Poll: Israeli Jews shun Arabs
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 22.03.06, 16:45
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Uzi ,   BEIT SHEMESH   (03.22.06)
We are not racist at all, is just that we do not trust those who want our demise. On the other hand the arabs hate us and do discriminate againt us a lot, specially in the US, believe it or not.
2. Not Exactly A Case For "Rascism".
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (03.22.06)
Let us face facts - when the Arabs were rioting en masse in 2000 at the behest of Arafat, and threatening their Jewish neighbors all over Israel creating grave dangers for them, are these same Jews then supposed to embrace them? On an individual level I am sure that there are friendships between some and also deep respect. But on a whole, why would they trust them? Every month or so Jews fear for their lives due to the aid that one of their Arab "neighbors" has given to terror plots. Think about yesterday's car chase which arrested another ! E. Jerusalem aider and abettor. The list goes on and on. In the Orwellian world we now live in the aggressors are called peacemakers, and the tirelessly (some would call them delusional)tolerant are called rascists.
3. Poll- speaks for itself !
Jack Aizner ,   New York   (03.22.06)
Stop with all "codewords" -- the arab population should be transferred as soon as possible. Co-existance is a fallacy, it will never work and it will be the destruction of the Staste of Israel.
4. hypocracy
moish goldman ,   Israel   (03.22.06)
I would love to see a poll of arabs answering the same question it would probably be 95% who hate Jews! When was the last time Mr. Oudeh read a palestinian school book?
5. ok, and what about the Arabs who kill their Jewish neighbo
s   (03.22.06)
6. Racism or realism?
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (03.22.06)
7. Arabs have a LOT to offer, culturally speaking
Yoel Ariel ,   USA   (03.22.06)
Doh! Oooh! Ooooh! Me! ME!!!! I would LOVE to have a hostile neighbor living close, CLOSER, CLOSEST to me and mine. Just think how much social engineering funsies we could have. I am SURE that we would live "side by side in Peace with mutual respect for each others DIVERSITY". Now would'nt that be liberal, cool and enlightened? Huh? Would'nt it??? And if the social experiment fails, what the hell's a kid or two, or even an enlightened parent,.....or two. Just think how much Arabs have to offer us culturally. There is, uh, ....well there is, uh,......well what about,.........................Oh Nevermind. I say MINGLE. Co-MINGLE, and Pro-MINGLE some more. (sigh/sarc switch off now)
8. I wouldn't do well on this poll...
jF ,   nashville   (03.22.06)
I didn't always feel badly toward "others"....but over time have...especially recent times. Maybe if "they" change first.
9. Israel doesn't want Arab neighbors?
10. It Has NOTHING To Do With Race
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (03.22.06)
It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that these people are a 5th column- living here and benefitting from Israel, yet also supporting our enemies. It's really quite simple.
11. Racism?
Someone ,   Jerusalem   (03.22.06)
If the Bakher wants to compare the unjust religion based and jealousy driven hatred of the Jews through out the world and the rightfuly earned fear of Israeli Arabs then he is just a pathetic demagog, Arabs earned that by betraying, killing and terrorising their Jewish neighbors for over a hundred years. How can you expect Jews to live along with Arabs when the Arabs refuse to enlist, or even to do national service, when they rampantly commit crimes against their Jewish neighbors, when they define themselves as Palestinian and wave PLO flags, when they refuse to pay any taxes (The major of um el-Fahm said that paying taxes is supporting occupation), when they cheer and dance on the roofs (and shoot in the air) whenever Israel or Jews are hurt (ya Sadaam ya habibi udrub udrub Tel-Aviv, who remembers that?), when they display their willingness to kill and burn everything Jewish (Suicide bombers from um el-Fahm and Taibe, October 2000 and many more) and when they constantly speak against the country and about their dreams of conquering all of it and throwing all the Jews in the sea, Arabs, you need to check whats wrong with your behavior before running around crying racism racism.
12. to no 1
so arabs can come and say that they do not hate Israel, they just distrust it. Quite reasonably they do!! can they say that without being antisemites and holocaust deniers and new nazis? I doubt it!
13. When I was living in the dorms in Beer Sheva
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.22.06)
The only guy in my flat who had the decency to offer my parents a chair was the Arab guy. The two Jewish boys and the Jewish girl just sat there. I think Beer Sheva did a great thing for all by having the dorms intercultural.
14. Shocking!
Wendell Winkie   (03.22.06)
Jews discriminate against their own people, so why should their hatred for Arabs come as such a big surprise? The hatred of Arabs is what holds their society together. Take that away and Israel would soon descend into internecine chaos. Israeli society per se is an oxymoron.
15. racism - no; reality - yes
Arie   (03.22.06)
You ask us to trust a group that wants our national freedoms and democratic institutions on the one hand and swear to kill us with the other.
16. No reciprocity
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.22.06)
I must admit that there is some truth to this article, but since the article is one sided, instead of evaluating the situation it only creates more hatred. Of course Israeli Jews don't want to be friends with Arabs. Not one Arab country in the world supports us (by support I mean more than just tolerating our existence). Why should we go out of our way to accept a culture that equally doesn't accept ours? The answer is that we shouldn't, but the same expectations from the world for Israel to unilaterally give territory to the Arabs while getting nothing in return also holds true for the issue of racial toleration. Until now, we haven't seen the Arabs donate too much to our society, so why should we donate to theirs? I have an idea Ynet. Why don't you tell Geocartographia to do another poll on how many Arabs want Jews as their neighbors? Then put the two polls together and actually write a balanced article.
17. Israeli racism
ebbe ,   old orchsrd, USA   (03.22.06)
Maybe the Arabs who are so concerned about Israel Jews being racists should look at some potential problems in Arab racism . For example: Anti Jewish,anti-Israeli school lessons from kindergarden thru college, anti-Jewish sermons in everymosque, anti-jewish propaganda from every Arab newspaper, music, movie, government official, website, anti-jewish kassems daily, suicide bombers, lynchings, and daily threats to solve the Jewish "problem" with a "final solution". I call for an end to racism also-but it must be a two-way street
18. Israelis are very racist....
who cares ,   Tel Aviv   (03.22.06)
They are racist, not only towards Arabs but also towards Ethiopians, Russians, Morocans, Iraki's, sepharadim, etc...religious, secular...non-Jewish, you name it, everybody hates somebody....its just amazing...they can not accept eachother as Israelis, they always have to "label" eachother... for example,,I'm from western Europe (everybody immidiately presume that I'm Russian ) and my husband is Israeli, our daughter is dark and beautiful like her father, whenever I walk with her, people immidiately ask from where her father is....if i answer that he is Israeli it is not enough, they need to know if he is Morocan/Iraki really amuses me...they also immidiately assume that I'm not Jewish :), how could I??? I don't look Jewish...anyway I don't care what people think it just makes me laugh how they behave....but oivavoy if someone abroad says something about the israelis, then you are immidiately anti-semite....what a funny world...
19. he, he.. off course you're racist
mo ,   almere, holland   (03.22.06)
Aren"t we all? The minute we start to think in we and them, the seed is lead to become a racist. Judging whole groups, thats what we like. We are all people, and we all want to believe how great we are, and how bad, dirty, dangerous all the others from the other group are. Just get to know your racist side and temper it!
20. To Mr. Winkie #14
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.22.06)
And what knowledge do you have of Israeli society to make these judgements? Have you even ever been to Israel? My guess is no. Well I'll tell you something, even though it will go in one ear and out the other. Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East that brings values to its people like political, economic, and religious freedom. We are a society who's goals are to achieve greatness through technological, scientific, and social advancement, not to repress our citizens into non-productive, stagnant servitude like our neighbors. Israeli society is an oxymoron? You're either blind, or just have your head in the mud, because Israeli society is one of the most advanced in the world, despite suffering terrorism which holds us down. Israelis don't hate Arabs, we hate terrorism. It just happens to be that almost every single terrorist in this country has been Arab. But who looks at statistics like that when you can bash Israelis?
21. this is not racism...but....
me ,   here   (03.22.06)
it is reality-- arab mks are consistently advocating the destruction of isreal. scores of isreali arabs have helped suiced bombers thru. the october riots of 200 are still fresh in israelis' minds.... the israeli arabs showed their true colors then! the isareli arab islamic movement is a vehemt supporter of hamas and al- qaeda... is the arab culture inferior to israli culture? it's a matter of taste ,but it sure isn't as modern ,progressive ,and, even handed as the israeli /western culture.
22. #18
There's a difference between racism and interest. Israelies are known to be very nice to foreigners as long as they are not the ones bombing us. So what if they asked where's the daughter's father is from? what's the big deal? As a native Israeli I can tell you when someone says such thing it's for smalltalk, and not for racism. We are wondering where you are from because it interests us. I was born in Israel, and I'm half german half polish by origin, most of Israelies families got here from some other place because of the exile. Everyone here comes from a different place, so don't think anyone can be racist towards you.
23. #14
Indeed, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Funny how you think you know everything from the other side of the world. I don't know about the oxy part, but you are obviously a moron.
24. racism
adam ,   ny   (03.22.06)
the reason is because they blow us up they shoot us dead, they openly support those whom seek our distruction. and then they call us racist? where else in the middle east do arabs have it so good with regards to health care , schools and other social services? someone please enlighten me. I am open minded.
25. To # 13 Dorothy
Dave ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.22.06)
When i was eating pizza with my girlfriend, the only guy who destroyed my life both physically and mentally and killed all around me was an arab.
26. suspicion of Arab intent
Israel Zwick ,   nyc   (03.22.06)
Perhaps if Arabs stopped trying to kill their Jewish employers and neighbors, Jews would be more receptive to living together. It's not about racism. It's about suspicion, distrust, and security. How many Israeli businessmen who had commercial dealings with the Palestinian Arabs were killed when they ventured into Arab areas? Arabs should blame themselves, not Jewish racism.
27. As a former South African
Russel ,   Tlv   (03.22.06)
I can say that if I felt this country was racist I would be out of here pretty darn quick. But you can imagine the fear of "the other", especially in the more conservative sections of the population, which is quite understandable considering the piguim. Imagine it's the same with the arabs. Remember the soldiers who were mobbed in Ramallah by a palestinian mob? If that isn't racist I don't know what is? But, living as I do across the road of one of the nation's top hospitals, I frequently see arabs coming and going, and I cannot hep but think I am grateful to be away from the land that epitomised racism. A country that never would have let "the other" enter it's top hospitals unless they were there to scrub the floors or clean the pisspots. In fact Abbas was here just last week for a checkup.
28. To #14
just the facts   (03.22.06)
All i had to do is read your alias to realize your a fool. Just as the American voters rejected overwhelmingly Mr. Willkie so to will the public reject your view. This report was made by Arabs with an agenda - to make Israel look bad. The fact that they are able to publish this report shows that the Israeli society is not racist - but is exhibiting the rational response to Arab terror. They would not be able to prepare such a report anywhere else in the middle east. The only conclusion that I get is why aren't the Israeli politicians coming to the same conclusions that the majority of the citizens have arrived at - that it is time to remove the Arabs from Eretz Yisrael unless they accept a class of citizenship that does not allow them a say in foriegn, defense and Jewish religious matters but a equal say on all other matters. - this is still a lot better than any arab state or good majority of the rest of the world.
29. Jews do not want to get killed. That is not racism.
MARK ,   USA   (03.22.06)
The Arabs want to kill us. All Jews want is to live in safety. The Arabs must be removed and kicked out by military force. They have to be separated. That is what prisons do to prevent riots. Keep building more fences.
30. We are ordered to hate Amalek. Arabs.
MARK ,   USA   (03.22.06)
That is 1 of the 613 commandments that we must follow. I follow that commandment every day and am proud to hate the modern day Amalek. Arabs 60 years ago Amalek was Hitler I refuse to live near Nazis. There is nothing wrong with that. Ha-Shem wants it that way.
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