Sub fleet chief: We can hit targets overseas
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 28.02.06, 08:23
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1. Colonel Yoni
Menachem ,   Jerusalem   (02.28.06)
Colonel Yoni clearly demostrated limits to his future as a leader. Very obviously a great soldier, but his predjudice against women leads me to think that he shouldn't count on making too much progress in the outside world. He should probably stay in uniform for as long as he can.
2. Colonel Yoni will make some man a good husband.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (02.28.06)
They can sit there and drink beer together, and enjoy each other's farts. Just make the sub all women and it will be fine.
3. How bout leaving som element of surprise? zahal blabs 2 much
4. no women
Aaron ,   T   (02.28.06)
Col. Yoni can't afford to have officers chasing after women, especially in a physically tight space where all efforts should be focussed on the mission. This does not show a bias against women, but rather a weakness of males.
5. Colonel, please do not pay attention
Roger ,   USA   (02.28.06)
at the stupid people. Thank you very much for your work in protecting Israel/the Jews of Israel from all enemies. May you live till 120 and may G-d protect you and your family.
6. Menachem,Jerusalem: USE your brains
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.28.06)
have you ever been visiting a sub ? I have many times: But only on a short visit. Do you know the space they have ? Do you know that there is NO zilch privacy. Do you know that men and women under stress situations can not always handle their emotions when thrown together ? Do you know that some sub - pending on how they are build - stay away from ports for a possible year ? Do you then think again - in theory if there is an emotional break-down and for any reason a women then turns out to become pregnant ? In fact have you used your brains AT ALL ?!
7. missions abroad? Duhh!
arieh o'sullivan ,   li-on, israel   (02.28.06)
i'm so glad the subs are looking to hit strategic targets "outside Israel's territory." i was kinda expecting them to be targeting something like that. Duh!. it's a war machine. I think it would look mighty odd to use the Dolphins to evacuate settlements.
DEBRA ,   USA   (02.28.06)
9. Dolphin
Michael Kenyi- Andro ,   SUDAN   (02.28.06)
0915168400: This may now be the answer to Israel's threatened position by its enemies. Bravo!!! Commander.
10. Col Yoni & Dolphin Sub
Benjamin Saidel ,   Greenville, USA   (02.28.06)
This is truely a worthless article as it contains absolutely no new information. It seems to be a pathetic ploy in the propganda war with Iran. Israel is pulling a lame, I'll huff, puff and blow your house down with Iran.
11. Benjamin Saidel : What did you expect ? Honestly
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (02.28.06)
a plan of missions, with a rundown of their defense system and all details in chart for you to decipher An open invitation for you to have a tour of all securities. You are really some dumb head I have been on invited sub visits that visited the Caribbean - the US and UK ones - but no one will enter or show you details that could lead to any security. And any invitation is due to security clearance just that you know. Wake up
12. Too much information
jf ,   nashville   (02.28.06)
This is an example of something that really angers me.....the military needs to remain silent about every and all things. We don't need names and we don't need pictures and we don't need comments and we don't need to let the enemy read about anything,ever.
13. #1 and 2 you dont get it. You cannot have women on subs...
....because of the men. Its difficult operating under extreme pressure for such a protracted period. Your stress levels go through the roof. This increases your desire for a release - through sex This is why women cannot serve on subs. This is why women are not allowed on the top 4 sayerot. They are much better than men at other things, and this is why, for example, we have such a high ratio of women in modiin. They are much better than it than the men. Everyone has their capabilities but you have to take into account operational conditions. Its not just a case of equality just because you feel like it
14. #13
Anoosh ,   USA   (03.01.06)
"Your stress levels go through the roof. This increases your desire for a release - through sex This is why women cannot serve on subs. ". I think you're on to something. Now what makes you thing the Isreali sailors only have sex with women?
15. #14 Anoosh: maybe you american men have sex with things...
....other than women we dont enjoy the mardi gras
16. Nukes in the M.E.
Shari ,   Chicago   (03.01.06)
We're invading nations with NO nukes while deceptive nations like Israel taut theirs. Unbelievable. There will be no peace until Israel & Pakistan disarms or EVERYONE in the M.E. has nukes as a deterrant against ANYONE WITH NUKES to use them against anyone else. DUH. That's why neither the US nor Russia used them during the cold war folks. It's common sense.
17. Nuclear-free world
Free Vanunu Now! ,   Brooklyn   (03.02.06)
If JFK had had his way, Isarel would never have developed nukes and the middle east balance of power would not have been distorted in thw way that's happned in recent decades. Unfortunatey, he was assassinated - an operation that it now seems certain was co-ordinated by Israel - probably under Ben Gurion's direct control. Israel is a criminal, apartheid State, nuclear-armed and constanmtly manipulating other parts of the world to play a kind of violent global chess game. Abolish Israeli apartheid NOW!. One free, democractic, multicultural, disarmed society in the Holy Land! No more wars for Israel!
18. Suprised...
Hussain ,   S.HIthadhoo, Maldive   (03.02.06)
19. Col. Yoni
Michael ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.02.06)
The best deterrent is to be the baddest M/F in the region. Like Dayan said: "Israel must be like a rabid dog..." Do you want a multitude of 'fundamentalist clerics' telling you what you can & cannot think or do? G_d bless the Col.
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