Ex-agent: Pollard framed by Soviet spy
Ronen Bergman
Published: 02.03.06, 17:02
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1. Mark the account 'paid in full'
Lady Justice ,   City of Peace   (03.02.06)
Pollard had paid a heavy price. It's time to let him come home. Let justice be done.
2. Political Coup
Devash ,   Yerushalayim   (03.02.06)
Whichever Israeli politician that will be able to claim his efforts were the ones that ultimately freed Pollard will score a political coup and may put the election in the bag.
3. This is old information
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.02.06)
When Ames was caught it was noted that he had been involved in the "damage control" for Pollard. Why that didn't trigger a reevaluation of Pollard's case is unclear, as all the proceedings have been been 'in camera'
4. Eitan helped capture Eichmann, he must know....
5. What Israel's Gov't Must Do For Pollard
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (03.02.06)
The only long overdue justice now for Pollard would be an immediate release from prison, and a public apology from Israel for betraying him. Once this happens he should be given a hero's welcome and compensation for life. He protected Israel as an American ! yet rots in prison for his loyalty to Israel. Many Israelis side with israel's enemies and are rewarded for doing so. How twisted is this. Nothing less will suffice. As for the US, they are guilty of many crimes against Jews, going all the way back to before WW 1. The "Secret War Against The Jews" by John Loftus exposes this in disgraceful detail. While it is true that Jews can live well and in relative security in the US, the US powers to be would sacrifice its Jews in a heartbeat.
6. BUY him
how about you jews buy him to the tune of say 200 billion- ( the amount Israel bummed from the USA)!!! just keep him away from the USA!! bnehind your 'wall"
7. Rafi EITAN
Stinker   (03.02.06)
Rafi Eitan, alias " Stinking Rafi " Israelis have nicknamed him "the stinking Rafi Eitan" to distinguish him from another Rafael Eitan, the former chief of staff. Pls read in:
8. Eitan
Yisraeli   (03.02.06)
I would like to hear Jonathan Pollards response to this article. Theres no doubting an enourmous travesty of justice was done on Jonathan and Casper Weinbergers note to the judge had alot to do with it. He was thrown to the dogs, for which information USA non-intelligence was meant to provide Israel in the first place. You are not forgotten Jonathan even if Israels criminal politicians have.
9. Ex-agent: Pollard framed by Soviet spy
Stan ,   Adelaide   (03.02.06)
Hard to believe but enough is enough. Let him go to Israel
10. Freedom for Pollard
Embarrassed American ,   USA   (03.02.06)
I am ashamed that the United States keeps Pollard in jail. He should have received the 2 or 3 year sentence that is the norm. Casper Weinberger and Richard Ames deserve to rot in hell for doing this to Pollard.
11. #6 Speaking like a true enemy
Roger ,   USA   (03.02.06)
Who breeds such creatures?
12. spy-spy-spy =traitor-traitor
ramallah ,   ramallah   (03.02.06)
He is should be remain in jail forever. He is not a hero he is a traitor, all traitors should be punished accordingly. He does not deserve any pardon or freedom
13. #6
Jane   (03.02.06)
How about you crawl back under the rock from which you came?
14. #12
Jane   (03.02.06)
We're not talking about the Palestinian version of justice. We're talking about real justice. FREE POLLARD!!!
15. Pollard Must Be Freed!!
Chaya ,   Israel   (03.02.06)
If this is true - and it appears to have credibility - he must be freed immediately. Also, spies who have been caught who did less damage than Pollard supposedly did spent far less time in prison than he has. FREE POLLARD NOW!!
16. But it wont be the rescue..
nick ,   dk   (03.02.06)
- but it dosnĀ“t look like Rafi is the one to make that score. "A bullet to the head" - was his "old" plan with Pollard. Now when election is under way, and Rafi is approaching the grave himself - the tune is different. Hey, what happen to "never let anybody stay behind?"
17. #6 fyi
Betsy   (03.02.06)
Israel is the only nation on the planet that pays back its debts to America. It appears that you would like all Jews to leave America? am I right? I would love that, and would love to see what wil then happen to America.
18. Pollard Affair
John Murray ,   Eugene Or,USA   (03.03.06)
The American treatment of J.Pollard is a crime itself the way he has been treated and the U.S talks about Human Rights,if they be not Hypocrytes release Pollard now.Will it happen not if Israel does not demand it,they must ,leave him behind no longer.
19. Pollard
Jonathanmurray ,   Eugene Or,USA   (03.03.06)
# I,Mwith you all the way Betsy,America is due for a fall and it's coming soon,and Jews will return home,from the four winds he will bring them.
20. Pollard
John ,   New York U.S.A.   (03.03.06)
Hey, let's cut the B.S.. Isreal has no better friend in the world than the U.S.. We defend Isreal all the time and if it comes down to it will go to war for you, but you can't expect us to let spies go. I know you often have a more direct way of dealing with them. This situation was bungled from the begining on both sides and got out of hand. Ridiculous accusations were made and it just inflamed the situation. It's a shame, but venting your frustrations at the U.S. doesn't help or garner sympathy for your cause.
21. Whineberg, iceberg
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (03.03.06)
Weinberg even said, after his contra fling, that punishment was too harsh.
22. Not again with Pollard!!!
John ,   Jerusalem   (03.03.06)
He's GUILTY people!!! Therefore, he's in jail where he belongs!! Case closed, good night.
23. Olmert - bring pollard home before the elections!
Yoav   (03.03.06)
24. Funny Stuff
Trevor ,   London, Canada   (03.03.06)
Pollard is not a victim. The fact that he was a Naval Officer passing information to another nation is treason. He's lucky to still be breathing. He was a grown man that made a decision. I don't know how children are raised in Israel, but here in Canada we are taught from an early age that you must accept responsibility for your actions. Pollard is in jail because he was a spy and got caught.
25. Not Exactly A Spy - To # 24 -Trevor
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.03.06)
# 24 -Trevor - You can't spy for a country that is supposed to have the information in the first place. The issue is that the US was mandated to give Israel this information that was pertinent to Israel's ! national security. The fact that they didn't ,and the fact that a real spy (Ames) and a renegade official (Weinberger) played games with Pollard's life is the real travesty here. As a matter of public record, those who spied for enemy countries served a pittance of a sentence for their dastardly crimes. Any one who is not imbued and blinded by antizionistm would see this inherent bias. Coming from an ally makes it even more abhorrent to swallow.
26. Pollard: Buried Alive!!
Lynn Handelman ,   Miami, Florida   (03.05.06)
Rafi Eitan helped to bury Jonathan Pollard. To speak out now? He should be on every street corner helping to free Mr. Pollard. I believe that Mr. Eitan is a disgrace to humankind!!
27. Interview of Rafi Eitan Regarding Pollard
Bill Hamilton ,   Washington, D.C.   (03.06.06)
The U.S. Justice Department sent Rafi Eitan to see me in February 1983, under the guise of being a visiting Israeli prosecutor, while the Depatment was stealing the VAX 11/780 version of PROMIS from my company, INSLAW, Inc.. The Department stole that version of the software in April 1983 and secretly gave it to Rafi Eitan in May 1983. Eitan had Robert Maxwell sell it back to the U.S. Government for deployment to U.S. nuclear submarines for an intelligence application relating to tracking and destroying Soviet ballistic missile submarines and to hitting strategic targets in the Soviet Union with submarine-launced nuclear missiles. Colonel Aviem Sella became Pollard's controller during the summer of 1984 to help Pollard steal the right information about the targetting and delivery of nuclear weapons against the Soviet Union. Are you interested in investigating this?
28. Jonathan Pollard
Norbert Lipszyc ,   Neuilly, France   (03.06.06)
The major stain on the Israeli flag is that Jonathan Pollard is still, after more than 20 years, in dire conditions in jail. When will the Israeli public and government learn how badly their attitude hurts the standing of Israel in the world. Obtaining his fredom, besides being a major moral requirement for the Jewish state, as well as for the Jewish people everywhere, would be a show of moral fortitude which is the basis on which is built all the strength of Israel.
29. eitan the scumbag
menachem ,   jerusalem   (03.20.06)
his scumbag israeli handler is coming out of the closet after raking in millions as fidel castro`s right hand man. now he wants to run for kenesseth and act like a man of the people. pollard`s only mistake was thinking israel is a cause worth fighting for...
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