Final results: Another mandate for Kadima
Ilan Marciano
Published: 30.03.06, 18:59
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1. Good news!
Marina ,   Bucharest, Romania   (03.30.06)
Very good news for Israel: now Kadima, Avoda, Meretz and Gil can form a coalition without Shass or other religious parties. Kadima, Israel! Very good! I cross my fingers for Israel.
2. You know what that means...... Pullout time baby!
Palestinian   (03.30.06)
See ya later all you Righties!!! :) :) :)
3. Prison vote
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.30.06)
I bet the kadima gang picked up that extra mandate from the prisoners' vote.
4. Peretz must be the prime minister
Yerushalmi ,   Yerushalaim   (03.30.06)
We musnt let Olmert run our country, he already destroyed our city, turning it to the poorest city in Israel, Kadima must dissappear from the political map, it threatens the existence of democracy and of the existence of our Jewish state, luckly only 1/4 of the voters were stupid enough to vote for it but that is way too much. If Olmert is the next PM then I will stand by the oranges and protest with them because this plan is suicidel to all of Israel, hilonim, religious, rightists, leftiests, mizrahim or ashkenazim.
5. prison vote
sam ,   potomac md   (03.31.06)
I bet that the prisoiners voted Israel Beitenu--people in the crminal classes tend to identify strongly along racial and ethnic lines--Kahana attracted a lot of criminal types
6. Re: Peretz must be Prime Minister
David ,   Tel Aviv,   (03.31.06)
If Peretz becomes Prime Minister then we are indeed a banana republic. Kadima and Olmert won the largest block of votes, they and only they, should be looking to build a coalition, otherwise why on earth did we just have elections?
7. Iran Earthquake
John Teague ,   Conway USA   (03.31.06)
Does the earthquake that killed folks in Iran mean ass Mohammed and Allah are not pleased with those *****?
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