monkeys. .... On this website you will find very interresting materials about a new major Jewish conspiracy: Tom & Jerry
15. no 5
what a lier! if you read the article, you do not need to be smart to see the fiction in the first few paragraphs "I killed a jew, i am going to heaven". Are you crazy people? no muslim would ever ever think like that! hell, what a lying spree!!
16. Boaz It Wasn't a Tragedy
He was murdered.
17. Boaz, cut the "honor of France" and "racism" crap.
AK   (02.26.06)
This incident was not "tragedy, "as you put it, but a deliberate cold- blooded torture of a young man to death because he was a Jew, not some car accident. No, speaking in some generalized terms about tolerance and fight against racism will not do -- your favored "minority” always demanding tolerance for their beliefs and ideas is being shown as the most intolerant in the world. You want to preach tolerance, preach it to them and not to us -- we "hate mongers" don't gouge the eyes of Muslim shopkeepers, not even terrorists. It turn out that under your "love the world and tolerance” guise, it is you who is a real hate-monger –you hate us while you find all kind of excuses for the very people who commit the most despicable acts of violence and terror. Yeah, you’re a hatemonger, locked inside your ideological bubble and unable and unwilling to acknowledge the reality. Just keep in mind that Hamas has promised to drink Jewish blood, so what happened in Paris is just a beginning of the things to come.
18. to tom!!!!!!!!
stephane ,   france   (02.26.06)
firstable excuse my english(i'm french).tom,stop talking about something you can't understand and,apparently,you're not well informed.the french jews are 500000 people in france among 60 millions,which is less than 1% of the population.this gang tried to abduct 6 persons before ilan;and among this 6,4 were jews.(we are it a coincidence my dear tom!???).and about the buisnessmen you talked? one more time you are wrong.the 3 buisnessmen were jerome clement(director of tv arte)a jewish man,rony brauman(president of "medecins sans frontieres")a jewish man;and finally,the lawyer cohen-sabban,a jewish man tom the "dreamer",is it antisemitism or not????
19. To #12
Francois ,   Paris   (02.26.06)
Most demonstrators were Jews. French politicians used the anger of the Jews for their own political purposes. These guys have no honor, no dignity and most of them don't give a s... of Jews.
20. #4, can you please
quote the surah (chapter and verse) in the KOran where it says that Jews are "descendants of pigs and monkeys"? I've searched the internet for reference to this but can't find it.
21. #15 isn't it what ALL your "shahids" say?
AK   (02.26.06)
They do so in their recorded messages before terrorist attacks and their proud mommies affirm it ,after the act. Be assured that we are now listening very carefully to everything you say. We're getting smarter by the minute. So who is the lier, again?
22. to 15...
stephane ,   france   (02.26.06)
don't play like you're a naïve know very well that millions of muslims think that if they kill a jew they will go to paradise.for example,just by the movie "contrechamps" by pierre rehov about palestinians kids in gaza.when the teacher ask them what they want to do when they'll grow up,instead of answering like any other kids in the world that they wish to be doctor or nurse,they all answer in front of the camera that later they want to kill jews!!!and these kids are like 3 or 4 years old!!!just buy the movie and you will see how islam is " a religion of peace,love,and tolerance"...
23. Link: Muslim Man Marries Goat
Joe ,   USA   (02.26.06) aaaaaaaaaaaahahahaHAHAHAHAHA
24. #15
Jane   (02.26.06)
Perhaps you don't think like that. But the sad truth is that many Muslims think exactly like that.
25. #7 why dont you answer #14?See his references on web.
alan ,   South Africa   (02.26.06)
26. Tom , Canada: Be ashamed of yourself
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.26.06)
How dare you ......... educate yourself about the circumstances you hateful individual
27. We march with dignity
Chaya ,   Israel   (02.26.06)
while the Islamicfascists go on rampages when they are 'offended' by some cartoons. Well DAMN IT - I'M OFFENDED when someone is murdered for being a Jew!! I AM OFFENDED to be called the descendent of pigs and monkeys. Sarah was absolutely right to tell Avraham to send Hagar and her son Yishmael out to the desert. She knew what a danger he would be. The Torah describes him as "a wild ass of a man." And that's pretty mild in comparison to what Muslims call us!
28. 15: not only can you bare to put your name to the LIES you
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.26.06)
post, but you are a coward. it is people like you, that cause more incitement to further hate
29. You SICK coward Arab:
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.26.06) Look at your own mosters - from these films
30. Tom ... pauvre con.
avi ,   ofra   (02.26.06)
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