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Lawsuits PR opportunity for Israel
Andrew Friedman
Published: 27.02.06, 12:13
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1. Assumption
Stan ,   Morgantown USA   (02.27.06)
This assumes a fair trial. A judge might make a ruling that keeps all Palestinian actions out of the picture. Trusting foreign courts to be fair might completely backfire. Stan
2. No media circus overseas for IDF, try them for Amona at home
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.27.06)
3. Inappropriate metaphor?
"If physically violent Israeli - Palestinian clashes draw high ratings on CNN and the BBC, a political trial would blow the roof off the ratings higher than a suicide bomber blowing the roof off an Egged bus."
4. Excellent idea in theory, however...
Rob ,   UK   (02.27.06)
The British media in particular--especially the BBC--is viciously anti-Israel. In essence Israel would not get a "fair trial" in our tabloids, let alone in the court room. Maybe if Alan Dershowitz was leading the defence it would be a good idea, other than that I could see it backfiring.
5. Exactly what I was thinking
Chaya ,   Israel   (02.27.06)
It also occurred to me that this would be a good opportunity to expose the lies of the so-called 'palestinians.' At least we would get our story in the media. And, yes, anyone on trial would need the services of an excellent lawyer.
6. It's a dreadful idea
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (02.27.06)
You're talking about dragging the reputations of Israel's top commanders through the mud and risking their imprisonment by biased, essentially ignorant foreign judges or juries. You are doing this in the vague hopes that these courts will allow them to accuse other people during their defenses (which isn't likely) and that people around the world would actually give enough of a damn, or be unbiased enough, or have enough basic knowledge about how the middle east works, to listen to real evidence and understand Israel's position. The arrest warrants are yet another cheap harassment tactic by supporters of Palestinian terror gangs, but until the Brits/etc. pass laws that make harassment like this illegal, it will continue.
7. Very stupid idea
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (02.27.06)
If Olmert says that Hamas is bad and the next day gives them money, all people believe that he supports Hamas and says that they are bad only to win elections. People are not that stupid outside Israel. When Beging said that Israelis would live on bread but would never agree to talk to Arafat, Israel gained support from US and the world. That is why the the people outside Israel hated Rabin and Peres and respected Begin.
8. Andrew Friedman
Mauricio ,   Brazil   (02.27.06)
This is bullshit. Who ensures a fair judjment to the oficer??? And if he gets 20 year sentence? The Andrew Friedman himself should offer himself as a guinea pig to be trailed..
9. Andrew Friedman ???
Mauricio ,   Brazil   (02.27.06)
10. Israel should Definitely go on the offensive in PR
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (02.27.06)
Bring Palestinians to courts around the world for War Crimes. Abbas should have been tried for Holocaust denial. Stop defending what is justified and start attacking what isnt through the world legal system. Make them end their double standards against Israel with irrefutable facts.
11. The Arabs claiming to be Palestinian
Roger ,   USA   (02.27.06)
will continue their warfares against Israel and Jews. That is what they excel in. The receptive anti-Semitic world will listen to them.
13. to #9 Mauricio
keren ,   sao paulo   (02.27.06)
14. litigation
seth ,   henniker   (02.28.06)
Most court cases are settled. Why? Because you never know what a judge may do or what may pop up. Sure, every thing may go your way, but, then again court proceeding could turn out to be a disaster. You can't predict.
15. # 1- Stan is right!
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, CANADA   (03.22.06)
Mostly if the judges are British or French. Two highly antisemitic countries.
16. Just unlike the palestinians...
We have a place to return to in such case. They don't even have a country. So I feel sorry for them, in a way.
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