Likud stunned by collapse
Ilan Marciano
Published: 28.03.06, 23:26
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1. Likud = Expulsion, Yet Kadima Will = Destruction
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.28.06)
The reason why Likud imploded is because of what Likud did under Sharon. They STOLE the people's mandates. To all the real right wing voters, the Likud is symbolic of the expulsion. It was they who implemented it creating thousands !of Jewish refugees and weakened Israel's security. Now they wonder why they imploded?
2. Treason
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.28.06)
That idiot Eitan wants to find out why the party collapsed? He doesn't have to form a committee; he just has to look in the mirror. Who does he think he is calling for changes in the internal Likud organization and the election committee? He was already planning to oust Bibi before the polling stations even opened! If you're going to back-stab your own leader even before the results are in, what do you expect?
3. Bibi , Bibi ,Bibi
Ronnie   (03.28.06)
Bibi is the one who wasted public money by causing these elections to be held early. Bibi believes in no platform he is all wrapping and believes in only Bibi.
4. murder indictment
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.28.06)
The sharon family should be indicted for the murder of the likud. I do not care what arik sharon did in the past. What he did to our present and the future more than cancels his past. A real hero is a man who stays honest his whole life and does not put others in danger for his own good. All the kadima gang were theives to the people who voted for them. Now we will be stuck with this incompetant gang.
5. Eitan's surprise
Ben Nathan ,   NYC   (03.28.06)
Why would Eitan be that surprised? Netanyahu hardly represented Israeli interests. He has always been a puppet for the now disintegrating neo-cons in Washington who, to all extent, would use Israel to sevre their own agenda and would not give a rat's ass about the ordinary citizens of Israel. Nyahu's only choice now is: Harikiri.
6. Shifting votes around the parties
tom   (03.28.06)
it all amounts to a hill of beans.
7. Likud's future
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (03.28.06)
Also I am way to the right of the Likud and voted for NU, Natanyahu should stay. Likud has a future but Kadima has none. You remember dancing on the streets when Rabin won. Where is Rabin and Peres now? Nobody dancing. Very bad times are ahead with big missiles hitting Tel Aviv by summer. Many people consider that they aredoing well if their friends are almost dead. That is the logic of Kadima supporters and the won, with Meretz, Labor and one Arab party they will form the Government.
8. netanyahus blunder
alan ash ,   nyc ny usa   (03.29.06)
netanyahu should resign and let his people thrive and move on without him .
9. Netanyahu you pay the price for disapointing the right
Shelby   (03.29.06)
Next time represent your right wing constituents and perhaps you would of had a greater and broader right wing support.
10. # 7 Yariv
Silvan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.06)
Its Likuniks like you who brought us to this. You say where is Rabin now... oy..yy..yy on whose hands is his blood ?? If he was still around, we could (most probably) be living in peace. Cry for yourself, brother.... cry
11. # 3 You means: By By BiBi By By.....
Nasrallah ,   Lebanon   (03.29.06)
12. #1 What Complete Nonsense
David ,   Yerushalayim   (03.29.06)
OK Adina, so the reason the Likud didn't get more seats is because it represents the disengagement in people's minds? So which party did all these opponents of disengagement vote for instead? There's only one party that's against giving up any occupied territory, and that party got only 9 seats. None of the other so-called Right-Wing parties believe in "Greater Israel," not Shas, not Yisrael Beteinu, not UTJ. I'm curious to hear your explanation of this one...
13. Some of you people missed the point.
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.29.06)
The Likud imploded not because of Sharon's disengagement - if anything, this should have strengthened the remaining hawkish Likud at the expense of Kadima - with so many people frustrated over Sharon's stealing the people's mandates, and wanting to punish his Kadima party in the polls. The Likud also didn't crash because of Miki Eitan. Nobody gives a s**t about him. The Likud crashed, because: 1. Its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, was very unpopular. He may have been a great finance minister, but his reforms came at a heavy price from the Likud's constituents. 2. Also, Bibi was far from being an inspiring leader representing Israel's right wing. He was mum on many cases, where was he, and what was he saying during the Amona crisis? His opposition to the disengagement was very weak as well. The rightwing voters grew disappointed with him, and chose Lieberman, and National Unity instead. 3. CORRUPTION. The Likud was probably the most corrupt party after Shas, with 3000 people in its "center", threatening the Likud MK's to do whatever they ask them to - arrange for high-paying jobs for their relatives, arrange for them to win contracts for profitable projects with no competition, as well as other odd favors. One of the most blatant demonstrations of this corruption came when MK Inbal Gavrieli, used her political immunity to avoid policemen from searching her father's house for incriminating evidence on his gambling geshefts. The people have grown tired to this blatant corrpution. Hopefully, Kadima would bring Israel into a better, saner future.
14. Elect Moshiach
Menachem ,   Crown Heights   (03.29.06)
The first thing Netanyahu did when he was PM was to give away Hebron. Olmert, for his part, lacks the the moral fortitude that will be required to protect Eretz Yisroel from her enemies. At this point, the only option left for the country is to call forth Divine intervention.
15. to nasrallah
ahmad ,   jerusalem   (03.29.06)
16. Election is a flight from reality
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.29.06)
An outstanding percentage decided to let others decide, and a large number opted to support a return to the unsustainable social giveway society. After restoring all the funds to Shas, to large families, to the pensioners, and the histadrut the country will be heading into bankruptcy in a year's time. The Likud needs to be ready to explain why fiscal responsibility helped us get out of the mess of two years ago and then we will have to go through all the pain for a second time.
17. Likud lost Jewish land thief, now they are crippled, good.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (03.29.06)
18. Elections
Connie ,   USA   (03.29.06)
A couple of months ago, it was the palestinians who voted for hamas whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Now it's the Israeli's voting mostly for Kadima. The palestinians have voted for Israel's demise and Israel has voted for self desruction. What's going on?
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