Rabbi Batzri to be probed for incitement
Tal Rosner
Published: 21.03.06, 18:09
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1. The rabbi is right- why is this a crime?
Shimon ,   Israel   (03.21.06)
Let the truth set you free.
2. The Bible is a "racist" book, didn't you know?
Lady Justice ,   City of Peace   (03.21.06)
The Jews are The Chosen People. How "racist" can you get? Except for one teeny tiny matter...anyone can become a Jew. These are deep spiritual matters that discuss the essence of people at the soul level. Unless the "investiogators" attempt to relate to it at that level, truth will not receive proper representation and they will likely damage their own souls. When are you people ever going to grow up and learn that there is more to this world than the eye can behold?
3. Enforce the law equally
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.21.06)
Arrest all of the Arab MK's calling for the destruction of Israel and cheering terrorists, and the imams who preach "Kill the Jews!" every Friday. Then arrest "Peace Now" "Machsom Watch" "B'Tselem" and "Rabbis for Human Rights" for enabling terrorists. Hell, just arrest everybody. YOU'RE ALL INCITERS!! Except for Olmert, who is a crook.
4. The Chosen People
J K ,   NYC, USA   (03.21.06)
It's cause they chose to follow G-ds commandments when other nations rejected them. Dumbass
5. There Are Far More Other "Worthy" Candidates To Arrest
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (03.21.06)
While certainly there are better ways to protest the enlargement of this program than exhibited by Batzri, surely the gov't has some Islamists they would rather round up for "rascist incitement"? What about the Islamists who exhort their allegiance to Hamas et al in many Arab Israeli towns? They certainly should come to the attention of the authorities. In addition, what about the Arab Knesset members who extoll rascist remarks against Jews from the Knesset podium? Surely they are worthy candidates for persecution and prosecution. Furthermore, what about the post zionist Jewish academics and their fellow travelers who give aid and comfort to master terrorists, and deem zionism a cancer that must be eradicated? Oh, I forget. These types are feted and considered "enlightened" by the authorities.
6. Golden Calf
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.21.06)
Representing that "The nation of Israel is pure" promulgates a false premise that was disproved millennia ago by the Golden Calf. Only those who keep Torah to the utmost of their ability can achieve purity, and then only through the Graciousness of ha-Sheim in providing kipur. Therefore, an Arab (or any other gentile) who keeps Torah is pure and holy while a rabbi who distorts Torah into a racist perversion is guilty of khilul ha-Sheim and unholy. It is true that Torah forbids mingling darkness and light, holy with unholy. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Torah-keepers, whether Jew or non-Jewish learners -- including Arabs, to condemn and shun any racist rabbis who would make such a false representation until they make teshuvah. It isn't possible for Israel to prosecute Muslim offenders abroad. Torah promises that ha-Sheim will vindicate us in the Day of Mishpat (judgment). Paqid 16, The Netzarim Israeli Orthodox Jew
7. anyone who calls this racism is a nazi
jewishjew ,   central israel   (03.21.06)
because he in so doing labels jews a race, and looks at people through the perspective of race. the Torah looks through nationality rather than race. Any arab can leave his nation for another, even the jewish nation and become as much a jew as this rabbi. This rabbi is a nationalist, not a racist. The Torah is also nationalist as opposed to racist.
8. #2, Look who is a racist!
Patriot ,   Redmond, Oregon USA   (03.21.06)
By your own words, look who is a racist! You call yourself "lady justice?" By who's rules? Your own justice? And by what book do you live by? Those of us who love Israel and recognize this fight for what it is,a fight against Israel, the West and soon the rest of the free world. The islamofacists will not rest until they "convert" the world to islam or kill all those who refuse to convert. The islamofacists understand only one way; live by the sword or die by it! Where are all the "moderate" muslims? They are busy strapping bombs on to kill innocent women and children. By the way, anyone can convert to other religions if they so desire. That is not just limited to those who want to become Jews.
9. Parents are asses!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.21.06)
Why mix Jewish and arab children together? What goes on in the minds of parents? How stupid can you get? Our children should not be exposed to arab learning. Why the hell is it against the law for a Jew to curse arabs and okay for arabs to curse,slander and even yell,"death to the Jews"? I hope one day we can take back our govt. for the Jews. Maybe we will elect a party that will be pro-Jewish and the hell with what the world is thinking.
10. Bolshevik Jews learn well from Islamic Terrorists
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.21.06)
The bolshevik dictatorship masked as a democracy in Israel learned from their Islamic terrorist counterparts. Threats and intimidation silence the opposition well. Only Olmert and his goons fail to realize that their day in the sun is temporary .Every dog has it's day as the days of the bulldozer are far behind ,another forgotten dictator now a useless vegetable. The justice from above ,it is worth waiting for. Will these idiots also attempt to arrest Hashem for incitement ?
11. Valid Concerns but moderate language please
S Judah ,   london   (03.22.06)
Seems to me the whole thing has been taken out of context. Subjects liked mixed schools and mixed relationships are very immotive subjects, they dont work in general. Like it or not what this seems to be about is putting extra fences to ward of potential problems. This does not mean and I refer to this for all sides, that there should not be peace and understanding and respect for all. There should be and it is better for all if legitamate concerns were expressed in more moderate language
12. maybe
Yisraeli   (03.22.06)
maybe the police investigating should indict The God of Israel while theyre at it, only question is where to send the indictment?
13. He has some very
andrew ,   cleveland, OH   (03.22.06)
He has some very serious and undeniablepoints
14. Sad
worthless ,   usa   (03.22.06)
Im so glad the Jews I know do not act so racist and are loving and honor the covenants of G-d. Thank you for your shining example of LOVE not hate... To the rest of you, SHAME ON YOU! G-d will punish you for your hate.. Oh and I thought Jews didnt believe in Satan as a person anyway.. hmmmmm
15. Arabs are not a race, but they are an enemy
Antonio ,   Haifa   (03.22.06)
There was nothing racist in what he said.
16. Tal Rosner's Comment
boruch hoffinger ,   brooklyn ny   (09.02.07)
B"H Mr. Rosner said that Rabbi Batzri: "has been known to spout his racist ideologies..." What is racism? Hating the behavior of a people is not racism. Hating people because of skin color, religion, customs is. If a people acts criminally or wildly this is not racism. Mr. Rosner is a self-hating Jew. Neurotic.
17. why are you so full of hate for other Mr. Rabbi!
ME   (07.18.09)
Is this the way religious jews talk about other human beings? There you can see that they are not the chosen only for evil. Those are people with love for nobody but for themselves, they torture, they kill, they abuse others including children and they abuse christians, so where his right to say things like this. How come the world does not have the right to say anything about jews, but jews have the right to insult and offend others, to me it is the typical behaviour of ignorants and evil people.
18. #4 Chosen People
Eyes Wide Open   (07.18.09)
A Jew laments "Why does G-d allow us his chosen people to suffer so?" G-d listening in replies "I allow you to suffer because I have given you the ability to choose. I have laid down simple laws for you to have not chosen well"
19. yitzhak batzni
antietam irish ,   usa   (07.18.09)
Whats with the funny little hat-good grief-hahahahaha wierdo's
20. so racism is only.....
mcuf ,   europe   (07.18.09)
when you hate because of race? then why the heck jewish organizations charge with racism anyone who criticize the jews or their actions, the jews are not racially homogeneus so i can say jews are scum and the offspring of satan but if i dont mention race or skin color im not a racist, ill pass it around thanks.
21. the chosen people
marco ,   USA   (07.18.09)
There's no such thing as CHOSEN PEOPLE ! God is fair to all his children & you must put it in your heads.You're good as your deeds.
22. Rabbi Batzri to be probed for incitement
brasco ,   the nederlands   (07.19.09)
Arabs are a semetic race just like the real jewish people, unlike the fake ashkenazi ,khazari jews
23. Gives me a whole new perspective
Sheldon S. ,   Chicago, USA   (07.19.09)
I have been ignorant of what is going on in Israel/Palestine for such a long time. Only in the past few months I have begun to read and learn more about it. Reading articles like this and the comments section here has really helped me understand and sympathize with the Palestinians. I always thought that the Jews were just poor innocent people being victimized by the racist Arabs. It seems to me now to be the other way around.
24. Batzri racit slurs
majid ,   Marrakesh   (07.19.09)
Batzri is racist and the school construction is going and most of what he said is condemned by everybody.He should have known that schooling is children's rights and in two and a half years the school will have opened its doors and sure nobody will take his prosecution into consideration.
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