Teen nabbed; bombing foiled
Efrat Weiss
Published: 29.03.06, 15:22
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1. Well done to IDF for making this election peaceful
2. Curfew in Gaza????
Who's imposing this? There are no Israelis there.
3. just another example....
Michael ,   Austin, TX   (03.29.06)
every time I read something like this, it just reinforces that arabs do not love their children...I wish they did (and their children probably do, too).
4. It is the world's responsibility....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.29.06)
to stop palestinians form teaching and forcing their children to become suicide bombers. This poor teenager was brainwashed and would have blown himself up and killed innocent people if weren't for IDF.
5. How about saluting
Jane   (03.29.06)
the Haredi brigade by not making negative generalizations about our more observant brothers.
6. golda's words
dani ,   TLV   (03.29.06)
as gold meir said, "there will be peace when the arabs love their children more then they hate the jews."
7. so cowardly...
now kick his ass in the interrogation! have fun good job idf.
8. DR
Yakir   (03.29.06)
Did you note that the palys never make talkbalks to these kind of articles ;-) I hope that they're emberassed!
9. Kol Hakavod to ALL Israeli Security forces for safe election
Alan ,   SA   (03.29.06)
10. Nice Mohak!
11. Haredi unit
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.06)
Don't think for a socond thaat Olmert's sons or Kadima voters from Tel Aviv would do the job. Those people do NOT serve in the IDF because they are on dope or in Tel Aviv bars
12. Kavod gadol
G ,   shomron   (03.29.06)
I thought haredi's do not serve in the IDF? Or is that just something that plays in the leftist media? The media divides israel more than any other force.
13. Why not just shoot them when you catch them ?
andrew ,   miami, fl   (03.29.06)
I hear every day about people being caught with explosive belts - if you just exectued them as soon as they are caught - it would deter many more
14. 8 Yakir: Right - they are hiding in their caves from the IDF
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.29.06)
crapping into their undies
15. andrew ,miami, fl: Have you ever served any forces ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (03.29.06)
Then you would know it is far more important to catch them alive - and get them to give information and sing So it is far more efficient this way to go after their brethren of complot and who has send them How do you think many times the IDF has information in order to do pre-empty strikes etc...
16. I am NOT haredi, but Why Not Give Then Credit For This?
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (03.29.06)
Hey Ynet. You should identify that it was Nachal Haredi who stopped the bomber. It wouldn't kill you now to give them credit. It was not one of Olmert's deviant sons who saved the day.
17. 15 Gabrielle, Geneve: Have you ever served any forces ?
Teach us about what is the best military strategy, Generalissimo!
18. Thank You
Josie ,   Israel   (03.29.06)
Another big THANK YOU to the IDF and to Him. We have another night that no family and friends are grieving for a loss of a loved one.
19. Yakir
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.29.06)
They are never here when the truth comes out. They hide away and then deny that these things are their fault. Cowards, just like the terrorists.
20. Andrew
Caligula's Horse ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.06)
We do not execute people without trials because we are different from our neighbours, that is one of the many differences between democracy and dictatorship, good job tzahal and good job nahal haredi!
21. Bomb his village!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.29.06)
Bomb the village he came from and let that be a warning to others. Let the terrorists see their family,friends and property destroyed. They will learn very fast.
22. Thank God he was nabbed!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (03.29.06)
What pathetic piece of scum are these guys who commit a suicide and call it Jihad! It is people like these who are Islam's worst enemies! I just cannot understand how these animals justify the killing of a human life regardless of who it is, for any cause! If Israel is making the Palestinians lives impossible then going about more of there homicide terrorism will only make life even worse for the average Palestinian who wants to provide a shelter, food and water for his family! May Allah cleanse their ill souls! Salam.
23. Abdullah
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.29.06)
Why do we not hear more voices like yours in the Arab/Muslim world? I know many muslims ( I work for a muslim doctor) and they all agree with you that these scum really harm Islam. How come we don't see leaders and Imams call for this to end? It's a shame that average people have to suffer b/c a few fanatic scumbags do this.
24. Abdullah
Ram ,   London   (03.30.06)
You will note that any arab that posts a reasonable and logical note such as yours automatically receives simpathetic responses from Jews. I guess that this is a clear sign that we are open to reason ameanable to building bridges If more of you were to display such a tendency don't you think that would bring us a few steps closer to an understanding, a solution to the conflict and perhaps even peace?
25. Response to DR (post 23)
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (03.30.06)
Because our religion is hijacked by the extreme right and tyrants who give them power to stay in power!
26. fabrication
Human   (03.30.06)
These incidents, were all fabricated by the Israeli intelligence office, and the extremist Israelis in the army, so that they will keep the hot atmosphere in the occupied terroteries. They want to continuasely charactarise the Palestinian resistance as violence.
27. not hate
human   (03.30.06)
#6 Dani We are not hating jews, we all were living in Palestine before 1948. We are hating those who occupied us only.
28. #26 keep denying reality...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.03.06)
You are incredible!!! This is why your people suffer. They deny reality and create their own lies. The world has eyeys and brains , my friend, you are fooling no one but yourself. Do you really expect the international community to buy into your Bullshit and then give you a state and make Israel give up its land? Are you on drugs or something. It is a good thing people like you exist because it proves our point that we are dealing with a bunch of primitive, brainwashed liars. Israel can and will never lose to people like you. Go get a job and stop wasting our time.
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