Qassam attacks up despite IDF efforts
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 06.04.06, 20:27
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1. how
child ,   anywhere   (04.06.06)
iam hungry ,how i can feed myselfe unilateral .iam afraid how ican reasure myselfe unilateral please one tell me iam waiting
2. All Out War, No More Pussies, Destroy Amalek
Israel ,   Israel   (04.06.06)
Do what must be done, do not hesitate, show no mercy to Amalek
3. War Must Be Won
Shaka ,   NY, USA   (04.06.06)
It seems the Palestinians know they are in a War. However, Israel seems to be swatting flies instead of fighting a War. The second Israel realizes that the only way to end the rocket attacks, the suicide bombings etc. is to fight and win the War against its enemies the Palestinians. May G-d Protect the IDF and the People of Israel and lead them to victory.
4. What effort ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.06.06)
All I see are Girl scout leaders at the Knessett following the restraint orders from Wahington .The IDF is not permitted to fight and win this war. The terrorists cry they are broke and everyone rushes to keep them afolat instead of letting them sink like a rock. Defeat them or they will defeat you !
5. No Wall Can Prevent Air-Attacks
David ,   Jerusalem   (04.06.06)
No settlement removal, no giving of land, no giving of greenhouses, the only thing they want is to see every single Jew dead. Prevent another Jewish Holocaust, we have lost our land for so long, dont give it up, dont be a coward, fight for the land and our nation and our heritage.
6. PA security forces....
Riv ,   Israel   (04.06.06)
Abbas who has thousands and thousands of CIA and EU (tax dollar) trained security forces can not? Or are they too busy being run (with no opposition by Abbas) by Hamas? Wait a minute. Even before Hamas won by a landslide Abbas did nothing. (and the US and EU winked) Shh, we are not suppose to talk about the real life toilet of tax dollars continuously flushed down the PA sewers. Tax dollars which bring no return and Tax dollars which surely are not used as they should be. Arafat taught them well. The US and EU are no different now than they were then. As far as I am concerned the US Congress need to give the White House in their post 9-11 environment of the war on terror (wink) another kick in the ass. In a real world which is not co-dependant to the Arab/Islamanazi street and their dictatorial leaders need to take all bets off the table and just plain walk away. Oops, this is not the real world however. And in the real world rather than shoving more and more money down the Palestinian sink hole, placing the heavy burdens of doing the job of Abbas on Israel the world needs to take a close look at the climate to which they too have been responsible. In a real world which is not co-dependant to the Arab/Islamanazi street and their dictatorial leaders need to take all bets off the table and just plain walk away. Oops, this is not the real world however. In the mean time everyone is throwing so-called humanitarian money at the PA toilets while the real financial military burdens cut deep into education and public services right here in Israel. Seriously, this whole charade sickens me right down to the core.
7. Marcel #4.....what effort you ask?
Riv ,   Israel   (04.06.06)
Buddy, you will never know the effort not if you lived a million years. Keep your negative down in the mouth bullshit to yourself for once!
8. Regime Concerned NOT With Protecting Jews
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (04.06.06)
The attacks are up because the regime is too concerned with harming PA 'civilians'. They have no such qualms about Jews getting harmed. This is the bold and honest truth of the matter. If the people were thinking clearly they would be demanding that the regime protect them any way possible, and the citizens would not cooperate with the authorities until the gov't performs their sacred duties !
9. I guess, bombing empty fields doesn't work.
AK   (04.06.06)
Neither does bombing empty buildings. Neither does retreat. Any more ideas Olmert, Mofaz, anybody?
10. Marcel, you are 100% correct.
AK   (04.06.06)
11. And when the IDF moves in
Arie   (04.06.06)
will the pals want islamofrench cheese with their whine?
12. gee, how come the terrorists are so motivated?
david ,   miami usa   (04.06.06)
maybe its because israel handed them a victory and expelled the jews from gaza?
13. This has been going on since Oslo
Greater Israel ,   Jerusalem   (04.06.06)
Until Israel wakes up and removes the chain thats been connected to them since Oslo with America, then we will keep loosing. Break the chain and we will have victory
14. If I were a Palestinians I'd also fire Qassams!
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (04.06.06)
They shoot - we retreat, is there a better incentive???
15. He Is right "Instead of trying to stop the attacks..."
Nick ,   USA   (04.06.06)
You know, I had yet to see any Israeli leader or civilian ( Jew) try to admit Palestinians right to exist in a free home land, Eeven with Oslo..the only Jewish leader to try admitting the solution is two states got assasinated.Its true "Instead of trying to stop the attacks, the Israelis should stop the escalation and only then we will stop the firing". All israel done to those peaple is more and more conditions for nothing, and the pullshit called disengagement from of Gaza, you think peaple are blind, you made Gaza a big Jail, you even prevent food from getting into the strip..Another kosofo. And you plame those peaple from becomming terrorist and electing hamas, Jews did worst than that between 1936-1948 just to get recognition...wake up and smell your Sh*t.Only solution is piece and two state solution , accept it now or god only nows what will happend if the table turn around before piece is achieved....
KAPARA   (04.06.06)
Marcel You are absolutely correct. All smart Israelis thank you.
17. Qassam attacks
ger ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.06.06)
The IDF may not be able to stop the attacks, but the shelling of open fields should help Palestinian farmers with their plowing.
18. Hey Nick, STFU
Israel ,   Israel   (04.06.06)
You have no right to say anything as you dont live in the state. And second of all, Hamas and his savage partners state every single freaking day, they want all of the Six Day war land back meaning East Jeusalem, meaning the Kotel. And to release all prisoners. There is no such thing as PALOland, they have over 20 other arab states to go to. There is no arab oppression they can go to Egypt or Jordan when they like to buy weopons. We have been oppressed for almost 2000 years by Esau/Edom/Amalek, this is our land and we are not going to have a second Diaspora
19. IDF cannot even stop Abu Ala from farting!
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (04.06.06)
20. A BIG kick in the ass
J K ,   NYC, USA   (04.06.06)
Is the only think that has, in the past, stopped the Arab countries surrounding Israel from seeking its destruction and instead make peace with Israel, however cold. Sorry folks, but it seems all the niceness and coddling and aid for g-d knows how many years havent taught the 'Palestinian' Arabs a blessed thing. Their elected leadership is stuck in a time warp, 1948, and it would seem they are going to need the same medicine Jordan, Egypt and Syria took in order to back off. I really wish I didnt sound like I was calling for MUCH harsher responses againt 'Palestinians', but it would seem offering a settlement and a willingness to live in peace provided there is an equal action on the opposite side has done zero for Israel. Hamas wont do anything to stop attacks against Israel (their own words) and dream of no Israel (also their words). Nothing else to do but convince them they lost and to get on with the business of peace.
21. Of course Israel can't stop the missles
Phil ,   US   (04.06.06)
After the bombing of the Passover Seder and the murders of the Jews observing this holiday of freedom, the IDF mobilized its reserves and took control of territory given to Arafat during Oslo. I remember the fury of the US administration and the demands to stop the Israeli operation. However, Israel decided that enough was enough and that Israel had to have forces on the ground to gain control of the situation. In fact, that is the only way to win a conventional or guerilla war. The US should have learned from Viet Nam that you don't win a war by trying to win the hearts and minds of the people. You win a war by defeating the enemy. Now, the US is involved in a quagmire in Iraq because of our fears of alienating people who hate us no matter what we do. The Muhajadeen were helped to defeat the Soviets by American weapons and advisors and yet still allowed the AlQuaida to train and carryout 9-11. Ashkelon is of vital strategic importance. Yet, innefectiv e measures are taken against the Abu Mazen forces that are firing these rockets. Disengagement and fences will work if the other side is willing to try to stop the violence. When they are not (can anybody that is not psychotic even dream that Hamas is more willing to stop the terror than was the Fatah of Abu Mazen). terror continues unabated.
22. security oficial said...
G   (04.06.06)
“When we launched this operation, which is medium in scale, I was clear that we will not have a decrease in Qassam fire in the short term. To reach a decrease in the number of Qassams fired at Israel we need patience, to give those on the other side time to internalize what they will loose if the firing continues,” a security official said. HELLO???!!! THESE PEOPLE BLOW THEMSELVES UP JUST TO KILL A FEW KIDS!!!! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY WILL BE INTERNALIZING ANYTHING? LET THEM INTERNALIZE CARPET BOMBING> DRIVE THE ARABS OUT TO EGYPT.
23. Nick- Palestinians have only one right
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.06.06)
I've been watching the Palestinian's since my first time in Gaza in 1977 . For all their efforts at 'peace' and all the hard work they do for 'peace',they are deserving of only one thing . ONE ABSOLUTE, TOTAL AND COMPLETE, DEVESTATING,SOUND DEFEAT. Right now Israel's girl scout Olmert only plays with you . When a strong P.M. rules over Israel, there will no longer be ANY Palestinian threat. No mercy ,not pity ,send them to their paradise asap. This will help end the misery and lawlesness in Gaza and give the peace process new life.
24. Who would think havlaga doesn't work?
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (04.06.06)
It didn't work againxt the brits. It tookk the etzl and lehi to do that. bg's Jew hating palmach were just that. So now you have putsch poodle who delares he istired odefearing and of so called victories. Stop the self hating havlaga. Stop using all your force against your best who makes the land bloom and loves the land that protects all of you. You attack your best, but for those who are as pins in your eyes you engage n havlaga. You must expel them in the historically accepted fashion to their homicidal hamire homoland. Enforce teir right of return from whence they came. Don't just return fire to empty fields and structures.
25. Alqassam
Qassam ,   Gaza   (04.06.06)
Did anyone asked himself why the palestinians are Launching Rockets, ??? when will you stop being arrogant and living the big exclusion of the original, yes the owners of the land. will, keep lieing, and using the logic of power aginest the logic of right. and I tell the guy who want the IDF to strengthen, why dont you come to live in Kibbutz Zikim, and then fight as much as you can, or volunteer to the IDF and go to fight, I promise you will wet in your pants, lool, stopp being arrogant and think in real peace, think in the logic of rights, only one time
26. Nick... do you not see reality?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.06.06)
Hamas does not want a 2 state solution and most Palestinians don't either. The only thing that will make you crazy people happy is if Israel disappears. This is reality!!! You can cry for peace and call Israel an aggressor all you want, but the truth is that Palestinians do nothing for peace. They continue to teach their children to hate Jews and brainwash their masses to hate Israel and become Martyrs. You cannot deny this fact. Israel is dealing with a fanatic culture ruled by tyranical religious leaders who thrive on violence and struggle. Wake up and stop your whining. Everyone knows the truth...your lies do not mean anything here.
27. Marcel - sour milk in your cereal this morning?
Mo   (04.06.06)
Relax, man, stop wanting to kill everyone that doesn't agree with you. *Newslfash* You live in FLORIDA! Nobody in Israel cares what you think because it has no effect on you. And if you're so Godly and Christian, stop suggesting to kill Palestinian Christians. Go to the pharmacy, and get a 20-pack of chill pills. And some condoms. Get a life.
28. Internalize
Aida Strocovsky ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (04.06.06)
What is that they have to "internalize? Comsequences? What do you need to understand that Palestinians are not people that are sensitive to consequences? Why is Mofaz talking like a psychologist? Are they able to defend the citizens? Are they giving the Palestinians time to "internalize the comsequences of their actions? Mofaz has to go.
29. Their arrogance will be their undoing
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (04.06.06)
This is nothing new; but when Hamas said - openly - that the elimination of Israel is their goal, they declared war on us. We have no other alternative but to destroy them completely. Their arrogance - wanting to reestablish the Caliphate - will be their undoing. There will eventually be a major war between the Islamic Fascists and the Civilized World.
30. The IDF can defeat kassams
Uziel   (04.07.06)
But the political establishment prevents dealing properly with kassams.
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