Marzel to beauty queen: Don't marry a goy
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.03.06, 23:00
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61. #57 Where did you get your education?
Roberto ,   USA   (03.03.06)
1. Jews come in all races: black, white and yellow 2. We have the right to marry Jews 3. The Jews have the right to marry non-Jews but we don't owe them a blessing or recognition 4. We have a history, beliefs and traditions which you will never understand because you are NOT Jewish 5. We don't mess with your beliefs and traditions. Please have respect and don't mess with ours. 6. Our way of life is not your business.
62. #25 - Steven Wilson: there IS a difference my friend
Avi ,   USA   (03.03.06)
Hi Steven, I always read your posts with great interest, and believe that you are a Righteous Non-Jew; so, G-d bless you. You are also very funny, so thank you for that, too :-). On that note, there is absolutely a difference between Jews and Non-Jews which, whether people know it consciously, sense it intuitively, or don't know it at all, does exist. This real difference is not by choice but rather G-d's doing, for reasons known only to Him. All of Mankind is considered the 'Children of Noah', as he fathered Mankind after the Great Flood. However, the Jews are considered, and known as, the 'Children of Israel', although, technically, the Jewish people, too, are the Children of Noah. The Children of Noah who are NOT descendants of Israel, i.e., of the Patriarch Jacob, are enjoined to uphold, and abide by, the Divine Code known as "The 7 Laws of the Children of Noah". A Non-Jewish person who resolves to abide by these 7 G-dly Laws, specifically because they were commanded by G-d, is considered a 'Pious of the Nations' and has the EXACT same portion of the World to Come, i.e., Heaven, as any Jew who has fulfilled HIS obligations vis-a-vis the Torah. These 7 Laws are the foundation of civilization, maintain it, and are vital to it. To acquaint yourself with the 7 Laws and to read about those Non-Jews who have committed themselves to this very fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle, see the following links: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. PEACE
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (03.03.06)
If you lloked closely at the amount of people in this country issued from a so called " mixed marriage " you would be surprised. This attitude is segregationist just like ultra-Moslem's....! What a shame that once again religion emits such outrageous stances !
64. Two Sides
Malaika M. ,   NYC/Tel-Aviv   (03.03.06)
One one hand, Marzel is not wrong. Jewish continuity does depend on raising Jewish children. One the other hand, the kids WILL still be Halachically Jewish. Personally, I know people who are upstanding members of the Jewish community who are the products of Jewish woman/non-Jewish man marriages. On the other hand, I briefly dated a guy whose mother was Jewish and his father wasn't and he was raised as a Unitarian and didn't think of himself as Jewish. It all depends on how they raise the kids. I have met children of two Jewish parents who are totally ignorant of Judaism and self-hating. We don't know how they will raise their kids. They may not have even discussed it at this point. Generally speaking, it would be MUCH better for the Jewish people if the kids were raised in Israel, therefore, the non-Jewish partner would assimilate into a Jewish culture and kids, wanting to be like everyone else, will think of themselves as Jewish. If the kids are raised in the US (especially in the Midwest), teh opposite is likely to happen unless Linor is very vigilant. Which she just might be after living in the US a while. Many secular Israelis rediscover Judaism in the US. My question is this: there was a Black American basketball player, I think his name is Aulcie Perry, who married an Israeli woman and stayed in Israel - did people throw a fit when his wife married him? I fear there mnight be a double standard here. He is still well known (and apparently loved) enough that he appeard in ads for Burger Ranch in the late '90s and early '00s. Anyway, this Sharas might end up the next Aulcie Perry, you never know.
65. Actually, the rabbi was very nice to her
Don   (03.03.06)
He offered her assistance and counseling. He is a good man. However, she sounds rebelious. She, probably, wants to demonstrate that she can go against the grain. Eventually, she will only punish herself.
66. #60
Linda   (03.03.06)
Maybe not smart, but I know many Jews who go to 'tif taam' (not koosjer) and buying pork and with jom kippoer eat outside and have no respect for there own 5000 years chain. And how many men did marry a non-Jewish girl? There the 5000 year chain stopped, with women it will go on. Your last remark is not fair, saying that she has no brains but a great figure shows that you are jealous ;)
67. Not rascist! Valid reasons.
Shlomo Silverstein ,   Ma'ale Adumim   (03.03.06)
“Rascism : n 1: the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races 2: discriminatory or abusive behaviour towards members of another race” We Jews are not superior because of our genes. There is no reason to believe that this sports star is anything less than a good person. Nevertheless, I believe that all Jews who care about being Jewish should be against intermarriage. Not because of any guilt trip. “Six million died for you” is no argument! “To continue the family chain of 5,000 years” is no argument. What do these people think Judaism is? - A Longevity contest? The issue of intermarriage is about finding out whether or not it's in your best interest not to marry a Jew. In addition to attraction, a thinking couple needs to share common life goals. Have you ever thought about whether there is in fact a unique mission for the Jews? What is the meaning of the Jewish covenant with Hashem? Do you want to be a part of it or abandon it? Do you actually know what you are abandoning? The choice cannot be made in ignorance. It requires learning something about Judaism and the Jewish mission. You might find that you threw the most valuable treasure you have away. It is no wonder that divorce rate amongst intermarried couples stands at 70%. Too many realise what they have given up when it is too late.
68. #58 Jonathan: You are 100% Bonafide Jewish!
Avi ,   USA   (03.03.06)
69. really
gougy   (03.03.06)
do You still consider Izrael as a fully democratic country or You just want it "for presentation" and who cares about the truth.. Who do you wanna teach then?
70. A response to gougy
Kate ,   London   (03.03.06)
gougy writes: "RACISM IS CANCER !" It's a tragedy you Czechs didn't learn that lesson before you collaborated with the Nazis to murder most of the Jews in your country. And going by the anti-Semitism that is still rampant in your nation, it is sadly a lesson you still have not learned
71. re: response
Gougy   (03.03.06)
Dear KAte I hope all the nations had a chance to learn from mistakes from the past. I do not know where You get the knowlege about anti-Semitism in the Czech republic, I truly believe that the situation is (excluding extremist groups which are -unfortunatelly- in every nation and every country) much better than in Your own country. When I lived in Israel I saw so many things which made me so sad. Holy land that is what I used to call Israel. Yes it is but only for those who are "chosen". That is my experience which is really making me very sad.
72. insanity
bd ,   london   (03.03.06)
on what basis are all of you saying that this woman is stupid, or that she had a bad education? because she doesnt conform to your ideas? i did not realize that marrying who you love is a selfish act and that instead, we are to be mindless automatons who marry another jew -- regardless of their personality, piousness or compatibility for us -- just to propagate the jewish species. if you think children who grow up in mixed marriages are confused, try talking to a kid who grew up in a house where the parents didn't love each other! i cannot believe how active this talkback is! you people are insane. in 2006, people can marry who they want, and your vehemence just makes us look bad.
73. This is their problem
Lucky ,   Israel   (03.03.06)
I think this their own problem. And nobody can tell them married or no!!!
74. there is simply no end to bigotry
Katherine ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.03.06)
Yeah, I thought that we are already in the 21st century but articles like this reminds of that we are still in the dark ages.
75. A further response to gougy
Kate ,   London   (03.03.06)
"I truly believe that the situation is (excluding extremist groups which are -unfortunatelly- in every nation and every country) much better than in Your own country." And with these words, gougy completely ignores massive Czech collaboration in the murder of most of that nation's Jews together with the theft of their property. Anti-Semitism in your nation is rife. It is utterly disingenuous of you to suggest othewise. That there is any anti-Semitism given your nation's many crimes against our people is indictment enough. "Yes it is but only for those who are "chosen". " Your use of "chosen" here can only demonstrate one thing and it makes all of your arguments utterly worthless.
76. Israel Ben Moshe: You sound like a Racist
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.03.06)
Who are you tell off david You mamzer
77. chanala, Israel: Stop being Racist
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.03.06)
honestly you are too much
78. makhteret2006 : How insecure can anyone be
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.03.06)
Honestly - As a Jew I find you a disgrace
79. Roberto ,USA: What do you know about HER brains
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.03.06)
her intellect ? you are a typical male chauvenist only judging by body shape
David Lipton ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.03.06)
Well, let's give it another shot. Are we free to choose our life mates or not? Yes or No.
81. gross letter and comments!
bnwpa ,   lithuania/denmark   (03.03.06)
reading this makes me sick! why don't you stick to your own business instead of slandering 2 private people that you have nothing to do with?! i was interested in the middle east issues, especially after this crazy muhammed cartoon row. the image looked like israel is being offended from all sides by the muslim fundamentalists, and ttherefore i somehow sympathized with jewish people. but after statements like this i see that (most of) you are not less fanatic than they are! once again i get conviced, that religion of whatever kind (especially fanatic, off course) and related traditions only creates unnecessary obstacles in people's lives. that's not appropriate in the 21st century. mind and heart is what matters.
82. Linor, don't move to Lithuania! You'll lose your advantage..
Yair ,   Tel Aviv Yafo, Israe   (03.03.06)
It's the land of the beautiful ladies!
83. What About..........
Sruli ,   NY   (03.03.06)
To all you ignorant people who think she has a right marry whoever she wants, do you know that Judaism prohibits a Kohein (jewish priest) from marrying a divorced women? If you know so much about this topic why aren't you going off on that case that So jews are racist against divorced women , you have no clue ! Keep going you geniuses, you haven't the slightest clue as to the essence of Judaism
84. to Kate
bnwpa ,   lithuania/denmark   (03.03.06)
what do *you* know about anti-semitism in central or eastern europe?! be that czech rep. or lithuania. have you been there and seen the *whole* thing? i guess you only read somewhere about it. i'm not telling that it didn't happen -- like gougy said, there were some sad mistakes. but have you read about local families *saving* jews and helping them? why things like that are always forgotten and never mentioned? when it comes to anti-semitism, you sound so one-sided and unquestionably righteous know-all. i don't know much either, but at least i'm not trying to pretend that i do
85. Marrying a Goy
Aaronas Berkovicius ,   Vilna, Lithuania   (03.03.06)
Imagine what a stir there would be if a Lithuanian politician made similar statement asking Jasikevicius not to marry a Jew.
86. Jasikevicius a goy??
Dorothea Killus ,   Southern Germany   (03.03.06)
If Linor's bridegroom is a believer in Jesus of Nazareth - and Lithuianians are deeply religious - then he is connected to the greatest Jew ever! One of Lithuanian origin
87. Can You Imagine If This Was Reversed!
Jack ,   Raanana   (03.03.06)
I would be so pleased if the situation were reversed and a priest told the non-Jew not to marry the Jew. Unfortunately, this does not happen because they know once a Jew has married out, the majority of times the Jew is the one making the compromise on religion and the couple often simply states that they will "let their children decide." How can one make a decision without the knowledge.
88. 80 -David Lipton: Right YOU are and others
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.03.06)
need to just look at their open Racism
89. Racism
King George ,   USA   (03.03.06)
racism at it's least she's not marrying a "grasshopper (arab) then you'd have to bash his head against a wall". Hey She could marry 1000 of them then she'd have one Jewish fingernail worth of a man.
90. Tolerance, maybe some of you shoudl learn to tolerate others
You people make it sound like she is attacking her own fate, or you go on to talk about her upbringing or her mental capacity, which you know nothing about so you should not comment, I agree we should all understand where we come from and what not, but this whole 'the jews are fading away' is ridiculous, obivously it is going strong because of some of the responses on here, and stop feeling sorry for yourselves, but leave the women alone, if she loves him let it be, shes not making herself any less jewish or attackingany of your beleifs on purpose. I also feel that you have a lot of misconceptions about non-jews, like we want to destroy your religion, i could give a flying f*ck what you do it is your own body and soul so do what makes you happy, just stop trying to make yourself morally superior to anyone else
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