Defense Ministry: Trade with China resumed
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.03.06, 21:49
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1. Business is business..and Israel is starving for it..
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (03.02.06)
Although one can understand the laws of economics, especially in a country like Israel where, for the benfit of a few ( certainly not for the benefit of all ) billions of dollars are made each year in trading due to the high quality of a few selected items including - but not limited to - defense related electronics, it is somehow sad to realize that trading with China is not really "kosher" especially coming from a country which has " high values " Like we are suppose to have. China is a country where deprivation of civil liberties are a rule of the state, where no political opposition is allowed, where death penalty is often crual for families ( who have to ffot the bill for the execution of their next of kin ) and in which an intelligentsia of " ruling class members" appropriate hefty sums every year. China is far from being exempt of corruption and has been know for years to persecute religious institutions. At this point it is also needless to talk about Thibet which is apparently to Far for the vast majority of Israelis to feel concerned with. If we really respected the values that we have in stock, we would have selected NOT to trade with China. But the laws of the market are not always supported by moral laws and values and we trade with a state which , in spite of its " new attitude" and " favorable approach " of the west remains nevertheless a full fledge dictatorship with no democracy in sight even in the long term. Thank you Israel Aircraft Industries, Thank you Raphael, thank you shareholders and shame on our " jewish values"....I think Israel should stop teaching others lessons in anything and especially in moral standards which have gone down while the stock market was going up
2. Let Toran live next to gaza, watch protection soar.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (03.02.06)
3. How about
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.02.06)
When the U.S. sells the newest weapons systems to arab countries technically at war with Israel that is "kosher". Training them and having war maneuvers is okay. We should either ask our best friend to stop it or look for a better best friend(s).
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