Voter turnout rate: Only 57%
Ynet reporters
Published: 28.03.06, 20:37
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1. and Israeli politicians wonder why-hah
Yisraeli   (03.28.06)
2. Serious Blow To "Democracy"?
A low voter turnout will be a serious blow to Israeli democracy? Are these clowns serious? While of course in normal democracies one's vote means something. But in Israel since the Oslo Accords, hardly. The only "democracy" that exists are for those who toe the leftist line of the ruling regime.
3. #2 its voter apathy
Anthony ,   London   (03.28.06)
The low turnout isn't about politicians deceiving voters or there not being a choice. Low turnout affects many democracies nowadays and is the result of citizens not taking their civic duties seriously. #2 if the government is in the hand of 'leftists' then maybe that it is the will of the majority. In fact I think the opposite - the system of elections to the Knesset gives so much power to religious parties that whatever party gets the most votes they have to tow the religious line and expand the settlements - even while trying to make peace with the Palestinians (eg Rabin, Peres, Barak) But if you disagree with me then do something about it! Dont whinge about "democracy" - go elect someone who will make a democracy. If there is noone then run yourself. If people dont agree with you then think about how to make your argument better. Voter apathy and cynicism are not the solutions!
4. how refreshing: no generals, no personalities, no bombs
5. #4 - Oh-so true
Perhaps now, that these factors do not cloud people's concepts, they will truly vote due to some kind of logical reasoning. Or not.
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