Bush 'planning nuclear Iran strike'
Published: 08.04.06, 13:19
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31. Jessie - you are one of the few clear headed Nowegians
Barry ,   Tokyo   (04.08.06)
Today's trashy left wing media has succeeded in brainwashing the young and ingnorant people of the world. Jesse, you are an exception. Wish there were more people like you in Norway and Scandinavia in general.... Cheers
32. We need Help
Ron ,   Mission Viejo, Calif   (04.08.06)
With the USA engaged in 2 wars right now in the Middle East, we would need help from Israel in kicking the IRANIANS BUTTS. I think the Israelis would be more than willing to help, RIGHT?
33. strategists in their bedrooms
john ,   london   (04.08.06)
It is a bit funny to read all these primitive comments in favour of what? of a nuclear war! of the first use of nuclear weapons since WWII. OK, lady - she is the worst - and gentlemen, let the nuclear genious out the bottle and mazel tov for the future of humankind
34. #29, Except for a few juts like Godlwater
Persian CAT   (04.08.06)
"In all other fiasco's of US government policy we Jews rush to lead with our applause". I am not Jewish but I do know that not all Jews applaud the disgraced liar court-appointed jerk who calls himself the President of the United States. Of course there are always a few Jewish idiots who can't get enough of wars and bombins just like their Islamic counter-parts. I just want to tell those gongho Jews who want to see Iran nuked, to remember that Israel may NOT be the only country which has nuclear "devices" to throw around. Think about it. The cetrifuges and underground facilities are only part of the story. I have not love for Isael and its terrorist ruler, but I know there are a lot of ordinary Israelis who will pay a big price for Israel's biggest mistake to try to "take out" Iran.
35. #11, Fidel's stupid logic
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen   (04.08.06)
Fidel's lack of intelligence is typical of some of the morons who respond to articles in Ynet. Obviously, every effort should be made to solve the Iranian nuclear crisis through diplomatic and economic sanctions. However, the possibility of that strategy working is not exactly good with Russia and China likely to veto any enforcement against Iran. This continued stalemate in the UN, along with the lack of action against the atrocities in Darfur and its dismal reaction to the Rwanda genocide are other indications of how worthless the UN is. Fidel's comparison of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons to China's atomic and hydrogen bombs is beyond stupid. China, as bad as its government is, has never threatened a genocide of any people and has never threatened to wipe another country off of the map. China is also led by men, who ,although despots, are not delusional and do not want to destroy the world in preparation for the coming of an Islamic messiah. There is no doubt that China eventually will be a serious global threat to US interests as they are expanding their industrial capacity and scientific exxpertise at a time when America is deindustrializing. Iran is different. It is led by maniacs who openly call for another genocide of the Jewish people. In addition, there is no doubt that it supports world-wide terrorism. The demented leaders of Iran also believes that a nuclear war will not destroy Iran and will instead prepare the world for Islamic domination. That a nuclear attack on Israel would also kill millions of Palestinians doesn't seem to enter into the Iranians determination to wipe Israel off of the map. Obviously, the possibility of another Holocaust of the Jewish people doesn't mean anything to Fidel so maybe he needs to understand the other ramifications of a nuclear Iran. Besides the threat to Israel,can anybody even imagine the consequences of a nuclear armed Iran invading Saudi Arabia, and through its Shiite supporters in Iraq gaining control of the major oil supplies. If Iran blockades the Gulf of Hormuz, what will happen to the world's economy? Better yet, what kind of military response can the US and Europe launch against a nuclear armed Iran? With Iran capable of launching nuclear ballistic missiles against Europe, how willing do you think that the Europeans will be to confront Iran? So you see Fidel, your comparison of China to Iran is as stupid as you obviously are. Curchill warned England of how dangerous the nazis were and he was branded a warmonger. The delusional Brits turned to Chamberlain who helped to destroy Czechoslovakia in a vain attempt to appease Hitler. The reaction of the US to the rise of Hitler was even more delusional. Stupid America Firsters, idiotic members of congress, the media, and demagogues like Lindburgh and Ambassador Kennedy did not give a shit about Hitler's persecution of the Jews and insisted that America could remain free and strong with Hitler in control of the rest of the world. These fools nearly defeated the enactment of a US draft to build up the American forces. Even Roosevelt, no friend to the Jews, realized what was at stake and had to use every political trick to supply England through deals like lend-lease. Hitler and his henchmen believed in the occult and crazy racial theories. Iran and the evil rulers believes in the return of Islamic domination.
36. nuclear bombing !?
jessie ,   norway   (04.08.06)
Raymond is a usual name in Norway. Mr.Bush is a laeder with a brain. this nuclear talk are just "war with words" or this article are bulls...... yes, we do use the "fencesitting" to day we fall down,instead of climbing down. we should remember our past.after all USA gave us an opportunity to healup after the WW2(the Mashalhelp). we got help from several nations to fight the nazi regime.
37. 34 Persian CAT : somebody took you by the short and curlies
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.08.06)
stop trying to tinkle into our faces pretending it's a small shower of spring rain
38. 29 b katznelson: Sorry to blow your bubble
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.08.06)
But it was Congress that voted for Iraq - and your democrats stood behind it and once more sorry to blow your bubble - but each adminsitration - as well Kennedy and Clinton for example - have a constant workd scenario plan with A B C it's what is called defense plans so wake up and face reality
39. 33 john , london : So you sit in your bedroom - what's the
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.08.06)
view from there - do you see Red-Ken
40. 13# Do you really believe the World would of
supported the United States if we had attacked Adolf Hitler before he started WWII? Japan? We still ended up having to send 450,000 men to their deaths because we waited and sat on our hands. Iran will have to be dealt with militarily in the future anyways. It might as well be now. Russia can charge the next Iranian regime to rebuilt their reactors again. Double billing. Everything broken, can be rebuilt with all that oil money that is being spent on their military ambitions.
41. drdreaming
joro ,   germany   (04.08.06)
Just sit there and watch the fireworks baby
42. Shouldn't this be kept secret?
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (04.08.06)
Isn't publishing this putting the whole thing in jeopardy? The Iranian regime can put civilians around the nuclear facilities as human shields!
43. Re:35
Sean ,   Buffalo, USA   (04.08.06)
1. Iran hasn't threatened genocide of the Jewish people whatsoever. If so, then I'm pretty sure the first Jews to be killed would be Iranian Jews, which constitute the second largest population of Jews in any Near Eastern state. Believe it or not, saying "Israel should be wiped off the map" is only indicating the government should be destroyed. I don't see whenever the USA advocates regime change in Iraq or Iran it is analogous to "genocide". You most probably also represent the idiots that think "Death to America" chants in Iran mean killing all Americans, and not the TRUE meaning of being against American foreign policy and government. 2. The 14th imam is supposed to come on the world, rule for a number of years, and then lead it into judgment day. The world, in the prophecy, will not be destroyed before the imam arrives so that represents yet another piece of failed logic from you. 3. China hasn't threatened to destroy other states??? You are an idiot. China as frequently challenged the sovereignty of Taiwan and Tibet. The people of Tibet want an independent state, yet the Chinese typically persecute, isolate, and undermine their efforts. Taiwan has been constantly challenged via naval and missile armaments of China that they have set up a missile defense system. How do these actions not constitute a threat to other nations? The only reason why we don't attack China is because of its population and cheap labor. 4. Iran hasn't threatened a nuclear attack against Israel, so your argument that Iran doesn't have the best interests of Palestinians at heart is completely wrong. In fact, as I recall, Iran called upon Palestinian bombers to neutralize the Israeli government, not nukes. 5. Iran has massive quantities of chemical weapons and a smaller, but still viable, biological weapons supply. If Iran wanted to, it would have sent Chemical Weapons to Palestinian terrorists so they create huge chemical clouds in Israel. Has that happened? No. Wonder why? Because Iranians aren't stupid and NEVER proliferated anything close to sophisticated weapons to terrorist organizations. They like to keep power and control, and terrorist organizations are known to be unstable. Of course, this might change if Iran is attacked...the enemy of my enemy is my friend after all in desperate circumstances. 5. China could invade SE Asia, Japan, and Korea; take control of every country there; and the USA would have to face that every manufacturing plant in the region would be under the Chinese government. How does that sound? China can fire nuclear missiles into the USA from its location and partner up with Korea. How does that sound? Any better than an Iranian invasion of Saudi Arabia? I don't think so...In the end China is to be feared more, if not more so, than Iran because there are still alot of oil outside the Persian Gulf area. The same can't be said of the manufacturing plants in E. Asia. Everything's there and the supply of finished goods could be extensively controlled. But none of this matters simply because IT WON’T HAPPEN!
44. US to war for Israel?????????
Hilda ,   USA   (04.08.06)
Don't you believe it. No American president would go to war to dsave Israel and certainlky not this one. Israel has never asked American to risk one life to save her but at least don;t help the enemy and don't stand in the way of Israel helping herself. AT this point I am not certain that the last two points are even true.
45. we haven't killed enough civilians Bush
kelly ,   memphis   (04.08.06)
the US hasn't sent enough of our poorer members to kill foreign civilians and be killed by foreign armies have we? until we've obliterated all the brown people with oil, we cannot stop!
46. New Yorker article is horseshit
CZ ,   USA   (04.08.06)
No, The US will not bomb Iran. They would've done so already. They don't have enough international support. Amenhitlernijihad has only talked about killing some Jews, do you think the world actually cares about some dead Jews? How soon you idiots forget world SILENCE, IMPOTENCE and COMPLACENCE during the Holocaust. After Amenhitlernijihad develops the bomb or blackmails the rest of the world, the "enlightened" International community will be so dumbfounded. "We never knew, we thought it was just words, blah blah blah" and all the left-wing morons will blame Bush or better yet will just blame the Jews. They are always a worthy scapegoat in situations such as these. We Jews were to blame for World War 1 and 2 if you listen to the rants of these morons, why not blame us for the actions of this crazy Mullah.
47. 28# Supposedly the USA hasn't developed nuclear
bunker busting bombs yet. They are trying to test a large explosive device on June 2nd to supposedly mimic a low yield nuclear device. Or maybe, figure out how much explosives it will take to blow up the tunnels deep deep down. They are using the test in Nevada for something?????? So if a weapon is used, I doubt it will be a big nuke. We'll save that one for later.
48. Why would it be nuclear 33#, the US doesn't have nuclear
bunker busters? Supposedly? Yet? Well what the heck, they might have them and be lying about it. Iran might want to ask why they are doing a underground test on June second at the Nevada Test Site. Then they might wonder whether they want to rebuild all their infrastructure, over a nuclear program, to finish off Hitlers work wiping out the Jews with a nuclear device. It's just a thought. Hitler didn't succeed either.
49. 29# So you want Bush to sit back and watch
the Iranians finish off the rest of the Jews Hitler missed? Didn't six million Jews do this strategy already? Before they fought back and saved themselves. Are you yourself ,going to save all your Jewish neighbors, that you instructed to sit idly by, while Iran built a nuclear device? I didn't see a lot of saving during WWII. I saw a lot of innocent Jewish deaths because all of us pascifists believed humans wouldn't do such things to us. We were wrong then, and you are wrong for not fighting back now.
50. 35# I totally agree. Great Post.
51. to #25, Gabrielle
whocares ,   Tel Aviv   (04.08.06)
Which planet do you live? So what Raymond is not a Norwegian name....the world nowadays is international...he could be an expat living in Norway, etc...etc....what a stupid woman you are...
52. why is she insulting me?
john ,   london   (04.08.06)
the only answer of this ''lady'' is to insult me. My objection - the first nuclear war since WWII - is valid. She may disagree with me but is it necessary to be so brutal? Be civilized, Madame, think of Voltaire who lived near Geneva.
53. 51 whocares,Tel Aviv : I live on the same planet as Jessie
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.08.06)
Norway - one of the few clear headed Nowegians - post 36 and others
Hiram Al MAsry ,   Tel Aviv   (04.08.06)
MAHMOUD THE NAZI IS A NAZI THOSE WHO SUPPORT MAHMOUD THE NAZI ARE NAZIS BUSH IS AN IDIOT JEWS RUN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES THE ZIONIST ENTITY WILL PAY THE PRICE ISRAELI POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT .....What a week ! The question remains clear : Can the US afford to do anything spectacular in Iran without alienating the entire Arab world ? And what gives Bush the legitimity to do so, if he does ? Simply because the US Dollars drives ALL OF ARAB NATIONS ECONOMIC S ???? Dont forget....! Islamists trade in US Dollars , not in Euro ! Typical hypocrits !!! One thing is for sure : MAHMOUD is indeed a NAZI and he will be deposed , one way or the other . That 's for sure
55. Barry,Tokyo
jessie ,   norway   (04.08.06)
Thanks,Barry ! but i do belive your confidence in me and my brain are more than i deserve. the extreme leftwingers do have a bad history of embracing leaders,that can be named as tyranns.and they are still in that "business".look at South America.
56. If this is so then....
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (04.08.06)
Best get the retaliation in first...the real test of the new missiles I pray to the Gods that Mother Russia has provided well for Irans Defence.
57. I hope it happens
Snir ,   NYC, ny   (04.08.06)
First off the Russians and Chinese would never back Iran. They wouldnt like what the U.S is doing but to back Iran for them would be Suicide considering how much they depend on the U.S, especially China. Also for However said that Israel would have to Neutralize Cairo. Egypt can only hope that the Attack will happen becuase as of now Egypt is the strongest power in the middle east SECOND ONLY TO ISRAEL. And to lose that would be alot for them. Not to mention that if they did anything like that they would lose U.S aid which is about 2 billion dollars. As for Iranian threats the U.S navy is the strongest and best in the world. No one is closing the Straights of Hormuz.
58. 52 John London: Voltaire lived in Geneva from 1775 to 1778
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.08.06)
Voltaire said: .....The phrase "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" .......... May be you can start to live by that - esp. since it was you who wants to bring good old Voltaire into the challange .......
59. to #56
Caroline ,   Israel   (04.08.06)
As a true farsi politics admirer don't you rely on the infidel Russian defense. Go to Iran to show them your support and serve them as a human shield. Isn't that more heroic a stand than just throwing your remarks on a Jewish site? However it's not sure that you will see such a desired retaliation.
60. Sean from Buffalo
Mikael Shachaf ,   New Zealand   (04.08.06)
Your post lost all credibility at point 2, the 14th Imam.
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