Suicide bomber strikes in Kedumim
Efrat Weiss
Published: 31.03.06, 09:40
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1. The religion of peace
Michael ,   Austin, Tx   (03.30.06)
strikes again
2. Explosion outside Kedumim
MF ,   Israel   (03.30.06)
This is a gas station which is also regularly used by local Arabs. Lucky it was late at night!!!
3. Another work accident?
Arie   (03.30.06)
Surprised the palestinians haven't filed a complaint with the UN claiming Israel vexed the homicide bomber into an early martyrdom
4. Annoyed by US media
Dave ,   NY, USA   (03.30.06)
I am rather annoyed that the US national media is not reporting some of these events. The Katyusha fired from Gaza, for instance. I have still not seen any coverage of it and that is a significant event. I will watch tonight, but there should be more coverage here in the US, especially when the US is saying it will not fun a terror lead PA. There should be coverage of what the terrorosts are doing. There was nothing about the suicide bomber that was caught just the other day. Israel should make a concerted effort to get these events on CNN, FOXnews, NBCnews, and ABCnews. These events should be shown to the US public. It can only stringthen the US support for Israel in the Face of this terror campaign. I thikn this should be part of Israel's PR efforts abroad. The truth needs to be more "in your face" than it is now.
5. This Abbas is to blame.
MARK ,   USA   (03.30.06)
Abbas can not blame this on Hamas. He is 100% responsible for this. Bomb all Israeli Arab towns now.
6. The EU funded this.
MARK ,   USA   (03.30.06)
The EU funded this because all the money was sent to the PA and not Hamas. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades is the militant part of the PA. Stop all Humanitarian Aid from going to the PA. Let them starve to death and sue the EU.
7. Careful Hamas....
Dan ,   USA   (03.30.06)
if you play with fire, you are likely to get burned.....literally.
8. Three Israelis Were Killed In This Attack
Hebrew ,   Israel   (03.30.06) Shortly following the explosion, authorities believed the blast was a terrorist bomb that detonated prematurely, killing the bomber inside. The vehicle was engulfed in flames. It now appears that a suicide bomber dressed as a Jew, wearing a kippa (yarmulke), was given a ride by the unsuspecting occupants of the Israeli vehicle. He then blew himself up inside killing the passengers. The number of dead remains unclear but it appears to be two at this time.
9. And You Want To Give Up More Land?!?!
Israel ,   Israel   (03.30.06)
You think they will stop when we give them all these so called "settlements", you think they will forget their entire piece of scum the koran that says to kill all non-believers, you think they wont want the entire Jerusalem. You think that by giving a shark meat , the shark will start becoming a vegetarian. Amalek has to be stopped before it is the doing of the country. We have two enemies, on within and one outside, the one within is these so called jews that want to give up their G-d given land to these monkeys for a fantasy of peace, and the sons of Esau/Edom/Amalek that have been trying for centuries to wipe us out of this earth. NEVER FORGET, Destroy Amalek and the adversary inside of you before we have a second diaspora. Israel is not a business proposition it is our G-d given land and cannot be parted with.
10. time for some more darwin awards?
mike ,   usa   (03.30.06)
11.  Fifth Column
Patriot ,   Chicago, US   (03.31.06)
It is time for Israel to drive all Muslims from Israel (and territories) before it is too late. Retake the Temple Mount and rebuild the Temple of the true God, The God of Israel. It is a time for boldness and revolution. King David would have not showed weakness towards the pagans. Israel needs a King!!
12. #10
john ,   usa   (03.31.06)
you are disgusting bloodthirsty monstor
13. Steiner will say that three settlers are not enough
One that knows ,   Steiner   (03.31.06)
14. Too soft!
Ram ,   London   (03.31.06)
Daniella Weiss is spot on when she says “We are soft on the enemy…we must hurt them in such a way that .........................”
15. 'Humanitarian' (wink wink) aid funded this.
Margot ,   Israel   (03.31.06)
and From Al-Guardian: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is pointing to the secular Palestinian president as a' figure of moral authority' LOL! MOral figure? Who has done nothing to stop terror while supporting/harboring it himself. Oh, I forgot we should not mention this. Now we see his military wing back to the business of slaughtering Jews once more.
16. 12
mike ,   usa   (03.31.06)
i wrote that when first report said it was a premature detonation, killing only the terrorists.
17. very good aqsa brigad
quds brigads ,   gaza   (03.31.06)
we want more and more we want quds brigad in jeneen tollekerem nablus hebron to do the same we want agood relation with all brigads aqsa and quds and qassam to destroy israel from the map
18. arab bombing near west bank gas station
alex ,   aurora canada   (03.31.06)
bllow up every gas station in adjacent west bank town and target Hamas officials. Don't wait-strike!
19. Israel's enemies much wiser than they
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.31.06)
The Jews have become easy targets much as they were during the reign of Nitler . Their enemies know what they want and proceed towards their goal with no turning to the left or right. The Jews believe in nothing but appeasing and surrendering to this enemy .The Jews used to understand the value of defeating their enemy ,they no longer do ,and assume that their good will will be met with kindness from the jihadists. The Jews are very,very sick in the head and this sadly is not the end but the beginning of much more suffering for them .The have their stupidity to blame and not their God.
20. See both sides
Muhammad ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.31.06)
See both side, that's nothing compared to what the army does against Palestinian civilian and chldren. You are not the only humans and this land and other side too is human.
21. Stop your terrorism
Muhammad ,   Montreal   (03.31.06)
Stop murdering Palestinian if you want them to stop killing you.
22. quds brigades
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.31.06)
Do you crave a martyr's death, O ass of Allah? IDF can arrange that.
23. quds brigade #17
Ron ,   Canada   (03.31.06)
you are a vile disgusting animal and you will never achieve anything in killing innocent people, mark my words.
24. Stupid Aqsa, Stupid Quds
S Judah ,   london   (03.31.06)
Bitterness will be your reward, Your own people will curse you for the wrath that Israel will heap upon you. You will dwell in darkness as the rest of the world goes forward with out. And when you cry out for help , no one will hear you. Your future ?it has alread been, and there will be no virgins waiting to greet you, you will instead be met by snakes and wild beasts.
25. What Will Olmert Do To Retaliate?
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.31.06)
The question is - will the IDF raid the bomber's town and flatten the terror nests?? Oops. "Innocent civilians" might get hurt. I won't hold my breath on anything more than the IDF being allowed to bomb empty fields. If I were paying Israeli taxes I would ask for my money back. Better yet, I would withhold my taxes until they started to protect their citizens better.
26. RIP Victims of The Muslim Disease
yonatan ,   london, uk   (03.31.06)
may their innocent souls rest in peace and may Hashem comfort their families. my thoughts & prayers are with them.
27. Re #20 & 17
Dan   (03.31.06)
There is no such thing as a Palestinian civilian. They voted for the terrorists, thus they are fair game. You want to kill our civilians, then we should be retaliating with airstrikes that kill 100x what you do to us. Unfortunately we dont have a Government with enough balls to do such a thing. Olmert can't protect us. He's weak as piss.
28. Why do I always get stuck reading the pseudo religous rants?
Jonathan Levi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.31.06)
How's about all you religious Jews stop all the G-d threats and instead do something yourselves. Otheriwse sit back be patient and allow the military wing of Israel to do their job. Most of you are a bunch of spoiled brats who I'm willing to bet 10:1 odds have never held a gun or a weapon for that matter. Israels in a transition period and as much as you may not like to hear this we need to wait and see what the new government will do. Allow Hamas to dig its own hole so we can bury them. #20,21 I would love to see both sides of this conflict but thats like telling me to feel pity for the robber who gets beaten up for stealing something. Why should I pity theives who stole land and tried to rewrite history????
Jack ,   LA   (03.31.06)
30. #21
Roni   (03.31.06)
Who are these so-called "palestininas" that you are referring to? All I see is a bunch of arabs who are not welcome in Jordan - the only real "palestine". On a brighter note, Canada decided to cut aid to "palestininas". Good. I hope you cried all night when Harper got elected.
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