Marzel to cabinet: Kill left-wing leader
Efrat Weiss
Published: 20.03.06, 19:52
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1. Lock him up
Eve ,   Israel   (03.20.06)
this guy is a total NUT ... lock him up and throw away the key.... I don't agree with the left but I would never advocate MURDER
2. Weelease Woger!!!!!
Yoel Ariel ,   USA   (03.20.06)
Jewish National Front or People for the Front of Jewish Nationals. Maybe the Jewish National People's Front OF Nationals, or is it "OR" Nationals. "AM" Nationals?? The National Jewish Front? Could not be International. (too bolshie, but then maybe Peres and Beilin would go for that) Could NOT be the Honest Jewish Political Front. Olmert and his Kadimacrats would back away from that like Bela Lugosi from a bulb of garlic. Or maybe,............ Does anyone know if Adon Marzel has ever met John Cleese or Eric Idol. Or Idle, or Idal. Or,.............................????????
3. This monster is a neo-Nazi
Michael Steiner ,   EU   (03.20.06)
There's no difference between him and your regular KKKlansman. Stomach-turning. Odious. Phuy!!
4. He just won my vote
David   (03.20.06)
I'm sure that he will end up in Knesset now.
5. the wages of violence
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.20.06)
those like Marzel, who preach violence often become the victims of it themselves..god be willing
6. Democracy------
yakov shani ,   afula   (03.20.06)
Mr Marzel is a higher value than the tanaach ( I have given very deep thought to all the intrinsic values of both ). Mr Avneri is most certainly not my cup of tea but he has a right to speak his mind without being threatened by you or anybody else. What you have said is not " speaking your mind ", it is incitement to murder and even sedition, which is a very serious crime, because you said these words at a public rally. Mr avneri served his country both in the palmach and in the war of independence. You sir, have done nothing for your country, in fact you have done nothing at all except scrounge from society all your life and tell other people what to do. You are a bad example of humanity and a disgrace to your people. You should be ostricized.
7. MARZEL is a good guy but
unfortunately completely crazy put him in the cookoonest asap
8. Target Hamas,Al Aksa, Fatah,PFLP, IslamicJihad
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.20.06)
To ingratiate itself into the sewer pit of the New World Order ,Israel gives Hamas a legitamacy that it also gave to Fatah and terrorist head Abbas. Marzal should know that Devil worshiper Uri Averny will be protected as is Abbas and the other cult of death jihadists. Only those who oppose Satan's Road Map for Israel are his targets. What will the corrupt and faithless Israeli leaders not do in selling their souls and the soul of the nation for a phony peace treaty which only brings death and war ?
9. Mr. Shani in Afula
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.20.06)
Baruch Marzel served in the IDF and took part in the "Shalom Le'Galil" war in Lebanon. If you are going to defend Uri Avnery based on his previous service in 1948, at least acknowledge that Marzel also served his country on the front lines.
10. Why bother watching comedies when you've got Marzel?
Jonathan Levi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.20.06)
Marzel should ask G-d what he did to get such an ugly face.............. Secondly, while I may agree with Marzel on one or two things (though never for the reasons he gives) of recent he's really been pushing it. Theres the rightists which are my cup of tea (in Israel of course) and then theres the "right out of your mind party" with Marzel in the front. I can't stand the far left and hell if they all took a permanent trip out of Israel I wouldn't shed a tear but calling for murder is pushing it.
11. #1
Jane   (03.20.06)
I don't agree with murder, obviously. However, if Marzel is to be locked up, Avnery should be as well, considering how much damage he has done to Israel in the war of public opinion. Just put them in different cells.
12. #5 should be in jail right now
yossy hershkop ,   n.y   (03.20.06)
and marzel talks better then all the people who are in the knesset now i hope he wins
13. #3 and here I thought that you're KKK like neo-Nazi..
AK   (03.20.06)
…or a Green, or Socialist… well, really one and the same. It shows that you can't tell one nut case from another. Now, with dozens of listeners (not even supporters) why is this guy important enough to write about him, again? But, the insert about the beauty queen and her non-Jewish boyfriend was a nice touch, but I wonder, why didn't the guy object to a ballerina marrying a Muslim, too? I guess he thought the ballerina wasn't pretty enough to be worth his effort. Sometimes reading this paper is almost like reading "People's Cube."
14. he at least has conviction and a platform...
Gedaliah   (03.20.06)
I chalange anyone to tell me anyother party who is more transparent then he. The others are all George Bush appeasers. Marzel is at least speaking from a point of view that has had enough with murdering Arabs. The rest of them want more.
15. good for marzel
jewishjew ,   tel aviv israel   (03.20.06)
i wasnt planning on voting until i heard this. I know of at least 15 other people who will now vote marzel because of this. smart campaign move and good point in general; avneri is a neo-nazi who makes hamas and fatach look like jew lovers.
16. JANE I AGREE!!!!!!
Eve   (03.20.06)
17. He is right, when I read Uri Avneri i'm also filled
by a strong urge to strangle him.
18. Abu-Steiner; You just don't like courageous Jews.
Daisy ,   USA   (03.20.06)
Jews who speak the truth and have balls. You like Jews who are wimps like Olmert because your people can murder them more easily.
19. Marzel is a distortor of Halachah.
Meir Moses   (03.20.06)
His views are extremely flexible, simplistic quasi-Talmudic rhetoric that suits Marzels political ambitions. Not dissimilar to Shas' "vote for us or go to hell" style proclamations. Most diiscerning Jews, secular or religious, know that these parties feed off of fear.
20. Aside From One Point, The Rest Is.....
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (03.20.06)
Marzel may certainly come off as shrill and uncouth, but let's face the facts. He is pointing out some very sordid and uncomfortable facts for many Jews. The Israeli regime protects ALL manner of subversives, both in and out of the Knesset. Let us use for just one example the Arab MK's who scream from the Knesset podium about Israel's racist regime, and the need for its downfall. Is that Not considered sedition and treachery? Are their visits to enemy countries to give aid and comfort to Arafat, Nasrallah, and Syrian terror heads, NOT seditious and treasonous? Now onto the post zionists academics and their media followers. Are they not forever calling for the downfall of Israel, as we know it? Also, what about the homegrown Arab Israeli Islamists who openly ! call for the rise of Hamas, and consequently the destruction of Israel? Therefore, why pray tell is Marzel's comments such a big whoop? He is simply calling to account all those who have betrayed the zionist aspirations in Israel. Why is that such a problem? As for the bird flu spread, it certainly is not up to any human to know why and where it chooses to land. The rest is spot on.
21. Now we are talking about a real
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (03.20.06)
terrorist! This terrorist belong to a jail cell.
22. Why not quote Marzel accurately and completely?
Danny ,   Dimona   (03.20.06)
Marzel was merely returning the extremist remarks made by leftist Uri Avneri a few days ago, where Avneri justified the murder of Israeli MK Rechavam Ze'evi, calling his murder a "targeted killing " by the Palestinians.
23. Stupid noble souled hypocrites!
Filthy hypocrite ,   Hypocritistan   (03.20.06)
Avneri called Minister Rehavam Zeevi's murder "Targeted killing", thus letting the blood of every right wing leader! why wasent this "Over the top", why wasent Avneri called a "Facist monster", and why are you all doing alehum on Marzel over something every sane Jew believes? Hypocrites.
24. #20 Adina
Alex ,   Boston   (03.20.06)
It's one thing to "call to account all those who have betrayed the zionist aspirations in Israel". However, it is completely different to call for their death or assasination by the government. That is incitement and it is inappropriate. We must have standards and rules if we want to remain civilized; certain speech should not be acceptable and Marzel clearly crossed the line.
25. Not murder
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.20.06)
Put them on trial for treason and execute them in public. No need for us to become murderers.But we have to try those who were aiding and abetting murderers. By the way I served in the I.D.F. until a few years ago as a combat soldier. I really can not stand to hear about what someone did almost 60 years ago. Then has the nerve to undermine the state. Who cares about the palis? Why should Jews worry about others? Just because we suffered no one else should suffer? Let us take care of our own problems and let the others take care of theirs. If we had laws on treason,then maybe we would not have gotten into the trouble that we are facing today.
26. #23
Alex ,   Boston   (03.21.06)
If Avneri would have called for their death or even said it was appropriate, that would be one thing. The only thing he IS guilty of is using a vocabulary that is sympathetic to the Palestinians. And just for the record, I'm a perfectly sane Jew and I don't believe for a second that we should start assasinating our leaders for their opinions, regardless of what they are, so speak for yourself biggot.
27. Averi is a hero to Haaretz
Gandolf ,   Canada   (03.21.06)
You heard stories of jews helping nazis years from now you will hear how jews again helped the Murderers of the jewish people .. Averi and his supporters are no diffrent from jews who assisted the nazis and the goal of eradicating the jewish people...
28. This is a case of one leftist nut saying it was okay for the
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.21.06)
Palestinians to kill the rightest nut on any given day. Then in retort, a rightest nut wants the government to crack the leftist nuts skull. So what's the problem? An eye for an eye? If the leftists in Israel weren't so busy screwing their fellow countrymen out of their homes----this internal Jewish hatred wouldn't have occured in the first place.
29. ---------------------SHABAKNIK!!!!-------------------------
30. wingnut!
G   (03.21.06)
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