Opinion  Attila Somfalvi
Elections 2006: Israeli earthquake
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.03.06, 02:50
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1. Fire sale
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.29.06)
Did ehud omelet go to the Western Wall to say goodbye? He is putting Jerusalem and the rest of Israel up for sale.A fire sale. The pensioners party,more like the ungrateful dead. The Israel our home party by new immigrants,just another reason for having only people who have served in the security forces sitting in the knesset or voting in national elections.
2. Olmert will be judged on his achievement
nehad ismail ,   camberley, england   (03.29.06)
Dramatic election, earthquake and so on. What matters at the end is concrete achievements on the peace front. Would Olmert deliver peace. His predecessors had since Oslo been prevaricating, dodging and evading and failed to achieve any peace. They ignored Arafat and Abbas and helpe Helped Hamas. Can Olmert deliver. Wait and see.
3. A Zionist Who Waves Shalom To Our Homeland.
You reap what you sow. I hope that by the time my son finishes school and has plans to make aliyah by the end of 2007 that he realizes what a cesspool Israel is leading itself in and reconsiders. I suspect even a diehard zionist like he is, he will realize that israel is now headed into post zionism. That's all folks.
4. #2, Not the Israeli, but you, Arabs, elected hamas.
AK   (03.29.06)
Olmert will not bring peace but a war because he is a weak man, without vision, and the arab sharks already smell blood in the water. Israel does not, nor it ever had, a peace partner, and that includes Jordan and Egypt, with whom some sort of peace travesty was signed. But don’t delude yourself that Israel will be an easy prey.
5. #1, FYI
Jonathan ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.06)
For your information, Jason, Avigdor Lieberman did serve in the security forces, as a front line soldier in the artillery corps. Less illustrious than your own no doubt heroic service, but service nonetheless.
6. # 3 - Bye Bye
Lauren ,   ISRAEL!!!!   (03.29.06)
You have a lot of chutzpah, Mr. Zionist. I am assuming that you don't even live here, because you spoke only of your son making Aliyah, and yet you think you have a right to criticize??? I am sure your son will make his own decisions and form his own opinions, if and when he makes Aliyah, about the way we live here, whom we decide to vote for, and how it affects OUR FUTURE. Yes, I stress - OUR future; meaning those of us who actually live here, pay the taxes, see our children through 2 -3 years of army service, deal with the hardships on a daily basis, and live the reality. So, keep on waving, whatever, most of us don't give a hoot, we have much bigger fish to fry, and if you are under the illusion that westerners making Aliyah is something grand and that we Israelis desperately need you guys here - well, sorry but you are wrong. We don't need you interfering, bringing your silly misconceptions of how the Zionist homeland should function, how we should have voted, or anything. And don't even bring in nonsense about how we need the American Jew's money, support, etc. Not if the American, or British, or anywhere else Jews think they can dictate how we live, nope, then keep your money, your children, etc. We will survive, just as we always have. You can stop waving now, give your hand a rest...
7. Mistakes
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.06)
Likud was not in power since 1977. During the first intifada Rabin was PM. Labor (Peres and Rabin invited Arafat to Israel). Barak and Labor started the second intifada. Finally, Sharon and Kadima (NOT Likud!) are responsible by the death of thousands people in Israel. As the founder of Kadima with his father, Omri Sharon correctly said that he and his father destroied Likud. Nathanyahu is very naive and very honest for the Kadima/ Labor guys.
8. #6 You are the hutzpanit!
Jew ,   Israel   (03.29.06)
Israel is the Jewish people's state, the Jews arent property of Israel! Israel was created by Jews, Israelis didnt create Judaism, stop being so arrogant and have some respect for others!
9. Elections 2006
Avi ,   Brooklyn, NY   (03.29.06)
We all need to pray to hashem that he should guide Ehud Olmert and his goverment in the right direction to lead Israel, and bring mashiach and the redemption so we can rid of our enemies and bulid the 3rd beit hamikdash.
10. The 'EARTHQUAKE' is Now Coming ...
Craig Crawford ,   Laguna Niguel USA   (03.29.06)
The children of Jacob have spoken and have voted overwhelmingly to reject God's Word ... The darkness of the solar eclipse is no accident as it falls on the day Israel has willingly chosen leaders who will choose 'their own borders' for Israel and Jerusalem and reject God's borders in rebellion, unfaithfulness, and unbelief. It is no accident the solar eclipse happened on the start of this New Year. 'Darkness' has fallen on the Land of Israel and the real 'earthquake' will soon begin ... 'Olmert's Plan' for Jerusalem and Israel is in direct oppostition to 'God's Plan' as found in the Bible. The Bible warns 'Olmert's Plan' will soon lead Israel and the world into many yet 'unharvested' prophecies found in the Bible where God warns what would happen after the children of Israel were brought back into the Land and would rebel against His Word. For just a small and bitter taste of what the future now holds for Israel and the world, study the following ... - Ezekiel 38-39 (Magog/Russian and Persia/Iran) - Isaiah 5:25-30 - Joel 2:1-10 - Jeremiah 25 - Zechariah 13:8-9 - Zechariah 14:2 - Zechariah 12:2-3 - Revelation 16:12-16 God clearly warned the children of Israel and the World what would happen when 'Gaza would be forsaken' in Zephaniah 2:1-7 ... Please learn of Messiah from the Tanakh ... He is our Hope ... our only Hope ... and with open arms and with tears of joy He will welome and shelter all who will come to Him. Grace and Shalom, www.alphanewsdaily.com www.theprophecies.com
11. # 8 & # 10
Lauren ,   Israel   (03.30.06)
# 8: Touchy, aren't we? Maybe you should take a closer look at the real roots of Judaism...However, I don't care for your arrogance either. Thank G-d, most of us "ISRAELIS" don't live by your rules. Shas is still not the supreme power here, don't forget that. # 10: Try some optimism. All this end of the world talk is sorta' depressing. I voted for the pensioners by the way. Aren't old people the children of G-d too? Clearly, you have somewhat of a fixation with doom and gloom. Why don't you come on over for a visit, lie on one of the beaches in the sun, relax, and forget about all that Armageddon stuff?
12. # 9
Reality Check ,   Israel   (03.30.06)
Never mind about Beit Hamikdash, what about the poor, sick and needy? Do you know how much money rebuilding a temple costs?
14. messianic lunatics
Embarrassed ,   New York   (05.04.06)
If the Palestinians have to deal with Hamas, the Israelis have to deal with their own lunatic fringe, whether this fringe is living in Israel, in Brooklyn, or wherever the zionist above lives. The messianic insanity of the people on this board matches the messianic idiocy of jihadists, christian fundamentalists, and all the rest who are driving the wars of the world. They don't want Israel. They want some fantasy Judea/Samaria. I know what I say only fans the flames of your paranoia and your feeling that you're being victimized, but enough is enough. You're not living in the bible. You're living on earth, where there are other people. And on earth, the bible is a collection of texts whose current version was established only, if I remember the date correctly in 90ad or so. Enough is enough.
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