Mubarak: Aid PA or face terror
Published: 13.03.06, 18:44
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1. Kill terrorist PA and forger paying jizya
AK   (03.13.06)
2. israel aided the PA in the 90's and got....terror!
mike ,   usa   (03.13.06)
i think this is a threat from mubarak.
3. Money
Colin ,   Spain   (03.13.06)
Hamas have been funding their terrorist militia with money from Saudia Arabia and Iran. U.S. and European money has dissapeared in the PA black hole. Why should donors continue this farce Mr. Mubarak? How about Egypt monitoring were the money goes, then someone can be accountable for its missuse.
4. Typical muHAMedan attempts at extortion
Arie   (03.13.06)
5. Typical Arab blackmail
Francois ,   Paris   (03.13.06)
There is a best solution: kill terrorists and get their money.
6. Friends like Mubarak
Sidney ,   US   (03.13.06)
With friends like Mubarak, who needs enemies? At least Hamas is honest about its goals. Was the cold peace with Mubarak really worth the Sinai?
7. barak: Aid PA or face terror
Jim Brown ,   USA   (03.13.06)
more?The Palestinans have been given close to $100 billion and that didn't stop terror. Why would billions more?
8. #2 mike i think you might be confused :)
"israel aided the PA in the 90's and got....terror!" you said 'aided' but i think you meant 'occupied and made life a living hell'. but yes, you got terror in return. :)
9. Aid PA and Face Terror Anyway
emanon ,   USA   (03.13.06)
10. 8 - no, not confused- just remembering all the land they got
mike ,   usa   (03.13.06)
...while the bombs only increased (you know, land for peace). by the way, the occupation sure upped the palestinians standard of living, that's for sure. i wouldn't mind living in the west bank if it weren't for all of the terrorists there. when the PA get money or doesn't israel always gets terror. no confusion there.
11. #8 "life a living hell"
Rob   (03.13.06)
The "Palestinians" have a higher standard of living on average than their brethren throughout the 22 Arab states. Secondly, the Disputed Territories was the fastest growing developing economy in the world during the 80's and early 90's. Thirdly, the Disputed Territories are ranked 6th out of 103 developing nations according to the U.N. That's your 'living hell'. God knows what it's like in the 96 other countries that are worse off than "Palestine."
12. When you cut off the aid. after the prisoners riot,
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.13.06)
the prisoners usually get hungry, rethink their priorities, and get a clue. Let Hamas do without for awhile. Maybe they will be more inclined to negotiate. Of course, they may act like the Somalies, and kill their own people. Either way, it's not Israels problem.
13. why don't arabs give them money?
stephane ,   occupied france   (03.13.06)
what mubarak say to europe: "give them money or israel will face terror",it's the "diplomatic" way to do blackmail...arabic bluff...
14. Since when
Nick ,   USA   (03.13.06)
Since when Israel Aided the PA, you must be out of your minds talking like this, Israel used all kinds of excuses to steal Palestininan money, the money the goverment is holding its palestininan money, part of the money collected from palestinians on crossings, the 120 million released 2 weeks ago, close to 70 million goes to israel.Is it not enough you living on the rouins of those peaple, stealing their food and water every day , you also have to open your mouth when you are not asked for money.....USA gave you money and weapons, what did you do with it, wars and more wars...killing innocent 13 years old innocent kids, I am ashamed of the money my goverment give you shut up...
15. living hell explained
hatem ,   gaza   (03.13.06)
idiots like #11, don't tell me how the life that I AM living is like! i have lived in saudi arabia, and i have lived in gaza, guess which one is worse. NOT SAUDI ARABIA. no checkpoints that hold you for hours and force pregnant ladies to see their newborn die for 'security.' no apache airplanes dropping missiles on buildings. no f-16's dropping one-tonne bombs on crowded apartment buildings to kill one wanted man. no secluded colonies among millions of poor palestinians. no racist wall built on other people's land. yo dude, check the unemployment rate in the 22 arab states, got it? now check the unemployment rate in Gaza, got that? good. what disputed territories are you referring to? i just got off the phone with the UN, they said they haven't heard of any either, they do know of the occupied west bank though. i didn't see the poor and the homeless in saudi arabia that i see in gaza. i didn't see the enormous amount of beggars in saudi that are here in gaza. i dont know of any external power that opens and closes saudi arabia's borders at will, shutting off all imports and the economic lifeline of the area. i don't know of any external power that bombed the runways at the Dammam airport in saudi arabia, and i dont know of any external powers that are in complete control of saudi air space and sea space. go to dubai, see how they're living there, now look at gaza. don't tell me i'm not living in a hell, if this isn't hell then i dont know what is. and you wonder why people here feel hopeless...
16. #13 - because Arabs like mubarak are PATHETIC.
Gazan ,   Gaza   (03.13.06)
their only job is to appease America and get their $$$$.
17. A Little Story....
R Mogelson ,   USA   (03.13.06)
Two Jews are lined up agaisnt a wall in Poland, with a Nazi ready to shoot. One of the Jews starts screaming at the Nazi, calling him a no good SOB, and wishing he rot in hell. The other jew looks at him and says " SHUT UP...You will make him mad!! Here is the skinny....they are going to terrorize Israel and the Jews no matter what. I say starve them first!
18. caption contest:
jF ,   nashville   (03.13.06)
"You see how well giving aid to muslim terrorists has worked out for us....."
19. New Headline: Stopr terror or face...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.13.06)
a nuclear bomb!!! Why can people still use terror to scare us? haven't enough people died, haven't we learned that appeasement brings nothing but more terror? Why don't we threaten them for once??? Anyone have a good answer to that?
20. caption contest entry:
"they claim: no occupation=no terror, occupation continues why is there still terror?" -gov't of israel
21. #15 if you had used only 1/10 of the money you were given
Not only for terrorism you would of made Gaza prosper and make it into a hong kong, but this is the middle east, you serve higher goals than your own well-being, you are part of a large battle the Arab world has been in with the Jews for 80 years, you are only proxies, ask your father who locked you up in camps and refused to integrate you into their countries, the Palestinian existance, as stated in the PLO charter and by many Arab leaders, is only a tool in the phase program, you see, the Arabs saw after the Yom Kippur war that Israel could not be beaten conventionaly, at least not in the 67 borders, they sought to rob Israel of its tactical advantage (see a geographical map of Israel) and then strike, you see, Ahmadinejad knows that if he drops a nuke here millions of Palestinians will also die, he does not care, this is a plan to eliminate Israel and the Jewish people, and the Palestinians? they will die as shahids, after all "We would march a million shahids on Jerusalem", said the authentic Egyptian born Palestinian leader, Arafat. And so, you will suffer, and die, and kill, your orders comes from above, the average Arabs does not concern the Arab leadership, it never has, the dead Jew however, is very interesting.
22. Mubarak should ask PA to stop racist genocidal charter.
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (03.13.06)
Considering Egypt is in violation of its peace agreement with Israel, the US should be asking for a refund from Egypt for the money it stole from the US. If Mubarak really wanted to help, he would have the Arabs in Gaza work in Egypt and tell the PA to end its genocidal charter to kill Jews. As long as the Palestinians continue their attempts to murder Jews, there is no point of continuing any talks.
23. To #15
Francois ,   Paris   (03.13.06)
Aid Israel or face missiles.
24. #14 Nick or Abdallah?
Ram ,   London   (03.14.06)
What a warped and poisoned mind you have. Your Mr Arafat has pilfered billions while he left Palestinians to live in a hell hole. He has led your people like sheep to slaughter instead of injecting the tens of billions into development and education. Shame on the likes of you who are blinded by hate to the point of losing all sense of rightiousness and logic. Palestinian children are even today being educated to become "shahids". The media and schools, on a daily basis, feed this poison. The multitude of websites glorify the spillers of blood and encourage children to emulate the shahids. They are reared like chckens to the slaughter. Wars? Your arab compatriots have always been the instigators since the creation of Israel. The Palestinians have received more aid than any other people in the planet, thanks to the backside licking of the west who are so desperate for the oil from their fellow arabs. If only this money was channelled positively, today Palestinians would have been the most educated and most prosperous of all arabs. You and other hate mongers prefer to blame the Jews for all your compatriots' shortcomings. Jews can live with that but the Palestinians continue to destroy their childrens future. It appears they can live with that. How sad!
25. Cut the aid to Hamas and Vote National Union!
Steve ,   USA   (03.14.06)
B"H Hamas is not a government at peace with Israel. One of the consequences of that is that aid that goes to it is aid to an enemy of Israel! If you want to help individual institutions, find those that are at peace with Israel, but Hamas does not fit into that category. I am a big fan of a marketing study at this point. Israel has this so-called agreement with a so-called PA. How many of the Arabs actually sign up for it? Let those Arabs who agree to it sign up like for a credit-card application. Provide them an account number and everything and access to a portion of the funds allocated in those occords. Understandably, they do not have to be card-carying, because Hamas may slaughter them for helping themselves or peace with Israel. But with an account, they could build an economy, order goods from Israel, and not be dependent on Hamas for their livelihood. With a violent act, it would be "billed" to their card, up-to closing the account or even putting them in debt for their damages! There is no need to collect interest, but this would put accountability in the system. Israel needs to find out how many individuals really are willing to sign the OSLO occords. If there are none, the dream of the right-wing is true: there is no OSLO agreement. It is just a unilateral initiative of the Left wing! I think that the marketing study is not done because OSLO all along was a unilateral move by the Left-wing, and with Hamas it just has been more difficult to sell the Israelis that this is something cooperative between Israel and the PA, because Hamas has a story of destruction of Israel to tell instead. It is black and white with this violent institution. Before anyone gets excited that National Union is going to rebuild the Third Temple, remember that a prerequisite is the elimination of terror, and this has not been accomplished yet. We have to remember to annihilate Amelek and his terror band in EVERY generation of excile! Cut the aid to Hamas and vote National Union to restore true peace for Israel!
26. #14; You are a fool!!
Patriot ,   Redmond, Oregon USA   (03.14.06)
You sir, Are a fool and that is giving you way more credit that you deserve! Israelis do not strap bombs on women and children and send them off to kill women and children. Israel does not indoctrinate and brainwash their kids from a very early age to hate the arabs, deny their existence and give them toy weapons to "play" with. No, that is your arab "friends" who you blindly support. I am disgusted that you call live in the United States. Perhaps you should move to Gaza so you would not be ashamed of your country. I am sure they would gladly accept you for a homicide bomber as you have already been brainwashed. Israel is surrouned by millions of hostile islamofacists who use the foulest methods of terror because they are cowards and know they cannot win a really fair fight. You might want to study the middle east in more depth but it would not do you any good. You are already brainwashed and you would not believe the truth if it bit on your hindquarters!
27. I've got an idea
Carol ,   Washington USA   (03.14.06)
Give the Palestinians their land back and they won't need aid from anybody.
ANDREW ,   MIAMI, FL   (03.14.06)
29. Mubarak
Linda   (03.14.06)
"halting EU aid funds would cause suffering, boost terrorism in Palestinian Authority. Israel must recognize Hamas, he adds " Mr Mubarak, we must? Why give money to people who use it to kill us and there own people? And I do not have to recognize the Hamas until they recognize us!! The Palestinian people got lots of money from Europe and the rest of the world and it went into pockets of Arafat and other terrorist, so who is causing suffering of the Palestinian people?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.14.06)
The deployment of Egypt's military on Israel's border gives Egypt great strategic advantage in the planned war against Israel. In 2004, U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos in the House International Relations Committee, warned Egypt was building up its military in preparation for a future war with Israel. Egypt is equipped with the latest American weapons. Massive U.S. military aid making Egypt the largest and most powerful Arab army. Colluding with Egypt, the Palestinian Authority have smuggled in anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft shoulder fired missiles that can take down commercial jets. M.K. Steinitz has stated: Egyptian military "has been training for war against Israel for the past 10 years."
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