Lawsuit: Coca Cola drinks may cause cancer
Vered Luvitch
Published: 03.04.06, 10:24
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1. Drink more Water
Annie ,   Ofarim, Israel   (04.03.06)
No matter how "safe" artificially flavored/colored drinks and foods are, it's still all chemicals. How about limiting the consumption of soft-drinks and getting used to drinking water?
2. if the water was clean, people would drink more.
Jerusalem,Israel   (04.03.06)
3. Coke Drinks are Toxic!
Raz   (04.03.06)
It's chemicals, sugar, and added flavor and coloring...egh. Try juice, or at least, diet ginger ale!!!
4. Raz: Thanks for the advice Ima.
5. Maybe if we change the name to kinley again
we wont get sick
6. #3
me   (04.04.06)
muaha and you think that diet ginger ale doesn't have artificial flavouring and preservatives? have a look at a schweps or canada dry ginger ale and see for yourself. it's important to stress that a lot of crap is put into our foods, some of which is outright poison but generally it is used in very low dosage, hence we don't notice any side effects. don't want to drink any crap? drink bottled water.
7. Diet Drinks
Ron Ferguson ,   Bedford, Pa USA   (04.07.06)
Book by Dr. Russell Blaylock, a practicing neurologist points out that aspartame, aspartic acid and monosodium glutamate are dangerous excitotoxins. These are chemicals that excite brain cells to the point that it kills them. Get the book and read it and you'll never drink another diet drink. Also you will know the disguises that msg is used under including "natural flavoring". It's a crime against humanity. I believe the book is based on good science - just check out the more than 400 references. I have no commercial interest in this subject in any way. I'm just a concerned citizen and self styled health advocate with some knowledge of chemistry and 33 1/3 years with Du Pont where I learned the absolute value of safety, health of employees and customers and respect for the environment.
8. are we dying?
hello   (06.21.06)
thats really not good. why hasnt this been made more public? if its killing us shouldnt we no. gotta go get a fanta now. over and out. ps. anything else that can kill me that is owned by coke....... just curious?
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