UK: Solution to war crime lawsuits near
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.03.06, 11:28
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1. From London town to Londonistan
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (03.06.06)
I do not know if this Kochavi was a bad guy or a good guy. He was unfortunate enough to be exposed as a soldier to all kind of situation generated by the many officers. The problem with England is that when there is too much tolerance...there is no tolerance at all...and this is a good exemple... Although we know the history which ties Arabs and Brits for many years, the brits are now paying the price of having turned England ( and the London area especially ) into a haven for activits manipulated by Arab organisation ( I am not talking about the hateful preaches which use to take place in the Finsbury mosk , regular Londonistan activities. This incident will have brough up one good thing : Israeli will more than likely be allowed to visit England more and more...and Arab activists will have lost a bit of their credibility , which in the political world is not a small issue.
2. look what this man did
3. #2 What does that prove?
Michael ,   DC   (03.06.06)
I can take pictures of a little boy in a hospital, crying, too. He lives in Israel and his family was murdered by Palestinians.
4. To No. 3.
Sivan ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (03.06.06)
You are so right.
5. #2
Linda   (03.06.06)
and here is why he did it! I did gave links with a lot of blood, I find this not respectful for the victims!
6. No bloody links (forgot the 'NO'
Linda   (03.06.06)
7. Blind Jews
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (03.06.06)
You really don't have any reason to stop your occupation and killing but forget it !!! your Jewish peace really sux.
8. Libyan guy
barry ,   tokyo   (03.06.06)
Not sure if the "Jewish peace" sux or not - How si the "Lybian peace" in comparison? Must suck royaly for you along with Gaddaffi's son to be residing in Italy!
9. UK: Solution to war crime lawsuits near
Michael Reisch ,   USA   (03.06.06)
Revisionists get imprisoned war criminals a free pass. Are we powerful or what?
10. #Libiyan guy
Linda   (03.06.06)
No your peace is kiling me bro
11. what constitution?
jose ,   spain   (03.06.06)
The British Foreign Ministry is currently formulating a solution to the problem that will not necessitate legal amendments to the constitution. Britain does not have a constitution
12. israelstan
bitterblood ,   foreign   (03.06.06)
let me get this ,if you are a war criminal and an israeli,you are above the law.i always hear people say we live in a depraved world now i beleive. i guess this should be possible cause if you should arrest every war criminal genocidal maniac iguess israel would be one desolate place
13. 80 year old Nazi camp guards hounded
prophet bob ,   erehwon, amerika   (03.06.06)
to Hell but Israeli war criminals free to kill more. But we should have known that Simon Morel is hiding out in Israel and the Israeli government refuses to extradite him back to Poland for his crimes against humanity after WWII. Israel repent your evil ways!
14. The Yids are getting scared
Me Here ,   Here   (03.07.06)
The holohoaxers are at it again ,...... paranoid little skinsacs arent they ! :-) They are as funny as the JEWSA army pranks in the Iraqi quagmire. Too much you yids just crack me up !
15. harbouring criminals
stan ,   wales, uk   (03.07.06)
we do not want israeli war criminals on our streets we want them put in prison and the key thrown away if our government see's to it that these peaple get away with it then it will be up to us citizens of the uk to deal with them appropriately and those that harbour them.
16. Citizen action
Alex ,   London   (03.08.06)
Yes, citizens, if the government will allow terrorists and war criminals to visit our country then it will be up to us to make sure they end up in jail, where they can do no more killing and violence and where they belong. Lets stop wars, it starts by stopping those who incite them.
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