Olmert-Peretz rift growing
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 02.04.06, 00:00
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1. Rats on a Sinking Ship
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.02.06)
Rat's on asinking ship often bite one another. Kadima and Labor's failed agenda of surrender and capitulation to those intent on Israel's destruction will end with a thud. May the part of appeasment whichj rewardfs terrorism fall quickly.
2. No better than other politicians
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (04.02.06)
What else was expected ? Politicians are politicians, Israelis or else. Why should we be exempted from seing a run-for-power ? And we give lessons to others !!!!
3. They should have a duel and let Baruch Marzel save Israel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (04.02.06)
4. Who will be P.M.?
Avraham ,   Netivot   (04.02.06)
The problem with Olmert & Peretz is that they are both not qualified to run the country. The truth is that there isn't one party leader who is qualified, they are all in it for themselves & don't give a damn about anything else. We need moshiach now!
5. Marcel
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.02.06)
You ,the same as Linda Rivera,are Christians , and are here in this site instigating ,all the time, Israel to react agaisnt appesement and etc.You,not only instigate but dare offending us Jews. I have never had nothing against Christians,just the oposit;I live in a very Christian country and I love its people. But,again,I want to understand why you both are here instigating Israelis and Jews so fiercely. Why?
6. let's just cut the crap and have another
Jerusalem,Israel   (04.02.06)
election already! With olmert and peretz's fighting this does'nt look good for Israel's future.
7. Keren
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.02.06)
what would you suggest other than offending us and trying to show you know everything better then anyone else.huh? If you were PM what would YOU do? I want to listen. But,again,I want to understand why you both are here instigating Israelis and Jews so fiercely. Why? Instigating ? Offending ? The truth is the truth and I won't sell you lies or deception like Israeli and U.S. politicians do to Israel. After 13 years of Oslo ,Road Map lies Israel and the majority of Jews continue to buy . WHat else could this be but stupidity ,insanityy Karen ? Karen ,In truth you are not listening , I've written the same solution many ,many times ,the same solution as Samuel from Boca Raton wrote Pay Attention !!!! DEFEAT THE PALESTINIANS,DEFEAT THE PALESTINIANS. Instead the IDIOT leaders Israeli vote for help their enemies and suport them . They are easily restrained by false allies like the sanke Bush who push for rewarding terrorists with a Palestinian state. Israel and some Jews are offended because they don't want to hear the truth that reveals their lack of faith in Hashem as they surrender His land to His enemies. Theire kindness to evil terrorists reveals their total lack of faith and injustice towards all Jews murdered by these evil Jihadists. There is nothing noble or good about being nice to the Palestinians it is bad, and evil what Israel does in rewarding them and bowing to U.S. pressure. IT IS A SIGN OF A FAITHLESS AND COWARDLY PEOPLE. For this window on the truth many Jews are offened . Good ,I'm glad ,the truth will eventually catch up with everyone. better now ,so the nation can repent at PESACH for their wicked ways in vooting for Olmert and not seeking Hashem and His ways. I can't speak for Linda but I fiercely attempt to awake the suicidal sleeping Jews to awaken before it is too late for them. If I was in Germany in 1934 I would have fiercely warned the Jews to flee before it was too late. Because I love the God of Avraham,Yitzak and Yaakov and Beulah land,Eretz Yisrael. I speak the truth. Mush of Israel has chosen to live in fantasy and love lies ,and this is why they are hurt and angry about what I write. There is no peace to be had with the Palestinians or Islam.
8. words...
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.02.06)
Ask permission,Marcel, and go to Israel to try to implement your bloody plans,and put yourself in the front. I regret myself for my un-thought words before,in the other article. I guess,it was not the right answer. But,G'od,and only Him,will give us the right path.
9. The beginning of the end!
Linda   (04.02.06)
Very good! I gave you two years, but I see I was wrong. It will not be one year.
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