Opinion  Aviad Kleinberg
War on Qassams not kosher
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 11.04.06, 09:29
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1. IDF response not kosher
ger ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.11.06)
It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find a more ridiculous article than this. If it were written for a Purim edition, the editors would throw it out. I agree that shelling empty fields is a useless response, but if the PA wants the IDF to stop, it might consider doing something themselves about the Kassams.
2. Just written to provoke
Yosef ,   Israel   (04.11.06)
I don't believe anyone could write something so shallow -- unless the whole point is to provoke and get people to respond. Why on earth would he imply that only a dog was scared as a result of Qassams and not mention that 8 people (including two toddlers) were blown to bits by these 'crude" Qassams? (check out the HonestReporting.com website for more details) So if the aim was just to get people talking about his article, I raise my hand and say "yes, I took the bait" Chag Sameach to all of us, and the Gazans who allow rocketfire from their yards and who voted en masse for Hamas -- have a seder of artillary.
3. This pig-eater doesn't know what kosher is
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (04.11.06)
If they shoot Kassams from populated areas, then they are responsible for all deaths and injuries- especially because their people support it. For us not to respond to their Kassams would be treif. As to Jewish compassion, our sages said it best; "He who is merciful to the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the merficul."
4. one apologist after another
saus ,   canada   (04.11.06)
Since the elections it's one apologist after another here at ynet. Meretz spokespeople, labor spokespeople, arab party spokespeople, all yapping the same silly line.. now kashrut experts with the virtues of appeasement, why not just get Chirac on here directly so you can all surrender!? It's enough already, you're making me sick. All I care about is Israel, and the kassams smacking into it, If you ask me Aviad is the one selling the pork. You'll notice not a single word is devoted to the Israelis subjected to 7 months of rocket attacks, only the poor Gazans, you're really winning us over with this peace now crap.
5. a bit of thinking, please?
shai ,   T-A   (04.11.06)
What Mr. Kleinberg says is simple : (1) the Tsahal response to Qassams is ineffective and you can check it (2) that it hurts innocent civilians (3) that we should show compassion for these civilians who suffer for no good reason. I still expect an answer to his question. Please use your brain not your guts...
6. his "kosher" point of view : let jew to be killed
cordier   (04.11.06)
7. what sentimental claptrap, how does it even get printed?
Yisraeli   (04.11.06)
8. From IDF veteran
Ron ,   LA   (04.11.06)
During WW2 we never had any piece movements with Nazis and Japanese. Carpet bombing for Europe and 2 Nukes for Japanese. This was the verdict. Yes, Sir. 4 years and the war was OVER. No Piss conferences and no Quartets. Only Big Band orchestra with lots of B-52’s Look at Japan and Germany. BE- A- UTI FUL. This is how the world came to respect America. Nobody BEGGED for respect. Respect for America or Israel? We don’t need respect. Fear. Much more efficient. Dust off history books. Look at Truman philosophy. Look how Kutuzov fought. He said “ Mordoi da v govno” meaning ; Put their face into their own s**t. Ugly but efficient. This is the reason, Russians don’t speak French now, versus why French going to speak Arabic in the near future. They gonna get their “tolerance” down their throat. Look at Iraq. Kindergarten. Look at Israel. Circus. If you want to win, just go and win. Period P.S. Just for Aviad. read this "He who is merciful towards cruelty will ultimately commit cruelty towards the merciful" From our sages about Jewish compation
9. stuyot
alan ,   frisco   (04.11.06)
the writer confuses and conflates the difference between the agressor and the victim. He reverses roles with the ease of a magician. It is worse than being a charlatan. It is being a sophist. Firing a kassam in a civilain Arab population allows the IDF to defend civilians by striking back as hard and as often as necessary to stop the attacks. To argue otherwise is to accept the misguided proposition that innocent Arabs are getting killed. When the terrorists hide among civilians, there are no innocents among them. As soon as the world wises up to this proposition made necessary by the tactics of terrorists, the sooner the defeat of the terrorists.
10. if world knew
HaDaR ,   Israel   (04.11.06)
IS THE ONLY KOSHER WAR APPEASEMENT OR SUBMISSION? For certain people, the problem is NOT that the enemy has AS A STRATEGY to use civilian populations who put themselves IN FRONT of the fighters AS A PART of the fighting force (WHICH is THE illegal thing according to the Geneva Convention); but that we decide not to play into it and consider those who protect, cover, support and vote for TERRORISTS as fair game, AS OUR FOREFATHERS TAUGHT! Commentators like these like Jews ONLy when they lose, are submissive, ghetto-ized behind walls, victims, BUT CERTAINLY NOT AS RUTHELESS FIGHTERS as we were for a couple of thousands of years BEFORE WE LOST OUR INDEPENDENCE and WHEN WE WERE STILL A NORMAL PEOPLE.
HADAR ,   Israel   (04.11.06)
In Gaza almost every family has an AK47. If they wanted, they could VERY EASILY stop the Qassam launchers. THE TRUTH is that THEY AGREE WITH THEM AND VOTED FOR TERRORISTS!!!
13. the article is a sad joke and a total cop out !
michael ,   tel aviv   (04.11.06)
I think that what the IDF is doing now they should have started doing months ago and the kassam problem would have been over long ago. Yes put pressure on the civilan population to stop the attacks and yes put Hamas under pressure to stop the attacks. NO country in the world would tolerate one day of the kassams. Aviad - anyone can say what shouldn't done and your final paragraph is a total cop out but חג שמח anyway. Mike
14. cries of hatred
shai ,   T-A   (04.11.06)
all the comments are more cries of hatred than real discussions of the problem. Sad, sad that jews have reached this level. Again, why to bomb if is is ineffective? And it is ineffective....
15. shame on you aviad kleinberg
16. It's not hard to turn it into a parking lot.
Until then, Jewish blood is cheap.
17. Where is the second page?
Jerry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.11.06)
While it is all good and well to be critical of Israel's reponse to rocket attacks, the missing second page must include a suggestion about how to stop the attacks. Perhaps Mr. Kleinberg is unaware of how each time Israel has escaleted reponses, some fool will write--but the attacks were not harmful. And the Palestineans heard that and developed more harmful attacks. Remeber the rocks in Intifada 1 or the stabbings in 2 or the bombs in 3? Now we are vulnerable to rockets and short range missiles and the response is "Whit for something serious/" When something bigger comes from Iran, what will Mr. Kleinberg say. or will have been incinerated?
18. Hypocritical, righteous, Arab loving, self loathing leftist
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (04.11.06)
Why dont you come to Sderot to say "Oh Qassams are just primitive rockets, we wouldnt let a few dead 'Fraankim' disturb the holy 'peace proccess'", but no, you live far away on the center, so what if the "Strinking Russians" from Ashkelon are being bombed, or if a few "primitive Bedouins" are blown to hell, what matters is staying righteous and making sure that your beloved Arabs stay unharmed, at the expense of dead Israelis.
19. The article is an aberration
Caroline ,   Israel   (04.11.06)
The style and the vocabulary of the author reveal extreme leftist tendency. Since the article appears at the "Opinion" section, I guess that everyone can make his point here. However the editors of the Ynet should not give free acess to the slanderous articles or at least they should check on the talkbacks here before publishing similar writings in future.
20. Hang Em High
Joe Levi ,   Los Angeles. USA   (04.11.06)
There was a judge in the "Old West" called, "The hanging judge". Well, maybe a judge in Israel will try this author for treason, and hang em high (oh I forgot, Israel doesn't have capital punishment). I decided to read this trash, even though relunctantly. If you notice, there are no solutions, just condemnations against Israeli actions (IDF and policy), for defending against the Kassams. He forgets that during WW2, we bombed Germany and Japan, over and over again. Tens of thousands (maybe millions) of civilians were killed in the fire storms. But the war ended, and millions more Americans were saved. Israel is at war with the Palestinians, call it low level or anything you want. If Israel loses, all of Israel will be destroyed. So a few errant shells on empty fields, close to homes, if a deterrent, is worth the PR loss. If the author were a Palestinian, writing similarly, he would be hung by that 12.00 rope. This is not only dribble, but dangerous.
21. do not agree
uli ,   jerusalem, israel   (04.11.06)
the answer to your problem is, as you correctly said: "They can be fired from just about anywhere, even a backyard."
22. "Innocent Civilians"
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.11.06)
Innocent?? Well, maybe, I suppose some are.
23. #14 - And it is ineffective ? Let's wait !
michael ,   tel aviv   (04.11.06)
not hatred but just tired of being a punching bag. We offered our finger and they tried to take our hand. I voted for Liberman seeng that 'sadly' the Palestinians only seem to understand strength and that we now need to take off the gloves. חג שמח Michael
24. Making ecuses for terror...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.11.06)
seems to be a popular theme right now. These people (the author and other leftist, idealistic morons) will never learn tthat if we let qassams and suicide bombers get away with these things, they'll think they've won and continue to use these tactics. It's a good thing people,like this are not in power.
25. the image of Israël you give
john ,   london   (04.11.06)
I am appalled by the cruelty, the intolerance and the biggotry of the reactions to this article. Nobody cares to answer to the question that Shai (14) raises : why to bomb and harm innocents if it is ineffective? Insults, sarcasms, sheer racism but not a bit of honest thinking, of human compassion, of argumentation. Democracy means also the ability to accept gentleman's disagreements. Poor Israël!
26. Kashrut Certificate
Caroline ,   Israel   (04.11.06)
I wonder who entrusted the power of delivering the Kashrut Certificate to Aviad Kleinberg. Is it Shalom Achshav, Meretz or Hamas?
27. Disgraceful, anti-Israeli slander. Reminds me of the EU
Ariell ,   South Africa   (04.11.06)
28. gentleman's disagreements????U living with the fairies?
Yisraeli   (04.11.06)
29. Aviad the compassionate Jew??
Jewboy   (04.11.06)
Aviad what are you doing??! Can't you tell we're not compassionate people?! We don't care about OTHER innocents, just our own!! Haven't you been reading all the Ynet talkbacks? Haven't you heard of Linda Rivera and Gabrielle Goldwater and their likes?? Jews have no mercy so why are you trying to be merciful?? Yes, Qassams are no threat, everyone knows this, but it gives us an excuse to kill hundreds of innocent people, especially little baby girls and their pregnant mothers!! So why are you complaining!!?
30. Jewboy #29
Caroline ,   Israel   (04.11.06)
Haven't you been reading all the Ynet talkbacks? - that's what you ask Aviad Kleinberg and what I am asking you, too. How many of 29 talkbacks support the author? Are there either Linda Rivera and Gabrielle Goldwater or only " their likes"? By the way, where do you live? A Jewboy assimilated somewhere across the ocean?
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