Marzel to beauty queen: Don't marry a goy
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.03.06, 23:00
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1. I too am the result of a mixed mariage ...
alan ,   South Africa   (03.02.06)
......My father was a boy and my mother was a girl!
2. Marzel is RIGHT--she as "high profile" is CHILUL HaSHEM!
3. Don't Marry a Goy
David Lipton ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.02.06)
Go right ahead and marry him. I have been married to one 30+ years and have never looked back.! (I guess I should say shikse to be technically correct).Our four kids are great. Let the Marzel's of the world spout all they want. It is all sound and fury signifying nothing. Mazel Tov to the new couple.
4. Her kids are still Jewish
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.03.06)
Even if this marriage will last long enough to produce any offspring... Obviously "Israeli education" has failed to create any sense of Jewish worth & values to pass on to the next generation. Baruch Marzel, she's not ur sister, so STFU. R U trying to compete with Ovadiya Yosef for Most Embarrassing Jews of the Month Club? Sincerely, a "National Union" voter
5. I have an offer too.....
jf ,   nashville   (03.02.06)
I too wish to offer any assistance I can to her. I would also like to send her my cell phone number and home phone number. I believe we should get together and.....err,ah, talk
6. Jews NOT immune from racism
Andrew ,   Miami FL   (03.03.06)
7. Finally An Email From "Kyle" I agree with
David ,   Yerushalayim   (03.03.06)
That's right, he should mind his own business. Kyle, how are you a voter for any Israeli party from the US? And, Mr. Religious, what does STFU stand for?
8. marry a goy
answerman   (03.03.06)
This would not have happened if Israel would not have imported foriegn non-jewish ballplayers. If they really need foriegn ballplayers, why not at the same time promote aliya and bring in jewish ballplayers and maybe as an additional benefit some proper shiducim would result!
9. no 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.03.06)
LOL Alan !!!!
10. Marzel the moralist
Meir Moses   (03.03.06)
What an unbelievable ignorance this man portrays. To publicly berate this person is disgraceful and will probably have the opposite effect and reinforce the antipathy against certain Orthodox people.
11. Mix marriage
Barrels ,   Holland   (03.03.06)
I think traditional Judaism is the most beautifull lifestile there is. Unfortunately Jews don't proselytize. Please do your best to help her boyfrriend to convert to orthodox judaism. If he doesn't want; Then you have reason. I you don't help. Please shut up
12. Encourage him to convert to Judaism!
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (03.03.06)
My wife had an orthodox conversion to Judaism before we married. Judaism is wonderful and it should be encourage for all those who truly want to be part of the Jewish nation.
13. Don't marry Jasikevicius
boy ,   Queens   (03.03.06)
He shoots a lousy 41% from the field...And his defense stinks.
14. The woman does not have a good head on her shoulders
Roger ,   USA   (03.03.06)
The fact that Israel imported him to play is not relevant.
15. Get educated #6 prior to spewing your venom
Anne ,   USA   (03.03.06)
It has nothing to do with racism. It has a lot to do with tradition that goes back over 5000 years.
16. As a result of mixed marriage let me say....
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (03.03.06)
he's right. Sorry but all you idealistic Jews out there including David Lipton are blissfully ignorant. your kids could end up as mixed up as i was and maybe still am.... the fact that i re-discovered my Jewish roots and even though my mum converted still left me out in the cold.... with no acceptance from either side. Its all very well for Jews who are not mixed to laugh and poke fun, but us kids of such unions know better. Shame on you.
17. can you imagine if this was reversed!!
Goy Priest to basketball star- PLEASE dont marry a JEW!!! do you see how the jews would be foaming at the mouth calling the priest an ANTI_SEMITE????????
18. #3
Leo ,   Australia   (03.03.06)
it's great to know Dave, that you have never looked back. Mazel tov! You really set a fine example. And if everyone here had your attitude or followed in the foot steps of that Israeli beauty queen, than there would be no point to the existence of Israel let alone anything else that is even remotley Jewish. So once again, already forgot how to say "congratulations" in that forgotten language of an extinct group of people....
19. #17
Leo ,   Australia   (03.03.06)
#17 I and many other Jews would be very grateful to this priest, who would be nothing but an unwitting righteous gentile and savior of the Jews ;)
20. #17 - Goy Priest
Hammer ,   USA   (03.03.06)
I wouldn't call such a priest an anti-Semite. I would thank him for helping to preserve the Jewish nation! Baruch Marzel is 100% correct. If only more religious Jews would boldly state the truth like he does, perhaps the Jewish population wouldn't be dwindling so.
21. I can imagine
Michael U ,   SF,CA,USA   (03.03.06)
I would not condone the marriage either way. We Jews must stick together or else there will be no more Jewish people. Remember that according to tradition, the religion is passed down only through the mother. If she is Jewish, then the baby will technically be Jewish. But if the man is Jewish and the woman a goy, the baby is definately a goy. Jews need to stick together to keep the tradition alive. I had my own wife convert before we married.. She loves Judaism... Michael U
22. 5,000 year tradition not accurate
David Lipton ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.03.06)
Anne of U.S.A. (no. 15), The tradition of prohibiting marrying out does not go back 5,000 years. It was only instituted after the Diaspora. In fact, in the 5,000 year period Jews were quite able to marry non-Jews for 3,000 years!
23. To the Assimilators
Israel Ben Moshe ,   USA   (03.03.06)
If Judaism doesn’t mean enough to you, for you to care about intermarriage, why risk your life serving in the army? Why create a state in a hostile environment? If anti Semitism is the issue here, Aren’t you worried about your non Jewish spouses turning on you? (like in Germany during the holocaust) intermarriage in America is up at 60 percent. due to secular Israelis excessive use of contraceptives, and Orthodox Jews large families. Plus the growing B’al Teshuvah community. With in a couple of years the majority of Jews in Israel will be Religious. Secular Jews in America will be part of history. Life isn’t about the chemistry between opposite sexes, so get over that pretty shixe and marry Jewish! Le’chaim Yidden!
24. to # 3 David Lipton
Israel Ben Moshe ,   USA   (03.03.06)
I hope you don’t confuse your kids with any Judaism. They are not Jewish. As for you why do you care about any thing remotely Jewish when you cut link of Jewish continuity which 6 million people died for. Shame on you!
25. So it's okay to marry the dolphin and do
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.03.06)
the beastiality thing. But marry a Goy Dolpin, and the world will come to an end. If everyone is so proud to promote a Jewish woman marrying a Dolphin, then why complain when a woman actually chooses a human to marry for a change? It would probably not be mentioned if it was another woman she was marrying. No problem---we'll look the other way.
Israel ,   Israel   (03.03.06)
To make fun of the religous? This is not news worthy. You did the Shas reports just to point fingers and to make fun and laugh. You sicken me.
27. #17 See no foam
Juke ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.03.06)
#17 see no foam... I would love to hear that basketball star priest has advised him not marry a Jew. Baruch Marzel has a very pure soul and cares only about his fellow Jews. Thank you Baruch for serving us for over 26 years.
28. Linor, if you REALLY love Sharas . . .
Avi ,   USA   (03.03.06)
. . . then you will leave him. Why? Very simple. Because Jew and Non-Jew differ spiritually, and one marrying the other is detrimental to BOTH parties-- EVEN physically. So, if you care for Sharas, then you must leave him. The other option is if Sharas converts to Judaism. Wishing you much success in your life.
29. David STFU
Michael ,   Ann Arbor, Michigan   (03.03.06)
It means Shut the F@#! Up. And as for the marrage, its unfortunate but Marzel is probably the last person who would change her mind.
30. #17 Wrong! It would have been great.
Dotti ,   USA   (03.03.06)
A Jew must marry a Jew if they want to have a normal Jewish family. If they want to divorce the Jewish people, breat thousand of years of our traditions, raised their children non-Jewish, violate the laws of Torah, etc. then we say Shiva for them and they die for us as Jews. Period!
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