Peres initiates Mideast financial project
Ronny Sofer
Published: 16.03.06, 23:12
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1. enough already
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.17.06)
Is this guy ever going to stop with his pipe dreams? Has he not brought enough death and destruction to Israel already? Go away old man and leave us alone with your ideas. You are killing us. Stop worrying about the other guy's economy.
2. Re#1
Jon   (03.18.06)
He is the one who tries to market your shit stuff to the world.We know him as a bug loser....
3. When Peres starts dreaming
I get scared, help me, I dont want to become a "Victim of peace"!
4. You can't blame Shimon Peres...
Walid ,   Taibe   (03.19.06)
Peres was always good at spending other people's money as he developed fabulos visions. The fact that most of the money ended up sticking to his fingers and rarely got to the promised destination was almost never noted by the press. That's the man's real skill - a perpetual shell game. So don't blame him for this story (which has zero chance of succeeding as anyone with eyes knows). Blame the idiot journalists and editors who publish this sort of trash without a word of analysis or critique.
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