‘Habibi did it for the children’
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 03.03.06, 23:03
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1. They Arent Jews nor are They Politically Affiliated
Israel ,   Israel   (03.03.06)
Why dont you put that in BOLD?
2. Ynet, An Immediate Apology Is In Order
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (03.03.06)
Ynet, you owe the rightwing an immediate apology. You attempted to use this crazed couple's family problems to smack down the already besieged rightwing camp. Have you guys and gals no shame??
3. "man of meager means"??
Mike ,   Holon   (03.03.06)
that should probably read "man of meager brains"
4. Kadima trick
John ,   Boston, USA   (03.04.06)
I believe it was Kadima operation. These guys are very crafty. Sharon even went to the Temple Mount to get elected. Olmert and Livne are very ugly people and they will kill anyone on their way. Peres is probably the "most honest guy" in these Kadima trio. First they bombed the car of the policeman responsible for Amona. Expect more, much more from them.
5. No comparasion to Terrorist attack at Church of Nativity
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.04.06)
in Bethlehem .These Palestinian terrorists brought their weapons and held a nymber of people hostage and trashed the Church ,urinating and defecating in it and shooting at IDF from inside hte Church. And some want to make a big deal aboutv this firecracker happening. The double standard here is only another reason to attack and blame Jews ,another irrational cause to riot and act like animals.
6. Adina, Put Down the Pipe
David ,   Yerushalayim   (03.04.06)
Your weird hallucinations are just getting stranger. What are you talking about?
7. I forgive him!
Enosho   (03.04.06)
Yes. I feel sorry for him. And I hope he find a solution for his problem. But still amazed how people went out chanting “death to Jews”; I cant believe it! As an evangelist Christ follower, I have no sympathy for it!
8. And
Enosho   (03.04.06)
And I hope that Christian from middleast come to sense of not hating Jewish people for what a poor man have done. Bless Israel, and you will be blessed.
9. reply to 6
sk ,   USA   (03.04.06)
David, I know you're a Bolshevik, but surely you can read standard English. The media has already spun this story as an example of a crazy right-winger doing anti-Christian things. What exactly don't you understand about Adina's point that the culprit (of a minor incident) is not even a Jew, let alone a right-winger?
10. posted on other thread but here too
Yisraeli   (03.04.06)
Notwithstanding that we dont know all the facts of this incident. But its amazing reading the dribelle how many use such an incident to to attempt to re-enforce their own hatred and biggoted attitude. Jew haters found an excuse for a blood libel. Secularists like Hiram found an excuse to rant on about the 'evil' religeous. Steiner is sorry they were saved by the police in the first place. The irony is that the incident just mirrors the soul of the individual commentator and has nothing to do with what actually took place. We live in a very sick world, but the world is a wonderful and beautiful place, its just the sickness of many of the humans inhabiting the planet. And its not sickness of the body, clearly its sickness of the soul or whatever you want to call that which animates the body. Again notwithstanding all that which I wrote above. What I found very disturbing was the behaviour and attitude of the crowd and people of Nazereth. They are Christians right? Believers in the the Jew Jesus right? So why the chant of death to the Jews? My question is are the Arab Christians exactly the same as the Arab Muslims? Judging by a comment made from one Christian in Bethlehem he villified Israel yet we all know how the muslims made the Christians scarce in Bethlehem. So again my question is are they all the same? Same hatred of Jews? If so how could they even call themselves Christians let alone go worship Jesus in a church? I read this piece a while back and it has always stuck in my mind. Martin Luther the great anti semite hater of Jews was standing next to his beloved Lord Jesus in heaven during the time of the holcaust of the Jews. As they stood there watching the endless parade of Jews men woman and children the sick the young and the old all who were murdered by the Nazis simply for being Jews. Martin Luther rubbing his hands gleefully saying to Jesus "You see finally the Jews are getting theyre just rewards for not having accepted you as theyre Lord and saviour, finally we will be rid of them all". Jesus turns his head to face Martin Luther with streams of tears rolling down his cheeks and eyes of true sadness, says to him "But these are MY people". Take from the above that what you wish.
11. Stop blaming others for your corrupt racist society
SMW ,   London   (03.04.06)
12. To #11
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.04.06)
You are right we do have a corrupt society,but that is mostly politicians. Racist? You hit the nail on the head my slimey londonistan friend. If it would have been Jews protesting in the street instead of arabs all hell would have broken loose. They would have sent cops charging into the protesters swinging clubs and trampelling the Jews with horses. Yes this country is racist against JEWS! Let us not even mention what the moslem wakf did to the Temple Mount. No one said do not destroy the reminants of the Holy Temple. Do not remove it's Jewish symbols there from before there was ever a moslem in the world. We have only ourselves to blame for this and it will be worse if kadima forms the next gov't.
13. What was Ynet thinking last night?
Joan ,   Haifa   (03.04.06)
I was amazed both by Ynet's coverage and by the talkbacks following Ynet's article last night. My husband heard this story----as printed here *today*--------yesterday evening on the radio here in Israel. I don't know what station, but obviously *somebody* had done some investigative reporting. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that so many people were so eager to use this incident to blast the Israeli right or Jews in general though.
14. Habibi Is A "Troubled" Provocateur
Manny Gold ,   Brooklyn, NY   (03.04.06)
"israel" commented that the alleged perpetrators are not Jewish, nor are they politically affiliated. And, yet, the facts remain that Haim Habibi is a Jew and he sought help from Tzedek Lakol, a right-wing political party whose platform (besides fathers' rights) includes uncovering the "left-wing" plot that was really responsible for Rabin's assassination. Although apparently not a card carrying member of Tzedek Lakol, Habibi's choice clearly showd a preference for right-wing thinking over moderate or left-wing politics. Further, Habibi is "crazy" like a fox in that he chose the Basilica of the Annunciation in order to maximize the embarrassment it would cause the Israeli government. Given that he wanted to publicize his "unjust" treatment by the government, why didn't he set off his firecrackers somewhere else? Why did he choose a Catholic church? I hope the Israeli authorities deal with this "troubled" provocateur appropriately.
16. certianly this couples situation needs to be sorted out ...
Galut ,   Selah   (11.24.09)
My prayer is that compasionate and firm athorities help this couple deal with thier situation....set an example to this couple and the community on how to handle social problems with compassion and firmness.... it can be done !
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