Prince Philip: We were jealous of Jews
Published: 06.03.06, 19:42
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1. Now I understand
Linda   (03.06.06)
Remember this? ‘jealousy of their success.’ Well, the world is still and now I understand why the ROYAL airforce did see the deathcamps but did nothing about it! Thank you, we will forgive, but not forget.
2. The Windsor-Nazi connection
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.06.06) and
3. crystal clear over here too...
shane ,   london   (03.06.06)
‘jealousy of their success.’ if that were true (even I've heard of shtetls) Philip is the husband of the queen of england, how much more 'success' could he crave? The idiots are winning!
4. Well, I dont understand. Jews give so much and get Sh** on.
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (03.06.06)
I have no faith in world governments and never will from historical evidence. The only solution is the continued strength of Israel and the continued growth of our population worldwide. All Jews should strive to have as many children as they can afford to love. The world only responds when Jews show strength, not when we give of ourselves. We may be a light unto all nations, but the world has blinders on and takes our help and then attacks us. Am Yisrael Chai.
5. Like Grandpa Like Grandson
Pan Dora ,   Mt. Olympus   (03.06.06)
So, Prince Harry's Nazi "costume" was just Windsor family livery?
6. We know all about you...
jf ,   nashville   (03.06.06)
The Royals always cover themselves by being on all sides of a dispute. No matter who of them will be on top. That's how it has always been...and will long as the many give power to the few.
7. Amazing how British just avoid to face the truth even now
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.06.06)
But then are we suprised . Not me
8. Bigger pickture
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (03.06.06)
There is no surprise that Royals were jealouse of Jewish success. Look at the picture in Israel. Some wealthy people in Tel Aviv hate setlert because they live in clean house, have more fresh air, kids don't use drugs and don't drink too much, and of couse they pay less taxes. This "bad setlers" are not good and, as the prince said, they must suffer. The prince and those wealthy Jews do not think about themselves very high.
9. linda: about the raf...
shane ,   london   (03.06.06)
The royals were cut out of any decision making processes whatsoever, because, wisely as we see, the security apparatus and even churchill himself didn't trust the bulk of them. Churchill wanted to bomb Auschwitz, but needed Anthony Eden's seconding. Eden thought it was a 'diversion' and refused. Eden, despite his name, hated Jews (until 1956 when he briefly 'liked' them again for a couple of days :-)
10. A hat, a hat , my kingdon for a hat
Yoel Ariel ,   USA   (03.06.06)
The Hat. It was always about the hat. Prince what's his name was jelouse of Olmert's Hamas hat. He was also jelouse of John Kerry's "magic hat." The one he got in Cambodia in 1968from a Secret Agent, before he voted against wearing hats, and finding out his family were Jews, and learning to speak French & marrying the Ketchup Quees who is from Africa. Africa where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor the Uncle of the Queen) visited on many occasions, staying at the Edwards Hotel on Lake Tanganyika. The plot get thicker than Harry Reid's thought processes or Nancy Pelosi's makeup when you add in the fact that John Edwards, Kerry's former running mate who has a plan to aid poor people many of whom reside in Africa, but of whom few are Jewish. With me? Do you see a pattern developing here? So here is the final straw for the Gamal's tuchis. Get this. Edwards sleeps in a Queen size bed. Now that ties it all up rather tightly if you ask me. Except for the part about Olmert's green hat which was reported to the police as stolen by a 12 years girl from Armona who filled out the theft report and was then promptly smashed over the head by a member of Moshe Karadi's Horse Police, because Karadi wears a hat that is too small and makes him look like a Queen..
11. Prince Philip: We were jealous of Jews
Robert Levita ,   Canada   (03.06.06)
Mel Brooks got it right in The Producers, "Adolf Elizabeth Hitler."
12. #8 - is neuseating
Andy   (03.06.06)
let me get this straight - you don't think the millions of Shekels of tax money from the Sharon pouring into roads leading to 6 houses on a mountaintop have anything to do with it? Plus, life in Tel Aviv is quite nice - perhaps your kids are on drugs. There would be programs for that if the government hadn't been busy pampering the settlers for so many years.
13. Jews are the world's mirror
Chaya ,   Israel   (03.06.06)
Now, I'm not saying that every Jew is an Einstein (we have our idiots, too); but for the most part our accomplishments are something the non-Jewish world could feel threatened by. When looking at us, they can see their inadequacy.
14. Prince Harry
MARK ,   USA   (03.06.06)
Harry was forced to say he was sorry. Did anyone believe him? Not me. Not one bloody word.
15. and the b****ds have yet to pay us State visit
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.06.06)
It should be pointed out that with all the close connections between Israel and the UK and the prominent and positive role the Jews play in Britain, the Head of the British State has yet to grace us with her presence. Notwithstanding their murky background and dysfunctional family life, in terms of international relations, they owe us a visit. I know that there will be many who think that they should actually take a running jump, but we should be adult about this and not react like ignorant children.
16. to #12
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (03.06.06)
Thank you. You made my point. And the prince was living a VERY good life (while being jelouse of Jews). Then Germans attacked England and ... .
17. Jealous of what??? our death camps?
Eve ,   Israel   (03.06.06)
Well Prince Philip we where jealous of you, as my family was marching into the gas chambers I am sure that you where probably sitting down to a warm comfortable meal in your palace. While my family died yours prospered and you have the audacity to say you where jealous of our successes.
18. Arabs are not Jealous of Jews!
Palestinian ,   Palestine   (03.06.06)
On the contrary, we welcomed them when they were prosecuted in Spain. They lived peaceful times when they were in the Middle East. Romans kicked Jewish families from Palestine at the Roman time. When JEws escaped the Nazi's, they came to PAlestine at the early stage of the 1900th century. HOWEVEr When it became clear they were coming to occupy, and they are coiming to build a Jewish state in our towns and villages. We decided to fight back. We fought under various banners. Nationalism, Palestinian, Communism. Jews kept fighting in the name of their religion. Nowadays, Palestinians started to fight back in the name of Islam. Therefore, we should wait and see what the coming days are bringing. When Palestinians fight under Islam, this means they now include 1.4 billion to their side. I think there is no hope for the state of ISrael. You can fool all people for some time. You can fool, some people all the time. But you cannot fool all people all the time!
19. bullshit. A most convenient excuse which
Shoshana ,   Israel   (03.06.06)
APPEARS to COVER for the AGE OLD ONE. The age old one being hate for Jews. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Sadly it is almost built in. As if we had life handed to us on a silver platter, ha ha!#!*! And speaking of silver platters......ah, forget it.
20. Shane, Churchill didn't like the Jews either.
AK   (03.06.06)
Read "The Abandonment of the Jews," by David S. Wyman. While the book deals mostly with the US failures to help the Jews, there is plenty about the deliberate effort by Churchill to prevent any measure to save the Jews -- especially the Jews of Hungary and Rumania, who could have been saved by the thousands.
21. I couldn't care less about their State visit
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (03.06.06)
f*ck em
22. Eve, Israel : You hit it right on Thanks
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.06.06)
23. The queen
Ari ,   Manchester   (03.06.06)
"She was coronated Queen of England in 1953." She is actually the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.
24. Fake Palestinian: What books did you study ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.06.06)
Arabs were throughout history jealous. FACTS: You cannot change 1. Nationhood and Jerusalem - Israel became a nation in the 14th century B.C.E. Two thousand years before the rise of Islam. 2. Since 1272 B.C.E. the Jews have had dominion over the land for up to 1,000 years with a continuous Jewish presence in the land for the past 3,300 years. 3. The only Arab dominion since the Arab invasion and conquest in 635 C.E. lasted no more than 22 years. 4. King David founded the city of Jerusalem. Mohammed never came to Jerusalem. 5. For over 3,000 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital. Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the Jordanians occupied Jerusalem, they never sought to make it their capital and Arab leaders did not come to visit. Facts: 6. Jews pray facing Jerusalem. Muslims pray facing Mecca (often with their backs toward Jerusalem). 7. In 1854, according to a report in the New York Tribune, Jews constituted two-thirds of the population of that holy city. (The source: A journalist on assignment in the Middle East that year for the Tribune. His name was Karl Marx. Yes, that Karl Marx.) 8. In 1882, official Ottoman Turk census figures showed that, in the entire Land of Israel, there were only 141 000 Muslims, both Arab and non-Arab. Did you know that Saudi Arabia was not created until 1913, Lebanon until 1920? Iraq did not exist as a nation until 1932, Syria until 1941; the borders of Jordan were established in 1946 and Kuwait in 1961. Any of these nations that would say Israel is only a recent arrival would have to deny their own rights as recent arrivals as well. They did not exist as countries. They were all under the control of the Turks. Over 80% of the original British Mandate land was given to Arabs without population transfer of Arabs from the land designated for Jews. There is only one Jewish state. There are 60 Muslim countries, including 22 Arab ones.
25. Ari , Manchester: So What ????
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.06.06)
What are you trying to say ? Really who cares
26. #18
ely ,   usa   (03.06.06)
Piss Be Upon You
27. How Jews are perceived
Anthony David Marks ,   Israel   (03.06.06)
This revelation by Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is a real eye opener and very educational. Many Jews are considered "too smart" and "too independent" - rightly or wrongly. We are also considered "unreliable'" in that some of us do not keep our word. I have always made a point of keeping my word. We make U-turns and so forth. Sometimes this is true and sometimes it is not. I have an intimate knowledge of the WASP mentality as I worked with them for many years and am a 5th generation English Jew. I was always very accepted in these circles - at least until when they discovered I was Jewish. When they recovered from the shock of it they told me I was not like all the other Jews they had met. Meanwhile, many Jews felt different from me as I was "too English." I suppose it is unusual to meet someone who learned from both British aristocrats as well as many Gadolai Hador. It is an unusual mix. I know many Jews do not like to hear this but we are suffering because so many Jews worship 'celebrities' and make them leaders partly in the mistaken belief the Gentiles will accept them. One can learn good and bad things from Prince Phillip's revelations of his Nazi connections. Don't worship 'celebrities', whether they are Jewish or Gentile. Try and find and support Jews who have the proper background to lead the Jewish world. Absolutely shun Jewish con men who are opportunists; and if you cannot distinguish between the two, there is a problem. Try and apply the lessons of this revealing story. I started in 2001when I saw a change in British society. It became acceptable to reveal your hatred of Jews. Till then, the right thing to do was to conceal your hatred. I have tried to create a good name for the State of Israel and the Jewish people but it is an uphill challenge not because of the Gentiles but rather because of many Jews. Don't give people reason to hate us.
28. re:25
Ari ,   Manchester   (03.07.06)
Well the article was right to the point out that she became queen of England, but England is only a constituent country of the the United Kingdom. She is also the head of state of the other countries I've mentioned. You may not be interested Gabrielle, but others might...who knows?
29. Anthony David: Are you finished preaching ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.07.06)
You make a perfect Liberal Left - but why in fact are you in Israel - when you so perfectly fit into the upperlip British society ? Something in your sermon - isn't very sincere at all it will come up sooner or later
30. #27
quince ,   la, usa   (03.07.06)
#27 To quote you: "I have tried to create a good name for the State of Israel and the Jewish people but it is an uphill challenge not because of the Gentiles but rather because of many Jews. " So, the gentiles hate us because we are what we are? Such a dimwit! What an absolute idiot, you are! I don't even know where to begin to correct your stupendously stupid assumptions.
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