Officials predict 'West Bank intifada'
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 01.03.06, 18:16
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1. You people have no clue
a Bethlehemite ,   Palestine   (03.01.06)
what esle were you anticipating after stealing land and surrounding nearly every Pali city, town and village with ileegal settlements and zealot settlers. It doesnt take a genius to figure the outcome.
2. Now
Jane   (03.01.06)
There is a so-called government backing terrorism - as in "state"-sponsored terrorism. No more house-to-house. Bombs, now. And no apologies for collateral damage. The people wanted it, they're going to get it.
3. Stupid Israelis
Palestinians: "End the occupation and there will be peace" Israelis: "We haven't ended the occupation, why is there no peace??"
4. New Intifadah
Yoni ,   Israel   (03.01.06)
When did the old Intifadah end?
5. Stupid palestinians
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.01.06)
There is no occupation...this is our land. Go to Jordan or Egypt (if they'll take you???). We will never give up our land, get it? Stop brainwashing your kids to hate us and maybe you can have your own state some day. Your other choice is a smart bomb through your window. Which one will it be???
6. Disturbing announcement
Mauricio ,   Brazil   (03.01.06)
If Isreal disengage again from the Palestinian this would be a desater to Isreal. The only eway is to prove the Palestinians thyat terrorism is bot the answer to threir problems. The sole mean is to kill as Palestiniams as much as possible. For each Isreali, hundred Palestininas must die.
7. Bring It On: YeShA Jewish Population Is Rapidly Growing
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (03.01.06)
As one who has experienced racist Arab terror first-hand and will NEVER capitulate, let me say this: Jews ALWAYS lived in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. The ONLY time in the past THOUSANDS of years of history when there were no Jews here was from 1948-1967, when the Arabs ethnically cleansed ALL Jews. We will not allow you to do that again. If there is no peace, you will leave, but we Jews will remain and continue to grow, thrive, and expand. Even with all of the Arab terror (that plummeted once we finally went on the offensive in April, 2002), the Jewish population of YeShA has grown 3 times as fast as the overall population of Israel- and also faster than the Arabs. The religious Jewish population has more kids on average than the Arabs of any refugee camp, and we don`t send our kids to murder/suicide. Additionally, there is great demand to move here from other parts of Israel. So hey- let the Philistines try again. They`re the ones who went from a budget SURPLUS in 1999 to living on-par with sub-Saharan Africa today because of their racism and murder. My guess is that the next time they try, they will cease to exist here in OUR land. They`ll end up in THEIR land; Jordan. But we Jews will continue to thrive and grow and prosper either way. This is Allah`s will.
8. Well said Jane.
Yonatan ,   USA   (03.01.06)
9. To #5 & #7
A Bethlehemite ,   Palestine   (03.01.06)
#5- who are you telling this to? According to the rest of the world and a good portion of the Israelis, Palestinian lands is not yours. Who died and made you da mafia boss? Name one nation that recognizes the WB as part of Israel. Why dont you all read security council res 446 &465 for a start. #7. According to your terminology, the Palestinian Arabs have also lived in historic Palestine / Israel for over a thousand years. Therefore we all can roam into Israel and the refugees can return as well and the Israelis can live in Palestine too. ie one state. But if you insist on a "Jewish State", immigration we have to have a home for the rest of the Pals and the ones who were ethnically cleansed. The Pals in the WB are not going anywhere...get it thorugh heads.
10. Third Intifada ?
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.06)
We knew long ago that arab countries would not hurry providing Palestinians with money. It is in their interest not to ! It provides them a good reason to show Anti-Jewish feelings .....Now when Fatha talks about " when we were in power we did this and that " looks like this whole thing is nothing but a huge feudal fight between clans or much for Arab unity !!!. STarting a 3rd intifada would only confirm to the world , shortly after Israelis took the decision to leave Gaza ( we see the economic sucess !!!!) that after all , the Israelis are right and that no PA authority of any kind kind get a hand over terror organizations. Fatah was a bunch of crooks who stole Palestinian money and indulged in luxury spendings while their " people " were starving.With Hamas, People will continue starving as Hamas ideology does not go in the correct economic direction...So far I have not seen any foreign investors willing to set up shop there.....and all of that because of Hamas....You wanted Hamas ? You have now to deal with collateral effects of a soon to be Islamic dictatorship...especially if Iran provides a few dollars in return for Allegiance.. ! Good luck in any will definately need it .....!
11. A third intifada coming ???
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.06)
Palestinian UN worker kidnapped by al-Aqsa, then released A Palestinian man employed by the UN was kidnapped by members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades on Wednesday in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus. Israel does not need any Palestinian to convey intelligence to them....they simply know when ANYONE moves a finger in the territories.... especially since the wide spread utilisation of Mobile telephones !!!! During WW I there was a poster everywhere in europe saying " shut up, the ennemy listens to you "...Meanwhile Terror organisationers continue using their mobiles !!!! ( whose technology was developped by Israeli companies ..) finally the Zionist ennemy is not so bad correct ? The group apparently suspected Jafaal Sawalma of sharing intelligence with Israel that led to the targeted assassination of one of the group’s commanders. Sawalma was released after being questioned. (Ali Waked)
12. DR, very smart.
It's "your" land? Then why are you in Florida?? You tell us to go to Jordan and Egypt and then say we "will have a state some day"??? If its your land then why were you scattered all over Europe in the early 1900's??
13. The Clarion Call
jf ,   nashville   (03.01.06)
War has been declared...more than once....what are we waiting for?
14. We need dialogue not weapons. #1
MARK ,   USA   (03.01.06)
What about the road map? We need to solve this problem now before it leads into World War 3. Without dialogue and communication there will only be war. Do you agree?
15. to number 1 and other dumbs.
stephane ,   israel   (03.01.06)
you'd better shut up.jews were in bethleem and all the cities of judea-samaria and gaza before islam was!! the so-called "palestinians" are occupying our land.there is 25 arab countries around you,but it's never enough for you!!!!!!!!you still want our israel(but you'll never get it).,you should be ashame! i came from france and even here the imams call the muslims to make kids to french christian women in order to islamize france(and all europe).if you look at the map;all the war in the planet are because of your egoïsm and fanatism!!!!give the jew and the planet a break!!!!!!!!!!!!or we will punish you more and know,i dream about peace,but i'm realistic;to make peace we must be 2...can you applause with one single hand?
16. #12
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.01.06)
There are millions of Israelis all over the world, but we are still Israelis. It's people like you who stop palestinians form having a state. It could happen when people like you stop hating and inciting violence against jews. That is why they were scattered all over Eruope. They were driven away from all the arab countries where they lived and they were being ethnically more my friend. The worl has had enough of arab/muslim violence. your time has come.
17. Everything is going according to the Plan
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.01.06)
In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon because the PLO, from its bases there, was murdering Israeli civilians (in addition to terrorizing the Lebanese population). The Israeli operation was successful, but right as the Israelis were about to deal the PLO terrorists the final blow, the Reagan administration intervened to save the PLO from the Israelis, moreover providing this terrorist organization with a military escort to their new refuge -- in Tunis.[23] Why? Because the US is an ally of Israel? From Tunis the PLO was finding it very difficult to kill Israelis, so the PLO was in fact defeated, at this time. But once again the PLO’s problems were solved by the US when Bush Sr.’s administration threatened the Israelis for 8 months with the withdrawal of all economic aid unless they agreed to bring the PLO inside Israel, which the Israelis finally did when the Clinton administration continued these policies (known collectively as the Oslo ‘Peace’ Process).[24] This US bully diplomacy, which has allowed the PLO to kill many more Israelis than before, has increased to a high pitch in Bush Jr.’s administration, with the results that we can all see. Now, would an ally of Israel force the Jewish state to accept as the government over the West Bank and Gaza Arabs an organization that traces its roots to Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution,[25] and whose founding (and still current) charter states that its purpose is the extermination of the Israeli Jews?[26] No. An ally would not. My hypothesis that the US is not an ally of Israel is consistent with sundry other details, such as the fact that, as the Oslo ‘Peace’ Process began in 1994, the CIA was training the PLO, even though the PLO was that very minute explaining in public, in English, to the Western press, that it was going to be killing Israeli civilians (and any Arabs who didn’t want to kill Jews).[27] My hypothesis is consistent with much else besides, which you may verify by consulting HIR’s in-depth investigation into the US-Israel relationship here:
18. TO MARK #14
myron ,   USA   (03.01.06)
Dear Mark. No, Mark, my sweet child, I do not agree. It is evident however, that your high dosage of tranquilizers is working.. Now go back to your coin collection..
19. Third intifada = Failed policies
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (03.01.06)
What all this indicates to me is that Israel's policies to this point haven't achieved the desired effect: peace and safety. Clearly changes are needed.
20. to 12
stephane ,   israel   (03.01.06)
of course it's his country!!! he's jew,and israel is the only jewish state in the's the country of every jew no matter where he is.we will never give up israel and israel will never give up his brothers anywhere in the world.(remember when we brought our brothers from ethiopia for example)...don't worry my friend,we are very strongly united around israel.remember,the wonderful jewish people out of israel need israel,and israel need the wonderful jewish people abroad.we are all israelis,and be sure that we will never give our homeland up.
21. #9
Linda   (03.01.06)
One land with the pals? Sure, and become muslims right? Jews are here 6000 years and muslim only 1400, grow up!
22. Re post 9
Michelle   (03.01.06)
Who are you kidding? Your Palestinian state will be an Islamic state making anyone who isn't a muslim a second class citizen.
ALAN ,   USA   (03.01.06)
24. Nahal, here I come!
Drew ,   Arizona, USA   (03.01.06)
I am making aliyah in August and going into the army in november. While I wanted to be jobnik before, now I really want to join Nahal to blow these terrorist bastards out of the water!!!!
25. Bethlehem number 9: You want reoslutions and LAW -Listen
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.01.06)
Israeli presence in Yesha does not constitute "occupation," and moreover, that the U.N. Partition Resolution of 1947 is a "recommendation" and not obligatory. "Up until 1948, Judea, Samaria and Gaza were a part of the British Mandate. In the 1948 War of Independence, Egypt illegally grabbed the Gaza Strip, and Jordan took Judea and Samaria, the 'West Bank.' Egypt did not claim sovereignty in Gaza, but Jordan deigned, in 1950, to annex Judea and Samaria. This annexation was not recognized by international law. The Arab nations objected to it, In 1967, after the Six Day War, these territories - which were originally meant for the Jewish Nation's National Home according to the Mandate Charter - returned to Israeli control." in 1988, King Hussein of Jordan rescinded its legal and administrative ties to Judea and Samaria. "According to international law," "Israel has full right to try to populate the entire Land of Israel with dense Jewish settlement, and thus actualize the principles set by the League of Nations in the original Mandate Charter of San Remo in 1920. At that time, the mandate to the Land of Israel was granted to the British, and the introduction to the mandate charter states clearly that it is based on the international recognition of the historic ties between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. Clause II of that mandate charges Britain with 'ensuring the existence of political, administrative, and economic conditions that will guarantee the establishment of the Jewish national home in the Land of Israel.'" "Even the White Paper of 1922," emphasized the Jewish Nation's rights to the national home in the Land of Israel - while at the same time tearing away almost 80% of the mandate's area on the eastern side of the Jordan and giving it to Emir Abdullah." There is nothing in international law that requires a Palestinian state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean - not even the UN Partition Resolution of Nov. 29, 1947. The fact that the Arab states did not accept the Partition Plan, voids the recommendation of any legal basis. Resolutions 242 and 338, which call for negotiations and a "withdrawal from territories" (not "withdrawal from THE territories") captured in 1967, are similarly "recommendations." These resolutions were drawn up under the UN Charter's Clause VI, which deals with non-mandatory recommendations - as opposed to Clause VII resolutions, "which are mandatory, and which deal with a threat to world peace, such as those taken against Iraq."
It wasn't the Arabs that kicked you out of the Holy Land, it was the Romans. And it wasn't the Arabs that horrendously made you suffer in Europe it was those terrorist Nazis. But it was after all that you made the Arabs in Mandate Palestine pay the price of the Romans and Germans!
27. #26 Learn some history, enemy
Anne ,   USA   (03.01.06)
before spewing out you puss. There has always been the Jewish presence in the land of Israel. Always! The Arabs claiming the Palestinian identity which they, by the way, acquired from the Jews, came to the area after the Jewish Zionists from Russia, Poland, etc. started creating businesses. People migrate in search of employment opportunities. The Mexican cross the border into the US in search of work too. The major difference is that least Texas, New Mexcio, Arizona, California used to be a part of the sovereign state of Mexico. There has never been a Palestinian Arab sovereignity in the history of this planet. Never! Read the Mark Twain's eyewitness account of the area. You may learn something.
28. . They don't want peace.
Roger ,   USA   (03.01.06)
Intifada shmintifada. They are enemies.
29. The Arab culture is based on fantasies
Mel ,   USA   (03.01.06)
They repeat their lies so many times that it finally becomes reality in their minds. That is why they believe that the land belonging to Jews is their's when it is not. They should at least read the Koran.
30. #26 and History
Jane   (03.01.06)
No, you had nothing to do with the Romans. Remember that there was a continuous Jewish population in Palestine (read Judea). More Jews began to join their brethren starting in 1880. They were subjected to random attacks. It was you who instituted pogroms in 1929 and 1936 against the Jewish city of Hevron. It was Al-Husseini who aided Hitler and brought about the threat of an uprising so that the British issued the White Paper which doomed a good percentage of the 6,000,000 Jews who died in the Holocaust.
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