Kadima: Tough coalition talks ahead
Ronny Sofer
Published: 29.03.06, 13:48
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1. Kadima would be wise to give up the Finance portfolio!
Logic ,   Israel   (03.29.06)
Olmert would be wise to give the finance portfolio to Labor's Braverman. Likud crashed partly because of their ruthless economic policies.
2. Secular Interior
Tzachi ,   rishon   (03.29.06)
They need to stop giving the Ministry of the Interior to religious parties.
3. yes, interior to a secular!!!!
david ,   T-A   (03.29.06)
shass has used the ministry of interior to push for his agenda, to make the life of non jews more difficult
4. Kadima needs to ditch the communists
saus ,   Canada   (03.29.06)
Forget this crazy option of forming a labor / meretz coalition. Scrounge up the madates somewhere else, sure it is difficult but governing is not a cake walk. Finances and defense are going to be in the hands of leftists who will bankrupt the country and appease the Hamas enemy!? This is crazyness, rebuild the bridges to right parties, most of Kadima is former likud, not former Meretz. Enough with this left wing love fest, the left has destroyed your country for 15 years now. Stop rolling back the clock, move forward.. Kadima.
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