9-year-old killed in IDF shelling
Ali Waked
Published: 10.04.06, 19:35
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1. Child Killers
Gubby Hotwater   (04.10.06)
Another murderous act by that most "moral" of all armies - the IDF!
2. I don't believe anything the "Palestinians" say
AK   (04.10.06)
After the Jenin fraud and seeing the "dead" Arab men walking at their own funerals after falling off their biers, while being filmed by the Israeli drones, I'm not willing to be duped by those well practiced liars.
3. Such shame
Shereen ,   Oran , Algeria   (04.10.06)
More Bloodshed and a vicious circle will follow . The islamic jihad will try to retaliate for the killing of the child and the 16 killed killed during the last week end , and Israel will send more F16s and Apaches and the bloodshed will never stop. I wish israel gave the palestinians their homeland and send the settlers to live INSIDE israel , then build the tallest thickest wall along the 1967 Border . Peace for Both sides . I have been hoping to see peace but i dont think i will see it during my lifetime . (may be my grand kids will , even though i dont have any , too young to be a grandmother yet ) Peace , Shalom .
4. stop terror
and we will stop defend ourselves. yes, it's a tragedy that your children have to suffer because of your faults. you've elected hamas, now enjoy hell.
5. Maybe some Arab could provide an explanation
Arie   (04.10.06)
Why is it that your 'religion' orders you to use children as human shields for your terrorists? Is it that the $25000 stipend for each death is too major for you to resist?; Is it that they are expendable and quickly replaced? Is it that you just have NO real concern for ANY human life, including your own children? Well, regardless of the answer, your simple wanton willingness to murder your own or place your own in harm's way is ample reason to justify a separation of the peoples and a quick completion of the border fence. That way, we can live amongst the civilized and you can wallow in the mire and anarchy you have freely chosen to dictate your lives
6. Palestinian sources said
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.10.06)
The eeville IDF also killed many cuddly kittens and puppies and tipped over the goldfish bowl. And they ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drank up all the cocoa!!
7. Shereen, Israel already left Gaza. The rockets continue
howard ,   pacific coast,usa   (04.10.06)
It is a shame. I support the disengagement from Gaza and I support real peace settlements. The Gaza withdrawal is a test for the Palestinians: if Israel DID withdraw from the West Bank and the Palestinians were given a state, what would they do? Would they live in peace with their neighbors? Or would they continue their pointless attacks on Israeli civilians? Unfortunately, it is clear that given a Palestinian state, HAMAS and PIJ would simply continue to fire rockets at Israeli towns, send suicide bombers, etc. In fact, they would step up this behavior. My earlier support for a full West Bank withdrawal is therefore on hold pending a change in Palestinian behavior on the ground.
8. You have a choice, stop the terrorists from shooting rockets
and we'll stop shooting back.
9. this is what u get when u disturb our peace
double meaning.
10. We cannot allow them the time to improve their aim
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (04.10.06)
Their aim is our civilian population centers, Sderot, Ashkelon, Netiv Ha’Asara, and more. The Qassam is a crude weapon, but given enough time it can hit and kill, and it did before. We are doing our outmost to avoid harm to civilians. We waited before responding and the Qassams got closer, We shelled empty places, and the Qassams got closer. Now we are getting closer, after we warned over and over again. To us, this death of a child is a failure. To them, if one of our children had died by Qassam, it would have been a glorious success.
11. I want to remind you something...
Talkbacker num. 3.14 ,   Israel   (04.10.06)
when they killed 4 innocent people in the election day, they proud of it. when we kill one of their children its a mistake which forced by them to happen. If they care so much about their children they wont lunch shells from inside the village and home of their families. If we wont react to the terror, it will continue to hit. when we aim back on them they put their children in the front. so they can show the world what have we done. If you want to respond i added my mail in here.
12. Ynet You Are Traitors to Eretz Yisrael
Israel ,   Israel   (04.10.06)
Supporting the PLO and their lies. Spit
13. Some people need a lesson
Israel ,   Israel   (04.10.06) Watch Pallywood and understand whats really going on. The PLO believes that there was no Jewish pressecence in Israel before the 1940s and doesnt believe in the Holocaust. Watch the video and dont believe these lies.
14. Embarrased to be Jewish/Israeli
Gary24 ,   London   (04.10.06)
I.D.F = Murderers. As a Jewish person I feel ashamed to have any association with those in the IDF. They murder civilian after civilian and never even have the heart to admit it is there fault. I hope one day some of these Generals will stand trial for War Crimes.
15. Thanks Ynet - not!
Menahem ,   New York   (04.10.06)
Just when you that the last pathetic breast-beating Israeli had been crushed by reality (Oslo anyone?), here comes Ynet to remind us that the Palestinian civilians are really the issue. Unless the Ynet writer argues that the IDF deliberately targets civilians, it's pretty clear that the fault lies with those who targeted Israeli civilians and provoked the IDF response. I feel so badly for my relatives who have to live in a culture that produces Jews like the Ynet writers.
16. What can we do, we left Gaza, we stopped the occupation
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (04.10.06)
Pretty much every country in the world was willing to donate to bump Gaza's life quality to that of Sweden, even Israel tried to help (Peres institution for peace?). But Palestinians never miss a chance to miss a chance, and they missed this one big time. You are not the victim, you are not the poor, you are not the choiceless, you ar enot the innoccent, you are the perpetrators, you CHOSE, with your own casted ballots, with your own bare hands, to throw all those opportunities to the garbage, for what? For the sake of firing rockets at Israel? As for the consequences, you must deal with them if you chose that way in the firstplace, yes, that 9 year old girl is a consequence of Palestinian stupidity, stubberness and hatred, you are to blame.
17. they try to kill children they got what the deserve
18. killers
ramallah ,   ramallah   (04.10.06)
This is what Israel all about. Killing, occupation, destroying houses, evicting people. Punch the thugs and murderers. May God revenge the innocent people by sending his anger at YOU “ KILLERS”
19. #14 I am embarrased you are Jewish too!
Avie Friedman ,   USA   (04.10.06)
20. ramallah ahabal
kapara   (04.10.06)
do you say the same words when your brothers INTENTIONALLY target jewish civilians at the mall? or do you hold jews to a higher standard of behavior than your brothers?
21. This the true face of terror
Jon   (04.10.06)
Shame upon you guys.U are all killers, these leaders are the ones who need to be proscuted. Bad thieves will never make good nieghbors ...
22. palesinians can fire rockets on people, and israel can't?
mike ,   usa   (04.10.06)
palestinians can fire qassams on israeli cities and israel is only allowed to shell open fields? if palestinians can fire on civilians, why can't israel do the same?
23. Ashamed that Gary24 is ashamed of idf.
mike   (04.10.06)
the idf is there to protect-if it were not for them , the terrorists would be slaughtering old people at the sedar table, blowing up teenagers inside or outside discos and maiming families at pizzerias . be more ashamed of the palestinian terrorists than your own army. we do not need a fifth column. happy pesach.
24. terror is terror is palestinian-idf is there to protect
mitch   (04.10.06)
25. #14...what about the terrorists
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.10.06)
who fire qassams into Israel form neighborhoods without any regard for Israeli life or the life of those innocent palestinain civlians around them? Why are you not condemnig them? they are the ones responsible for all the violence. Israel will defend itself against terror whether your tiny brain likes it or not. the whole world has accepted this fact. It is the palestinian terrorists who cause this whole mess. Get it through your thick scull. palestinains need to blame their own for their suffering.
26. Gary, don't appologize, just "revert" to islam and be done.
AK   (04.10.06)
You're already in London; you identify with the enemies of your people, just make the last leap – convert out. By the way, given the well proven history of the palestinian lies regarding Israeli inflicted casualties, especially of children (remember the al Durra fraud), why are you so quick to take their word for it and condemn the Israeli Army? You’re a total fraud.
27. #18, Remeber Al Dura fraud? I do.
AK   (04.10.06)
Ashamed Jew ,   Tel Aviv of shame   (04.10.06)
What a shame we have achieved with our state that was supposed to bring hope. Instead we bourght shame, violence and we became children killers.
29. #Rammalah
linda   (04.10.06)
Sure, and you are full of peace and love HAHAHA. Look in the mirror and see the devil buddy!!
30. #22 sure it can, but it becomes a terror organization !
David   (04.10.06)
You want to stop the terror against israeli civilians, let them live. You know them, the ones behind the walls, the fences and the checkpoints.
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