Report: Israel pressuring U.S. over Iran attack
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.04.06, 11:02
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1. Stupid ideas
Gene ,   Israel   (04.09.06)
If Iran will be bombed, it may DELAY the creation of their nuclear weapons, but not PREVENT that. Many inocent Iranians may die in those attacks and "mad mullahs" will get a strong reason to revenge and perhaps unite the whole muslim world against the West, starting WWIII.... It is the Iranian leadership that have to be replaced by a normal, modern, pragmatic-thinking goverment. Just remove the Mullahs who opress their own nation, I bet most of Iranians will be happy! Think by your brains, not by the butts.
JAMAL ,   TEHRAN   (04.09.06)
3. Reply to Gene
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.09.06)
Gene, I respect your opinion and I understand why you think that way. However, we are confronted with people who do not think like civilized western people. I am not referring to the average Iranian who are fine people I am sure. I am referring to the extreme religious fanatics who are perfectly happy to cause death and destruction, even to their own kind if it advances their ideology. The west should have learned the lesson well from Adolph Hitler. We tried to make a peace agreement with the Nazis, but we all know what the outcome was. Six million Jews were murdered, 20 million Russians died, and millions of the German people perished. There were also, of course, hundreds of thousands of other people that also died as a result of Hitler’s war. We must act now and stop Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons.
4. #1 is your last name chamberlain?
alan ,   frisco   (04.09.06)
Gene how do you propose bombing a place that is 200 feet deep with conventional weapons. Hirshc's article was clear that only some experts think Iran is 10 yrs away. Others in the Administration think two years tops says Hirsch who has his own ax to grid ala abugraib. The Russkies have been helping, The Iranian bunker ventilation Hirsch says look like the ventilation tubes in Moscow. The Russlies have to be helping on the high speed torpedo and the multiple war head misslies. So why can't the Russkies be just giving away all the plans to make a bomb. Certainly is consistent with their other behavior. Get real Gene. The Iranian people are never going to overthrow the Mullahs without Western intervention, maybe of the nuclear kind.
5. to Gene
Jenya ,   Israel   (04.09.06)
you cannot replace the government with a normal modern pragmatic one. Probably you are not too familiar with the mentality of the religious fanatics called arabs.
6. attack them already, but please leave the dogs out of it
7. Bilaakh!!!...
manteghi ,   Iran   (04.09.06)
Good to hear!!!.. tell israeli- american forces it's up to them to check here in, however it's up to us to check them out in less than no time! (that'll be done in sure).
8. An Eye for an Eye
jesus ,   iran   (04.09.06)
My celevr jewish brothers surely know any attack on Iran will result to an attack on Israel. Hence expect them to be more peace making than warmongering. Because WE HAVE the bomb.
9. To Jenya
JG ,   Israel   (04.09.06)
The Iranians are not arabs.
10. So what #8
We have 350 bombs, fire anything and we'll leave nothing in Iran, and drop a few on Syria and other peace loving democracies.
11. Ideally......
Ram ,   London   (04.09.06)
Ideally the Mullahs should be replaced. Simple theory, now try to put that into action. In the meantime the mad Mullahs have shown themselves to be working overtime and making excellent progress in the means to deliver a nuclear warhead, from the ground, air or sea. It stands to reason that they are close to attaining the bomb and therefore the action required to stop them has now become urgent. If indeed the US and/or Israel attack and the result is civilian lives lost, no one is to blame more than the useless UN and EU. Their inaction has led to the present situation. Sure there will be huge risks of repercussions from the Iranians, but inaction carries even higher risks.
12. #9 they are worse than arabs
13. #8
you probably have a handgranade, but no bomb... and even if, you won't be able to fire it up because we would destroy it before it'd start, and even if your bomb would aim israel, we would destroy it over syria, they'll like it alot. we will bomb you so hard, you will think the sky is falling down, the earth will quake and when you think you're dead, you will die. enjoy
14. to JG
Jenya ,   Israel   (04.09.06)
I wasnt talking specifically about the Iranians but generally about the muslim world. Look what happend in Iraq and look whats going on in the rest of the muslim world. As you live in Israel you probably know that we call the whole muslim world arabs even though that is not correct. But lets not get petty cuase we both know what im talking about. What i was saying is that the "arabs" wont handle with a normal modern pragmatic government cuase these people, all they need is some strong leader who will spank them in the morning, take their money, let them work his fields and let them live without too mamy problem on their mind. Give them freedom, give them pragmatism and logic and look what happens. They only understand binaric language yes or now, strong or weak, destroy or be destroyed, rule or be ruled...any compromise is a sign of weakness. with people like this you cant negotiate, you cant talk and certainly not have peace. we just have to wait till we find alterative fuel and then nobody will give a damn about this iranians. in a scenario we are not dependet on the them, everyone will agree this story has to end.
15. # 10 & 13
Jesus ,   Iran   (04.09.06)
Suit yourself and dare trying it. But give it a 2nd thought before pushing the Red button... We may loose an eye while you'll be totally blind!!!
16. Stupied indeed
HGHARB ,   Mnama   (04.09.06)
Since the Creation of US & israel they have created war after war , so who is mad Iranian Leadership or US/Israel Goverments
17. Whoa... Slow down for a sec...
Michael ,   Canada   (04.09.06)
A lot of nuclear fallout has a half life of two and a half billion years. The minit we start talking about nuking, we ALL lose... The real problem here is that the military industrial complex is the number one part of the world economy. War is good for buisness. The bankers don't care if you are muslim or Jewish. Think beyond the propaganda. The Germans were afraid of the Jewish and Communist threat in 1938.
18. goh khordi!
ed ,   UK   (04.09.06)
iran is ruled by fanatics, and the majority of iranians want peace - so a regime change woudl be best for everyone, altho u dont have the freedom to say so in your country!
19. Go Ahead
John ,   NZ   (04.09.06)
I suggest President Bush release Sadamn Hussein back to Iraq to fight another 10 year war with Iran! I think this war is inevitable. The Iranians have prepared for this war more than 10 years ago and they are not going to back down. But why the US or Israel have to do the dirty work. What happen to the powerfully rich European countries. They are the countries most affect if Iran is nuclear equiped.
20. #15 lol, okay. we'll see
21. #14
Jussi ,   Helsinki, Finland   (04.09.06)
Do you realise how racist and bigoted you are? If an Arab (which, to you, means any Muslim) said something like "you can´t talk to Jews, certainly not negotiate with them, and definitely never have peace with them", you´d be crying anti-Semitism and the Holocaust etc. But you can say anything you like about Arabs and Muslims and expect to be taken seriously? Apparently, "Responses including incitement, slander and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published.", so I am surprised your bigoted comments made it through.
22. #17 Hello Michael Neville Chamberlain
ER ,   Canada   (04.09.06)
23. Jussi is right!
rafi goldberg ,   T-A   (04.09.06)
all these generalisations about the arabs as if they were not individuals are not only morally sickening but plain stupid. After all, we have peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan and they work. More than one million of the israeli citizens are arabs : I am not sure that you know any of them...
24. #8
You don't have the bomb. You are not even close to a bomb. On the other hand, we have hundreds of nuclear ballistic rockets. What your army has just tested that last weapon... we had it in the early 90s... We may be small... but our army is well equipped. Also you should remember, above the button for the missile that is aimed to your city it writes 'Tamut Nafshi Im Plishtim' Meaning 'I (My soul) will die with the enemies", if Israel is attacked, all of our arab enemies will be destroyed, if we die, we take you with us, so think about it. :)
25. The Jews made me do it.
Anoosh ,   USA   (04.09.06)
It seems King George W Bush is working on his strategy on how explain the nuclear devastation and carnage that will be his "legacy" if he is stupid enough to use nukes in Iran - of course he is stupid enough but I don't think the American people are going to let him . Based on this article his defense for committing the crime of using nukes in a country which is "suspected" of "aiming" to develop them will be, THE JEWS MADE ME DO IT. Israeli state terrorists can build models, train dogs, dress up as commandos and keep having wet dreams about attacking Iran, but those sane Israelis who want to see their children grow in relative peace should make the terror group they call their government to stop coming up with stupid plans with no chance of "success". Military attacks, with or without nukes, makes the building and even using nuclear weapons a certainty. In my opinion Iran may not use nukes against the US, it has no reason to use it against any EU country, but let’s be sure that it will use it on Israel. Those who are itching to attack Iran should consider two possibilities. One, what if the facility in Natanz is but a big empty hall, and two, what if the Israeli dogs and commandos are killed and captured during their attack? Think of the propaganda bonanza that Ahmadinejad is going to enjoy. I bet there will be a new reality show on Iranian TV for a many nights which will probably be called, “Tag That Israeli Dog". The only solution is for Iran to be allowed internationally supervised research and security guarantees by the US in exchange for permanent halt in large scale nuclear enrichment.
26. To Jussi in Finland
Kate ,   London   (04.09.06)
"and definitely never have peace with them", you´d be crying anti-Semitism and the Holocaust etc." If nations like Finland hadn't fought alongside the Nazis we wouldn't have to "cry" about the Holocaust because there never would have been one. Never forget that the price of your freedom in Finland was six million Jewish lives. And I pretty much agree with #14 about Muslim culture. In the same way that European culture is inherently and deeply anti-Semitic, Muslim culture is inherently war-like, racist (don't forget we were treated as second-class citizens at very best in the Muslim world for centuries), and totally out of touch with the modern world. To deny the enormous influence of culture is to deny reality. In actual fact though I do think that the Muslims are far more capable of making peace with the Jewish state than Europeans are of overcoming anti-Semitism. That is why long after we have made peace with the Arabs European gentiles will still be the eternal enemy of the Jewish people.
27. to Kate in London
SH ,   Finland   (04.09.06)
First of all Finland fought against Soviet Union with Germany to get its areas back it lost in the first war in1939 (Winter War). Secondly Finland kept its Jew citizens safe. Critizising Israel's actions in Palestine and in Middle East or the rasist views of some Israelis is not anti-semitism. Holocaust was not a permision to behave in a brutal rasit way against people who had nothing to do with the original holocaust.
28. iran
sultan ,   istanbul   (04.09.06)
Not to forget, Some iranian Soldier have Jar of vaseline in their pocket so you should be careful not to counter one because he will corner you. EEE
29. Think about it please...
Fernando ,   USA   (04.09.06)
This dialog expressed by many on this page in no way represents the views of a civilized western or eastern worlds. Why should the whole world be subject to nuclear fall out because you can't get along. I don't think Muslim, Jewish, or Christian faiths support war mongering. Hower, the weopons manufacturers and bankers do. Wake up or we all loose!
30. Go ahead Israel
Anand ,   India   (04.09.06)
Before these scum set up a nucleur attack on you. They will not wait for a single day once they have the nuke. US too should not worry much about worldwide outcry and go ahead with Iran . What did the world do when your WTC and Pentagon were attacked? What did the world do when Embassy staff in Iran were held hostage by Khomeini's thugs? And what did the world do for Israel when bombs went on daily in civilan centres killing and maiming thousands? These guys are not going to leave Israel or USA in peace howewer nice you be with them. The day Iran has the nukes you cannot do anything but bow to Iran (even then they will try to nuke you) NIP THEM IN THE BUD
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