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Likud hump removed
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 02.03.06, 12:11
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1. It was overdue
jBN ,   Port Townsend, USA   (03.02.06)
Netanyau did a great service to his party and the general public. The Central Committee of the Likud was home to vulgar, uneducated and corrupt people who turned the elections process into a low class market. Truth is that Menahem Begin (himself a very honest and humble man) opened the Herut to the unsightly element because he desperately wanted to win the elections after all these years in the opposition. The result is that the Herut became home to a bunch of "third world" types. When I watch the faces, behavior, yelling and bargaining taking place in the Central Committee, I turn the TV off. I am no supporter of Netanyau, but I must commend him on throwing the garbage out. Good riddance.
2. National Union coalition looks good
Steve ,   USA   (03.02.06)
B"H National Union is the Jewish Union. Perhaps it might include the new Likud under its watchful wings and fire all those who violate referenda instead of the other way around that led to Hamas usurping the PA for its own agenda of Jew-murder and Israel-destruction. Vote National Union!
3. Who are they kidding? It's a clever ploy to attract voters..
Colin ,   Tel Aviv   (03.05.06)
Right after losing the elections, Natanyahu will resign and Silwyn will take his place. Since the latter was against this move, he will move to restore the power to the Likud Central Committee... Nobody in his right mind really believes that they all agreed to give up their power in exchange for a few mandates. Well done, Natanyahu!! But you haven't fooled me!
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