'Haredi sex commando' targets porn sites
Dudi Goldman
Published: 10.04.06, 17:55
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31. Porn Site Commandos
Joe F.Smith ,   Walkertown,NC,USA   (04.10.06)
This is the best news I've heard today.More power to them! I hope they go international next with supernatural results May the blessing of God be on them.
32. I like to talk about stool.
Fecal McStool ,   Assbonistan   (04.10.06)
I like to talk about stool.
33. i agree with ram!
kanga ,   louisville   (04.10.06)
the site has either been repaired, or was never hacked at all, because theres still porn everywhere on it. the 4girls on top, in fact, have no tops, and none of them look like rabbis! you're promotong a porno site!
36. Traumatized Porn Viewers
This is funny. I think of someone going to see a beautiful girl and seeing his picture instead. That'd be enough to shock anyone out of going to another one for awhile.
37. 'Haredi sex commando' targets porn sites
Ken Wales ,   Philadelphia, PA USA   (04.10.06)
GOOD! It's about time! Wish it could happen in the US to help stop this filth!
38. Ignorance
gh0st ,   Chicago, IL   (04.10.06)
Every w00t! these criminals and degenerates get (don't care what you credentials are, a blakhat hacker is a degenerate, period) pushes one more logical thinking person away from you zealots and towards the ones you are fighting. I have four children. If I had to choose between sending them into a world completely controlled by the type of folks that run these sites, or a world completely controlled by the ones noted in this article, it isn't even a choice. At least the pornographers don't degrade us to the point where they percieve we are incapable of making a personal choice.
39. Porno Hacks
Judith Easley ,   Phoenix, az   (04.10.06)
The US should be so lucky.
40. #24 They have no right to force their philosophies or morali
BUSH ,   USA   (04.10.06)
Hey buddy it works both ways neither do the radical porn freaks
41. Thank you Ynet.
eNosho   (04.10.06)
God bless You!
42. We are commanded to eradicate evil
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (04.10.06)
I am not what would be perceived as 'religious,' but what I think they did is fantastic! Pornography is an evil that has to be eradicated. It is a danger to society, especially to children. And Barry Dinpoon - you are the stupid idiot.. Do you really believe we are making 'roadside bombs???' Where in the world do you get your information from?? A Muslim website? (also evil) And Bob from Columbus - you also don't know what you're talking about. Here's some info I'm sure you don't know about:
43. hackers.
ana p ,   new york city   (04.10.06)
44. So that's what Santa Claus does for the other 364 days...
F.F. Woodycooks ,   Birmingham, USA   (04.10.06)
Selfishness is not doing what you want to do, but rather making others do what you want them to do.
45. Ultra-Orthodox Commandos...
James ,   Southern California   (04.10.06)
Just a note from your gentile friends on the right side of California... Thank you, and charge on!
46. right on
Ali ,   Portland, USA   (04.10.06)
People need to understand that two wrongs don't make a right. If you don't want porn coming from your country, you take it to the legislators, not into your own hands. Taking away the rights of others will inevitably lead to the removal of your own rights when they clash with the will of someone else, and the jewish people should understand the need for respecting others' rights moreso than anyone else in this world. Shame on these people for going vigilante when it was unnecessary. If they want a cause, stop the violence; relearn respect; and read more of the Torah than just the parts they choose to enforce!
47. Completely wrong in every way
sk ,   USA   (04.10.06)
Look at what you blockheads are making me do - you're making me agree with Abdul Steiner of “Europe.” For a start: (1) destruction of private property; (2) illegal behavior with no compensating virtue of being a legitimate protest action (for example, this is no protest action against the expulsion); (3) religiously coercive; and (4) an inappropriate attempt at intimidating others for their free speech. I am a bit surprised to see Americans here so confused. As for Israelis, well, they don't seem to understand concepts like property rights, free speech, or democratic governance anyway. Hence the expulsion, imprisonment for thought crime, for "incitement," for "disrespecting a government flunky," and for "protecting yourself when violent Arabs threaten you and your land (e.g. the Pinner case). This sort of behavior has as much chance of advancing Jewish morality as rabbis throwing rocks at those who violate shabbat.
48. How long will it take before we see...
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (04.11.06)
a Jewish Taliban like government in Israel?
49. o man... you guys make me laugh
josh ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.11.06)
does anyone think that this does anyone any good? Does it change peoples minds about wanting to view porn? no. Does it change peoples minds about wanting to make porn? no. All these actions have done is said that their sensitivities were being hurt that there was sin in the public domain. What changes if they revert to doing it in private... nothing except you feel better about yourself.. which is pride... which i believe is a sin too... so all these guys are doing is fighting sin with sin.. sounds like foolishness to me
50. Lets be honest here...
PT   (04.11.06)
...studying the Torah all the time can get a bit mundane. Hacking websites is far more thrilling and challenging. Doing so under the guise of God absolves one of wrong doing. Maybe this shows that religion isn’t always enough to fill the boredom void caused by modernity :)
51. What Gives You The Right?
Jason ,   Dallas, TX   (04.11.06)
I'm an American, apparently people don't understand freedom. I have the freedom to watch all the porn I want. You do not have the right to tell me what I can and can't do. You do not have the right to destroy something I create. All these Christians, they sounds like a bunch of Extremist Muslims "GOD SAID" SO FORCE EVERYONE TO FOLLOW IT! They must abide by MY GOD'S RULES.
52. Feisty Lubavichers
George W ,   Chicago IL   (04.11.06)
I normally have no patience for religious fanatics of any persuasion, but when I read this article I couldn't stop laughing for 20 minutes. Unless you have a thing for beards, Schneerson's picture is the last thing you want to see when you're looking for internet porn sights. I suppose some horny guys are really upset by this, but once you're in the seamier neighborhoods of the internet, hacking and scams of all sorts come with the territory. Good one guys! I also get a chuckle from thinking about which young nerd boys (as all computer hackers are) signed up to spend all of their time looking at internet porn, all in the name of the Rebbe, of course.
53. ThanksRebbe for saving me from carpal tunnel of my hand
Dick Jackofsky ,   Shmeckle, Ohio   (04.11.06)
54. Religion = Opium of the People
Hiram Al Masry ,   Tel Aviv   (04.11.06)
Although this expression is not from Chairman Mao , it was used by him....quite rightly so in this case. When are we , The Rightful Jews, going back to stoning unfaithful women ? When are the Haredis going to storm the gay beach of Tel Aviv ? With the high-tech knowledge of Israeli brain, no doubt that this will prompt development of more efficient anti-hacking after all , this may be a step in creating additional jobs !!! What a joke !!!
55. spilling sperm
John ,   NZ   (04.11.06)
spilling sperm in vain?lol if not in vain it would be in pain if conceived. Ask the Rabbi where does he came from
56. disgusted
Drew ,   TN, USA   (04.11.06)
ITs people like these that helped me to turn my back on this religion and my parents heritage years ago.
57. honoring the lord of israel
debra ,   usa   (04.11.06)
there is the lord of israel moving in this. removing the sinful pornographic sites from israel is doing his bidding.
58. I support this action
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (04.11.06)
I have long been saying that the Internet porn is out of control. Now it seems that children are being sucked into its evil. There is no protection, those who claim it is the parent who is responsible. It is true that once porn has infiltrated the mind it will become an addiction. I know from experience and have overcome my addiction to many of the 'modern' things such as recreational drugs and pornography. American society is full of negative role models, pimps and whores, and the proliferation of guns and drugs. It would be a shame if these diseases become the deseases of the Holy Land. Hakodesh Baruch Hu is not humored by the vile and obscene stench created by the pornographer. Sure, a person has free will to determine wheter he is good or evil, but to allow the stumbling block in the first place is a sin. Please crack down on the disgusting and sick porn sites... Keep them far from the children... Michael U
59. the real problem is...
jf ,   nashville   (04.11.06)
they should have created a domain just for sex related business or material. That way it could be filtered by parents.
60. porn
bigz ,   usa   (04.11.06)
its gr8
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