Exempt from IDF? Volunteer for gay group
Noa Raz
Published: 27.02.06, 08:31
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1. Volunteers would rather be doing a "National DIService"!
Crazy World   (02.27.06)
2. How embarrassing.....
jf ,   nashville   (02.27.06)
this is just so wrong......D'oh!
3. Great move, teach your kids how to make love not war!
the Guy from Nablus   (02.27.06)
Only brain-damaged kids will now choose to serve in the westbank giving the alternatives ;-) Peaceā€¦ love and coexistence.
4. What work are they supposed to do? Typing?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.27.06)
5. How disgusting can you get.........
Avraham ,   Netivot   (02.27.06)
6. Great news
john   (02.27.06)
We need to promote love and not hatred. So Gay solution is a good one.
7. But you would say yeshiva students are bad!!
Yitzhak ,   Israel   (02.27.06)
8. Good news
Michael Steiner   (02.27.06)
Promotion of tolerance is always welcome.
9. Unless the volunteer is a psychologist ...
AB ,   The Rock   (02.27.06)
....and is able to help these miskenim, they would do better volunteering for people who have something to contribute to society. I note the sign in the picture says 'there is more than one way to be a Jew". Anyone who thinks he can rewrite the Torah is seriously mistaken. Refuah Shlema.
10. What a misleading headline
Abroad   (02.27.06)
This option is for people who are unable to serve in the IDF, presumably due to medical reasons. Being gay is obviously not one of these reasons, because the IDF has no problem with gays in the army - unlike the American biggots.
11. JEWS
Avish ,   Israel   (02.27.06)
I love to see Jews persecute another minority who also happen to be Jewish. G-D created gays. Jews like you create evil.
12. are you people getting mad
V Meijer ,   holland   (02.27.06)
I don't get it. What help is there to do? assisting, assisting with what? I can think of something but i do not want to. Are therse gays kings or something that need servants to whipe there ..... or to put them on a peddlestone? Are you people grazy out there?
13. Exempt from IDF?
Lorry ,   Israel   (02.27.06)
Reply to #9 what do you mean: they would do better volunteering for people who have something to contribute to society. People should respect there follow mankind no matter their religion, color or poetical ideas as well as sexual preferences
14. Rainbow baret
Jacob ,   Petah Tiqwa, Israel   (02.27.06)
For those of you against this new Go Gay volunteer alternative: Go splash some water in your face and accept the fact that there are other ways to serve this country. I am quite sure thier service will not prostelitize being gay (as this is not something you become...but rather are). As a matter of fact, the article never mentions that participants in this new program have to be gay at all. There is no reason why this country should not start accepting differences between the people that make it up. We all sickeningly accept as fact that there is a huge rift between arabs and jews, between religious and secular, between sephartic and ashkenazi, and especially between the rich and the poor. Would it be too much to ask for the majority of Israeli's to be accepting of someone with a different sexual orientation? ...the answer right now is yes, because this country is comprised of two kinds of people at any given moment, people who are different (everyone) and people who hate differences (also everyone). I say this is a step in the right direction. Many soldiers are unhappy with thier current jobs/roles. Perhaps if they were put in a volunteer situation that they were proud of things would be better. A question to those against this idea: would you prefer the gay individuals to not serve in the army at all or continue serving in regular army bases? In this case you shouldnt be "accepting or not accepting gays" but instead considdering whether you approve of this new way of service....(note that they will still be gay no matter how they serve the country) So now if you still have a problem with the idea just considder the fact that (here goes my sterotyping again) at least the uniforms (should there be any) will be more trendy than the lovely green "duds" we wear now.
15. Gay service
Leah Amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.27.06)
This is Hashem's land. Remember what He did to Sodom and Gamorah. Homosexuality is an abomination. So all gays should leave Israel
16. To all your homophobics.........
n/a ,   TA   (02.27.06)
I'm sick and tired of you all....your ignorance, why are you all so scared?? I will tell you, you are scared for the people, so scarry....let go of your fear and try to actually have a conversation with a gay person....I promise you, it won't be so bad and hopefully you will learn something... Mr. Meijer from the Netherlands, shame on you, Holland was the first country to give equal rights to gays....stay in Staphorst where you belong...don't go to Amsterdam, you might actually sit next to a gay person in the tram and catch something!!! . To all the other homophobics...stop hiding behind your God....who says there is a God anyway....just speculation...but gay people are REAL!! and Human, with the same hopes and needs as every human being, start to accept people for who they are, regardless their colour, religion, race or sexual preferance....don't be so selfrightious....look in the mirror.... To Lea are so disgusting, I have read all your are the most racist and intollerant person on this website, my dear , one day it will all hit you in the face, better prepare for that won't be able to hide behind your God me....
17. #16 Drama Queen
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.27.06)
What a sad little hate-filled sack of scheiss you are. "Tolerance" is a two way street, you demand it, but you don't have any for others. If you want to be tolerated, tolerate the fact that not everyone else approves of what you do. If you want respect, earn it. Abuse, name-calling, insults and threats do not inspire "tolerance" or "respect" from the targets of your hysterics.
18. another factor contributing to israels self-destruction
19. Gay IDF service
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.28.06)
To No. 16 BH I have Hashem. Our Moshiach will be here any day, most probably before Pesach. We have nothing to fear.
20. to Leah # 19
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