Oscar nominee: People hate Israelis for a reason
Avner Hofstein
Published: 02.03.06, 19:33
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1. not israeli
av ,   london.england   (03.02.06)
who need parasite like you.only take from israel and only give insults in return .you can always choose from the wonderful arabs country around israel to live but you know were your bread and butter is thats why you stay even that feel you are not israeli .you scum
2. Someone should remind him, Jews are the natives, not Arabs.
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (03.02.06)
Why else do you think until around 1960, EVERYONE including the Arabs called the Jews the native Palestinians and the Arabs were called Arabs.? Only in this Arab culture of hate and incitement have there been suicide bombers who kill women and children. This has nothing to do with the recreation of Israel and everything to do with the Arab/Muslim culture of hate, revisionism, and blame. No other culture in history has committed these heinous crimes against humanity. German Nazi crimes were abominable, but so are the Arab/Muslim suicide bombers. As for Jews and Israel not caring about the local Arabs? Why is Israel 20% Arab with local Arabs staying during and after the war of independence and Jordanian Palestine 0% Jewish with every Jewish village wiped out and has a law banning Jewish citizenship. Thats black and white.
3. Then surrender your passport
Arie   (03.02.06)
and sign up for a Jordanian passport that is more reflective of your identity. It is intersting how the ONLY Arabs that can speak openly - even of self hatred - are "Israeli Arabs" because as such, they ARE FREE
4. Now I understand the cause of bombings
alan ,   frisco   (03.02.06)
It is according to this director, a hu miliation so deep he cannot have sex. Is it possible that in certain sections of the Islamic culture, not all, male domination(beards, knives, the whole macho costum) is so great that even a little humiliation prevents sexual domination and therefore sex is no longer a prleasure? It seems this sexual domination of women is the root cause of radical Islamic terror. The ME studies department of Harvard and Columbia should immediately launch a study to determine how to brong women's liberation to the radical Islamic world--- or is that even an option really. Count on Hollywood to ignore this however.
5. Hani is a real STAR Bravo
saba   (03.02.06)
6. THey are enemies and they use every possible
Roger ,   USA   (03.02.06)
avenue to fight the Jews: be that terrorism, economic boycotts, media war, demography, etc. They want the Jews to serve them in an Islamic state providing them with the superior medical care, education, welfare, etc. The Jews are already doing it in Israel. Why should not the Jews do it under their control? They are smart. It is the Jews who are stupid.
7. So basicly Hani wants two states for one nation, His.
Arab justice ,   death to Jews   (03.02.06)
8. It Is All Empty Words Loudly Shouted
emanon ,   USA   (03.02.06)
This is the classic Big Lie at its worst. If you shout something loud enough and long enough, some people, those who never check whet they hear, will buy into it and accept it as truth. There is no justification for the actions of these terrorists, regardless of what Hany Abu-Assad tries to make us believe.
9. The Arabs have 22 Arab states
Anne ,   USA   (03.02.06)
They own 99.9% of the Middle Eastern landmass. Israel is 9 miles wide in the center of the country. They kicked almost all Jews. The persecuted gay Arabs escape to Israel not the "friendly" or democratic Arab entity. 20% of Israel is Arab because unlike the Arabs the Jews did not kick the Arabs out. However, having a prosperous and advanced Jewish state is not too uplifting for the Arab pride. All 22 Arab states are tyrannical. Therefore, they want the Jewish state cease being Jewish. Is it necessary to talk to a hater of Jews to find out what he/she thinks about Israel? They are full of venom and there are zillions of them.
10. And for suicide bomings elsewhere,
Avi ,   Ashkelon   (03.02.06)
like in Iraq, Britain etc. etc. I guess he will come up with a totally different explanation. Who are the racists, if, in the whole Arab world, Jews, and other religions for that matter, cannot live in total freedom? No wonder he lives in Holland. These people become suicide bombers because Islam does not teach them anything about self-worth and what human dignity and co-existence is all about. This is the result of being fed with hate from birth and drinking from the poison well of radical Islam!
11. has anyone else noticed?
ash ,   gush etzion   (03.02.06)
how many of these self-proclaimed 'pacifists' say that "any killing is wrong" and then the usual but....... when they explain killing and murder. why does the interviewer never pick up on it and expose them???
12. 'Jews forget they were victims' of Arab terror - never!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.02.06)
The attempt to blame Israel for Palestinian terror is idiotic! The Six Day War and resulting occupation of the West Bank and Gaza was a result of one thing: Arab belligerence and murder! If any “hatred” is justified it is our hatred of Arabs who are committed to our destruction, After all, we have more than 20,000 dead to justify it. We don’t need a movie. We have the grave stones. Arabs have been killing Jews for more than one hundred years! Arabs refused and most still refuse, to recognize Israel and her right to exist. Arabs declared war on the fledgling state and, for years before the "occupation", have worked to destroy Israel and her people. Iran is a good example. Yes, the Arabs are victims, victims of their own folly and Jews are victims of Arab terror.
13. sign the petition
Yisraeli   (03.02.06)
I have just read and signed the online petition: "Revoke the "Paradise Now" Oscar Nomination" hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at: I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.
14. David #12
Not Arab terror you moron, German Nazi terror. Just because you're not old enough to have been there, doesn't mean it never happened.
15. Abu-Assad
gerschor ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.02.06)
He says Israel makes Palestinians live in refugee camps. He very conveniently forgets that, following the 1967 war, Israel attempted to build permanent housing in Gaza for the Palestinians, only to have them protest to the UN, which then made Israel destroy the homes. He is purely and simply a propagandist, and Hollywood will surely fall for his lies, just as the Golden Globes people did.
16. Hollywood...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.02.06)
Always sides with the underdog and creates world sympathy for them. In this case they think the underdog is the Palestinian people, but look at Israel and it's surroundings. Israel has been the underdog it's whole existence. the only thing that saved it is the fact that we are fighting against morons form the middle ages. Thank God that the Arabs who want to destroy us are not so bright!!!
17. " words of wisdom " you need to learn
Nick ,   USA   (03.02.06)
I admire the courage of Hany, he spoke the truth that a lot of people are scared to do. Jews always want to make this a religious was, there is no special Jewish religion ties to Palestine that will support your claim that Palestinians are Arabs and they should go live in some bodies else land , stop dreaming you fools. For the past 30 years you occupied Palestinian lands, stole it with no legal rights, even the UN resolutions was broken and ignored. And now , we got a new song, " terrorism" , if you kill an innocent Jew, this is terrorism, put when the IDF kills an innocent 12 year old kid, that’s ok, they were doing their job. Well, if we look at history, no matter what happened , you might be strong now with help of my government and others, put one day the table will tern, and all you big mouths out there will either be worst terrorist "like you haven’t been already" or beggars for mercy....wait and see...
18. Convenient Recollection
Yoel Ben-Avraham ,   Shilo, Benyamin, Isr   (03.02.06)
What all these "progressive" advocates for "terror as a defense" seem to forget is that before Arafat decided diplomacy was leading to compromise ... and launch the "War of Terror" - the Israeli "occupation" was a thing of the past. 95% of the Palestinian Arabs, as they like to be called, lived under Palestinian rule with no intervention from Israel. All public services had been handed over to the Palestinian Authority save the defense of Israeli citizens. Only after over one hundred suicide bombing attempts resulted in 1,000 Israeli casaulties was Israel FORCED to return to the total control of the Palestinian controlled territories. You don't like "occupation"? Negotiate. Don't realistically expect a nation to negotiation while terrorising them. Hitler & Munich are dead and past!
19. Hany - You have no Guts to face the truth
S Judah ,   London   (03.02.06)
This gentleman has a warped and ignorant view of the truth. What hope for peace with the Palistinians when their supposed good guys don't face up to the truth? Hany Abu-Assad, we were here before you, read your history. These are the lands of our Prophets and Kings, that is our Temple that your Mosque is sitting on top off. Israel has responded harshly against you because your people and our so called friendly neighbours have spent the last 100 years trying to murder us. That Hany is the truth , have you got the guts to face it?
20. Terror
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.02.06)
Someday there will be an Israeli gov't. with guts and they will let us give the arabs a taste of terror. In the meantime we are victims led by cowards.
21. To Yisraeli (#13)
Joan ,   Haifa   (03.02.06)
Thanks for posting this link. 34,800 and counting!
22. It's not hard to comprehend...
David ,   Florida, USA   (03.02.06)
I think what he is saying makes perfect sense... the fact the Israel is a UN created nation is the main source of conflict and until both sides feel their side has been treated equally this conflict will continue.. of course this seems impossible to fix now. by now I'm afraid it has gone on way too long to the point that new generations are raised with these prejudices. I can see how seemingly small incidents, like him being humiliated at a check point, can fester to the point of excessive retalliation. Americans, ask yourself honestly if an international council decided to carve out a section of the east coast and give it back to the natives who were their first that we wouldnt see people reacting in the same way if it hadnt changed in 60 years. Honestly, the whole region needs to relax, try pot and video games... it works in America...
23. Arab Impotency
Zoharah   (03.02.06)
Impotency? That's a new twist to the cause of suicide (homicide) bombings...Gee let me go out and murder innocent people, mothers, babies, elderly people, and schoolchildren just because I can't get it up anymore!!!! Viagra is the answer; not murder! (Can I get you some Hany?) What a lying piece of crap this guy is... these bastards attempt to re-write history...and what is so amazing is that the world falls for this type of propagandist manure.....And, he claims he is not Israeli? Fine, then Israel should revoke his passport and render him stateless. Let him carry a Jordanian passport or a passport from some other Arab country. And, by the way, please sign the petition to revoke this film at the Oscars, I have and so have many, many others (including non-Jews) who support Israel and the right to a (terror-free) Jewish homeland.
24. Nick...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.02.06)
you say words of wisdom, I say pure garbage!!! Learn the history of the land and the people and stop defending terror!!! IDF never tries to kill 12 year old kids (its called collateral damage), unlike palistinians who do not differentiate between military , women children etc. Anyone who defends terror is morally and ethically wrong in the head. The world is waking up Nick, you need to choose the right side or suffer with the rest of the terror supporting scum.
25. Umm, people, impotence is NOT only a sexual term
David aka Webster ,   Florida, USA   (03.02.06)
impotence n 1: the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble [syn: powerlessness, impotency] [ant: power] 2: an inability (usually of a male) to copulate [syn: impotency] Take your hands out of you pants and open a dictionary, hell you can even just find it online using ONE hand. Obviously thinking is not a requirement here, but racism and one-sided rants are....
26. People hate Arabs for many reasons.
Daisy ,   USA   (03.02.06)
Besides being terrorists their disgusutng jerks like this idiot!
27. To David aka Clown
Zoharah   (03.02.06)
Where's your sense of humor Florida swamp-boy? Of course we all know that impotency has many, many meanings (and not just sexual)...but since you were so quick to assume that we don't (you hinted that we were stupid, right?) then you must have some serious get-it-up issues yourself. You need to get your head out of your tached...but good luck because it seems it is very far up there indeed!
28. "Who knows..."
meni ,   beersheva   (03.03.06)
"Who knows what would have happened in Germany had the oppression continued for 30 years, he asks rhetorically. " yeah, theres your answer right there. it is crap comparing the occupation (as a result of a war the arabs started, lets not forget) to the holocaust. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for the 'oppression' in germany and eastern europe to continue for '30 years' because after the 5-6 years, there were barely any Jews left, they were all gassed and burned. Are we gassing and burning palestinians? In fact, out of all of the world conflicts of the last 2 centuries (germans/russians, serbs/albanians, russians/chechens, turks/greeks, japanese/chinese etcetc, )the palestinians have probably gotten the best deal. they weren't murdered, butchered, used as 'pleasure girls', or even transferred, which they know they so richly deserve. I am so tired of these people, go live in the arab world if you love it so much...oh wait, then you won't have any health care, welfare benefits, etc etc.
29. Israeli Citizenship?
Lets revoke his citizenship.
30. Re: Israeli citizenship?
Kate ,   London   (03.03.06)
"Lets revoke his citizenship. " Israel should revoke a lot more than that.
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