Israel's brain breaks world record
Navit Zomer
Published: 06.04.06, 21:16
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1. What about?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.06.06)
What about all the engineers who are not working as engineers? There are plenty who can not find work in their fields. What about all the engineers who left Israel?
2. Jason did you say goodmorning to your wife today?
Why dont you find something positive to say for a change?
3. Keep up the good work, don't get complacent
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC   (04.07.06)
Israel may be number one on a per capita basis, but the US has 40 times the population, and a LOT more engineers, as does Japan. China and India are turning out tens of thousands every year, and Korea, Singapore and Taiwan are loaded with technical talent. Without in any way denigrating locally developed talent, much of Israel's technical talent is foreign trained and plays a critical role in filling in the gaps. If Israel is to maintain its technical edge, it must radically improve its K-12 education system, which is not at the level it should be. Israel will only thrive if it keeps striving for excellence. This is no time to get complacent.
4. Jason...
ELOKIM ,   ISRAEL   (04.07.06)
Or should I say Mr. Rivera....Linda MUST be your wife....because you both are a both see the world through very negitive views. So please lighten up and relax...try and see the world in a more positive way.
5. Engineers figuring out ways of putting other engineers and
workers out of work. Engineering unemployment with faster more productive machinery. Computers will take the engineers job soon. The countries with the lowest wage scales will eventually be the winners. Engineering is only a part of the equation. Cheap labor and engineering will prevail over countries with high wages and engineers galor.
6. by the help of god
adel imam ,   here   (04.08.06)
work as a dancer is better
7. actually the real reason is
alexbmn   (04.08.06)
pretty much a majority of the immigrants from the former USSR were engineers.That was almost the only job you could go to after being forced to go to a Technical institute.
8. We are #1 world whiners!
Bashir ,   Syria   (04.09.06)
We priduce morr chilgdren per capita, then the rest of the world. We also the fastest religeon in the hole word!
9. no 8
zalide ,   israel   (04.09.06)
Who is going to feed you and your useless children.God?
10. to #8
Hilda ,   USA   (04.10.06)
It's pretty sad that that is your only claim to fame. It takes no brains to have babies, animals do it all the time.and the lower species have more than the upper ones. Cockroaches multipy and multiply. You are saying that Muslims are like cockroaches.
11. again, to number 8
nya ,   london   (06.20.06)
i am embarrassed by people like you. I am a masters student who i s trying extremely hard to contribute to my nation, and you just throw us back down in the dirt. thanks a lot.
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