Olmert: All parties potential partners
Ronny Sofer
Published: 29.03.06, 21:02
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1. The Sharks Are Circling
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (03.29.06)
The sharks will be circling near and far for a piece of the political pie. In the process may they bite off the heads of those who seek to give over the heartland of the Jewish homeland to our genocidal foes!
2. Elections
Leon Rosen ,   Israel   (03.29.06)
The reason for the low poll and low seats for the former 3 major parties is very simple. They are seen as being rotten to the core. They are a disgrace to democracy. They have either incable or unacceptable leaders and are seen as self seeking leeches bedazzled by the corrupt opportunities available. The results are a loud and clear protest against all that is rotten in our politics. It's not the strategy that was mistaken it's the self appointed individuals at the top of the dung heap of our political scene. What the country needs is a total shakeup of the electoral system,to remove the corruptingmethods of selection of candidates and an end to proportional representation which has lead to the current sad situation.A strong dose of 'zero tolerance' a la Guilliani would help straighten things out. The israeli voter has once again shown good judgement in rejecting, loudly and clearly, all that it sees as the unacceptable farce of the country's political picture.
3. exactly #1 !!
4. Olmert--or Peretz?
Michael Hoffman ,   Silver Spring USA   (03.29.06)
Kadima 28 MKs; Labor 20 MKs. If Amir Peretz is clever, and can offer a better deal to Shas (13), Yisrael Beitenu (12), Likud (11)(Labor & Likud HAVE coalesced before), Gil (7) & UTJ (6), he'd have 69 seats. If Peretz included Likud, would Katsav [from Likud] give Peretz the mandate to form a government? Stranger things have happened in Israeli politics!
5. The Dog and the Tail
Bob Shantz ,   Shanksville, Pa.   (03.29.06)
The Lord summoned and the vassal, "... vowed to take the necessary steps in order to set up a broad coalition quickly."
6. 20%
shelly ,   israel   (03.29.06)
that about what kadima got is around 20% of the vote. 20% of the vote does not give you the right to do what you want. OH I forgot this is Israel only what the politician wants counts. 20% OLMART be proud of your self. 20% off walmart
7. To Nos. 1 & 6
Joan ,   Haifa   (03.29.06)
It's true that 20% doesn't give anyone much of a mandate and also that the Israeli electorate's not going to the polls in droves shows that people are fed up, but the fact is that Kadima won the election and maybe if all those disgusted people had gotten out and voted, the results might have been very different. It seems to me that, if you opt out of the system by not voting, harsh as it may sound, you're also opting out of your legitimate right to complain.
8. Rabid JEW-HATE of Ethnic Jew Cleansing. SECURITY DESTROYED
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.29.06)
Kadima Ideology - Surrender to global jihad. Give Islamo-Fascists sworn to Israel's destruction - Judea and Samaria - land military experts insist is vital for Israel's defense! Kadima goal: make 250,000 Judea and Samaria Jews jobless and homeless because they are JEWS. Force them to pay the mortgages on their destroyed homes (as Gaza's Jews are forced to). Ruin them financially and destroy their lives because they are JEWS. Give the seized Jewish land and assets to Muslims because Muslims follow the politically correct religion of Muhammad. This CRUEL and frightening ideology that punishes people for not being Muslim must stop! Kadima Ideology - It is unacceptable to respond to Islam's non-stop religious terror war against Jews. Kadima Ideology - War should only be conducted against Jewish patriots. Amona - February 1, 2006 - a day never to be forgotten - when Olmert/Kadima went to war against Jewish innocents instead of going to war against Islamic terrorists. In the synagogues, in the street, wherever people meet - speak out against the rabid Jew-hate that demands Ethnic Jew Cleansing and the destruction of Israel's security!
9. Did anyone bother to tell you people
Caligula's Horse ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.06)
That Kadima has the lowest number of mandates a ruling party has ever had? That thanks to the stupidity of us Israelis there are 10 seperate parties with equal power that would extort and break any coalition as they like and prevent the advance of anything, with a 51 right wing block and a 52 left wing block it seems that these elections were only the promo for the real thing : 2007 elections... sigh, all that election propoganda on TV all over again, how much do we pay for this?
10. To No. 7
Ira Kleiman ,   New York, USA   (03.29.06)
Joan you are exactly right. The fact is this election was the referendum the right wanted and should have gotten all last summer. For whatever reason, it lost. The will of the people must now be respected, until such time as there are new elections. Personally, I think Olmert's policies will be a disaster, but for the good of the State I hope I'm wrong.
11. #9 horse, you're wrong
alan ,   chicago   (03.29.06)
you're wrong of cousre, 28 seats is not the lowest total - Barak ruled with a 26-seat party, and Sharon in his first term had a 19-seat Likud. You tried to come across as clever, yet ended up sounding rather dumb
12. Why Ignoring
Nick ,   USA   (03.29.06)
From all numbers and Calculations I have seen, Every body is ignoring the 10 Arab seats, why coalition can't be formed with them, OR this is never considered by Zionist Idiologists...and is that why Kadima leader says " all Zionist parties are potential coalition partners".
13. #11 lol
Sara ,   Reading, Pa.   (03.29.06)
You should have insulted his name too.
14. ZIONIST being the operative word
Arie   (03.29.06)
Means no 5th columnite Arab parties that only want our destruction
15. stable govt
peter ,   amsterdam NL   (03.29.06)
Kadima/Avoda/Gil/4th party(who?) That would be 60+ seats. Take steps to define permanent borders(and have good arrangements in place for those who choose to relocate), improve social justice(economic growth, raise minimum wage) and maintain security by finishing the fence, have informal talks with P.A. about final status if there is someone serious out there. That would be a big improvement, fighting criminality and corruption speaks for itself. Life would be so much more pleasant if those basic needs would be fulfilled. Not too much to ask you would think from a responsible stable govt.
16. #11 And how many months did these two last?
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (03.29.06)
Less than a year and a half, see the point?
shelly ,   israel   (03.29.06)
18. Weak leader gets the coalition he deserves
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.29.06)
19. Nick, you can get your wish, yet.
AK   (03.30.06)
Olmert would prefer to get the Jewish imprimatur on his planned expulsion of Jews, thus, coalitions with the main parties would be preferable, but being basically result oriented, result being cutting and running ala that other great statesman Barak, he'll probably use Arab MK, if he has to, since they wouldn't like anything better than throwing the Jews out of their homes, anywhere and everywhere in Israel. What Olmert wants, aside from his personal interests, I couldn't say, nor, gathering from what I I’ve read in the press, can anybody else. His plans are fuzzy and obtuse, putting it very mildly, and even less reasonable than those of the Oslo Peace offering.
20. Coalition
leah amdur ,   Jeruslame Israel   (03.30.06)
BH we have a sfardi government and a Torah Government. We can have a torah minister of education and a torah minister of Justice. What a brocha. We also have a torah government which will look after the need s of the people. Maybe the pensioners will ask Omri for the $ 600000 or was it Nis and that can go towards a few pensions. Those non-Jewish leeches have very little power now
21. Will include ham-ass, hiz-bull-ah for the right price.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (03.30.06)
22. Here boy!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.31.06)
How did hajj bush invite ehud omelet? He probably whistled and called out here boy. Now omelet will run to hajj bush bush with his tail wagging. Reminds me of the time barak was elected and clinton invited him. He said he felt like a kid receiving a new toy. He did not even form a coalition and he is called.
23. There is an Alternative
Robert ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.31.06)
There is an Alternative to spending 100 billion shekels to forcibly expel 80,000 Jews from their homes! There is an Alternative which respects everyone's human rights! There is an Alternative which ensures a Jewish majority for generations to come! There is an Alternative which will unite the nation and not divide it. There is an Alternative which a majority of Palestinian Arabs could be convinced accept. There is an Alternative which Israel can implement without the agreement of the US, EU or Arab countries. What is this Alternative? To establish a Ministry of Emigration which would give the same financial incentives and aid to Arabs who want to emigrate as is given to Jews who want to make aliyah. According to polls 59% of Israeli Jews support the government encouraging Arabs to emigrate, and 20% of West Bank Arabs would emigrate today if they had the money to do so, more would do so if the financial incentives were available. There is an Alternative! Sign the Petition for an Alternative to Another Unilateral Withdrawal
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