New York bans Hamas aid
Eitan Amit
Published: 22.03.06, 11:02
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1. Will Miami and LA be next?
Chris ,   Toronto   (03.22.06)
2. Col ha Kavod
Gil ,   Tel aviv   (03.22.06)
Its nice to see that there are still some sane people in the world...
3. deluded.
Obviously this so-called assembly has got an agenda. Or deluded. They should probably ban aid to Israel for killing more than 3000 Palestinians in since 2000 and 30% of them are children! Anyhow, Palestinians do not want your money! They prefer to die with dignity. They won't recognise their occupier! period!
4. While they're at it...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.22.06)
...they should also ban Neutri Carta charities, since NC are buddy buddy with Hamas.
5. THis should be National then lead to International
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
the only way This is how it was done with Germany and Japan - now it is time to wake up
6. Hamas' victory
nehad ismail ,   camberley, england   (03.22.06)
We must remember that Hamas' success was mainly due to the fact that Israel and the US refused to play ball with the moderate secular leadership of the Palestinian Auhtority. So one is tempted to say that a Hamas Government was the creation of a joint effort between the US, Israel and the PA's failure.
7. NYers Hoodwinked by ZioPropaganda
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (03.22.06)
Given the level of Pro ZioMedia perhaps its to be expected.... Afterall New York is the biggest Zio City on the Planet.
8. 3 Nameless Hate Monger strikes again
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
if you don't want Western Money why don't you start paying it back - with interest please - normal rates to borrow money that is considered Risk investment money collects 14% interest - so please start paying pronto
9. Richard:ElSicko who wants to teach us Jews to NOT be Zionist
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
Who also said he wants to teach us Jews all about Judaism ... (which he couldn't spell) who also thinks we holocaust survivors should be thanking the Red Army for our Liberation Who is a typical Scottish Storm Trooper Jew Hater If you want anyone to take you really serious - you need to stop proclaiming Marxist ideas that equal ISM movement.
10. Nehad UK: you are not the brightest to know facts
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
MYTH “Israel created Hamas.” FACT Israel had nothing to do with the creation of Hamas. The The organization grew out of the ideology and practice of the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood movement that arose in Egypt in the 1920s. Hamas was legally registered 1978 as an Islamic Association by Sheikh Ahmad Yassin. Though Hamas was committed from the outset to destroying Israel, it took the position that this was a goal for the future, and that the more immediate focus should be on winning the hearts and minds of the people through its charitable and educational activities. Its funding came primarily from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Hamas certainly didn’t believe it was being supported by Israel. As early as February 1988, the group put out a primer on how its members should behave if confronted by the Shin Bet. Several more instructional documents were distributed by Hamas to teach followers how to confront the Israelis and maintain secrecy.
11. it's disgusting
S.A.   (03.22.06)
how the zio extremists manipulate the people of NY and other american cities am sure this assembly did not take such decision against al Qaeda or any other terror organizations. Hamas is the biggest enemy for the americans according to these manipulated robots although this organization did not commit any terror act against any american citizen ever.
12. S.A. Stop tinkling onto the face of the public and say it
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
RAINS since you obviously prefer to support terrorism - Hamas is internationally on the list of terrorists - you should join their websites since you find buddies there, instead of posting crap here on a Jewish Israeli website Why .???? Because you have no other outlet to break wind ?
13. After 9/11
Arie   (03.22.06)
New Yorkers have experienced the level of hamass inspired terrorism on 9/11 when muHAMedans massacred over 3000 New Yorkers of all races creeds colours and religions. The wanton brutality of muHAMedanism is permanently etched in their psyche and they choose not to forget or forgive
14. Poor Richard
Arie   (03.22.06)
To much methane from the garbage dump he is in not enough oxygen
15. to Gabrielle and baby Arie
S.A.   (03.22.06)
hey Gab I wonder who's the one tinkling??? I don't support hamas but what I've said about them is a fact and if u have anything to disprove it then just say it. for baby Arie a typical childlesh play with words and letters BRAVO 1.hamath(s) has nothing to do with 9/11 period. 2.the organization that attacked us on 9/11 is called al Qaeda and obviously the NY assembly do not want us to stop aid for them.
16. to to no 8
When USA starts paying Iraqis for the atrocious events since the invasion, when Israel starts paying Palestinians for the murdering, stealing, and robbing of their land, resources and lives. oh, and with interest please, Palestinians will start paying the west. Europe and USA were built on the wrecks of others. Americans killed the indians and stole their land. Europe occupied every inch on the planet, stole oil, resources, money, and lives to live prosperous. If Africa, Asia, and South America are to be compensated by the Europeans and USA, the later would spend thousands of years to pay back a fraction of what they took. You do not have the right to speak like the rich self-building struggling human being. You are a bunch of thieves historically, and Britain and USA are still bunch of thieves. You are so full of hatred, all your words are mixed with swearing, and hate overlooking like a moster. I understand your type, and know where you belong. Enjoy dear, enjoy what you stole.
17. What a load of bull nehad
Michelle   (03.22.06)
"So one is tempted to say that a Hamas Government was the creation of a joint effort between the US, Israel and the PA's failure." Bull! Is there ever going to be a time when you people hold yourselves accountable for your own failures?
18. #15
Arie   (03.22.06)
SA can't stand the truth so he stages personal attacks. hamass is at the heart of terrorism together with its ally al qaeda. al qaeda gets all the aid it needs from the vast wealth of the bin laden family, Iran, and a host of supporters like yourself. As for "play with words", are you jealous that I can do that and you can only respond with a childish attack? Terrorists are terrorists! hamass is a staunch supporter of terrorism - even today the headlnes state that hamass vows to continue terrorism. And they really don't care who is killed!
19. #3 dignity?
Linda   (03.22.06)
you have some left? In New York they know what kind of cowerds hamas and other terrorist are, they look it right in the face at 9/11. Start making a people with real dignity and humanity and after that you will have dignity to lose! Theyonly ones who occupied you is your own leaders who are not willing to sit and talk and stop attacking woman and children .
20. SA, and nameless coward #3
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.22.06)
The state Assembly represents the whole state which includes NYC. there are many types of people in NYC including Arabs, palestinians, Israelis etc. You cannot find a greater mix of people and they all agree that hamas is a terror group hell bent on killing Israelis. there is no denying this. When palestinians were dancing in the streets after 9/11 the whole world saw what kind of people we are dealing with. You both think that hamas can help your people...blind fools. remember what Arafat did? his wife has more money than all Palestinians combined. Start using your brain and making reasonable assumptions. Don't let the brainwashed part of you win.
21. New York State
Shlomo ,   TEl Aviv   (03.22.06)
Thanks and Todah to our NY friends .... Americans seem to understand how to fight terrorists and murderers better than Israel ... Case in point to release a Hamas guy to become a Finance minister from an Israeli prison ....
22. 425 terror attacks killed 377 people?!
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (03.22.06)
I can't tell anymore who's more full of crap and hot air, Israelis or their ass kissers!
23. Khaled ,Amman, Jordan: No free speech on Jordan Sites ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
why do you come to Israeli sites - and to spew hate Now if you don't get proper statistics in Jordan - then don't bash information, that you just don't want to accept because you have a hate agenda and being brainwashed
24. Kudos To My Hometown
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.22.06)
I love my hometown of NYC. Sure there are some bad apples, both politically and on an individual level. The cesspool up at Columbia University's Middle East Studies dept comes to mind. But on the whole they know who the enemy is to all civilized society. The best of the best in NYC is Police Commissioner Kelly. He knows where the threats are coming from, and he doesn't stop going after them even if they land at the door of interagency rivalries. Hint - Local FBI offices. That is why he instituted the best anti terror task force, not only based in NYC, but worldwide.
25. what happened to democracy?
Nabulsi   (03.22.06)
is democracy not good enough now for the zionists of can stuff your money where the sun never shines...
26. Khaled : actually the figures are much worse
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
from 29-02-2000 to 15-01- 06 Total Israeli Casulties Injured 7633 Killed 1084
27. "Unmasking Hamas' Hydra of Terror"
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
"Unmasking Hamas' Hydra of Terror" - A Simon Wiesenthal Center Report{8413545A-439C-4373-A19F-7CC7996A3F26}¬oc=1
28. Nabulsi: Ever heard ^Democracy is just that
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.22.06)
you have the right to stop funding terror - get off your camel
29. to no 26
It would be great to add just next to these statistics some numbers about the Palestinian casualties!
30. Harvard/Kennedy On Zionist Influence Study
phil   (03.22.06)
Take a look$File/rwp_06_011_walt.pdf
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